✨ "The Steel Magnolia" Kensingten Calhoun-Astor

Kensingten Calhoun-Astor

The Steel Magnolia

Wrestling Name: Kensingten Calhoun-Astor
Government Name: McKensingten Calhoun Magnolia Astor
Picture Base: Lacey Evans
Current Nicknames: “The Steel Magnolia of Elite Answers Wrestling”, “The First Lady”
Height: 5’9’’
Weight: 143 lbs.
Hometown: Savannah, Georgia

Disposition/Alignment: Heel
Gimmick: Kensingten is the very definition of a Southern Belle. She drapes herself in the finest clothes, pearls, and speaks with a charming drawl. She’s old money, has no problem flaunting this for the entire world to see, and she is the most condescending, self-righteous, piece of shit you will ever meet.

Theme Music: “Hell on Heels” by Pistol Annies

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✨ Kensingten wants to hurt people.
✨ Kensingten wants to win championship gold.
✨ Kensingten wants her name coming out of everybody’s mouth.

Wrestling Debut: 2018
Favorite Match Types: Anything that allows her to break the rules and get away with it
Least Favorite Match Types: Truthfully, Kensingten is a skilled athlete and can handle herself in any situation, so she doesn’t necessarily have a least favorite match.
Favorite Weapon: A designer handbag filled with a cinder block
Tendency to Cheat: Always

✨ Coming Soon!

✨ 2019 Specialists Chamber Competitor
✨ 2020 Iconic Cup Tournament Entrant
2020 Women's No Way Out Competitor

✨ Various suplex takedowns [german, belly-to-belly, snap, ect, ect]
✨ Shoot style kicks, palm strikes, forearms, and stiff punches to a cornered opponent; multiple stomps to a cornered or downed opponent
✨ Top rope superplex [can go for a pin afterwards]
✨ Any variation of a chokehold [will break at the absolute last second possible]
✨ Basic wrestling moves [wrist locks, face locks, sleepers, standard transition holds, ect, ect]
✨ Three-quarter facelock Russian legsweep
✨ Standing somersault legdrop
✨ Handstand head scissors takedown
✨ Cobra Clutch Bulldog, followed by a pin attempt

✨ “Heart of Dixie[shooting star knee drop from the second rope; knee lands on the opponent’s heart/chest area]
✨ “Hold Your Horses [inverted stomp facebreaker/eat defeat]
✨ “Barkin’ Up The Wrong Tree[tree of woe, followed by a running knee attack]
✨ “Bible Belt Strangle Hold[hangman’s choke/sometimes over the ropes… sometimes refuses to release it and ends up disqualified]
✨ “Slow Your Roll [ringpost figure four leglock… sometimes refuses to release it and ends up disqualified]
✨ “Bless Your Heart [electric chair driver]
✨ “The Southern Swag Shot[left hook tko punch; she always follows this move up with one of her finishers because it’s more of a set-up than a signature]

✨ “Something To Cry About[kimura lock]
✨ “A Little Touch of Southern Hospitality” - [katahajime aka the tazmission]
✨ “The South Star” - [phoenix dragonrana]
✨ UF. “Hell on Heels” - [top rope fallaway moonsault slam]

SNZ 13 COMPETITIVE RECORD: ( W - 10 // D - 00 // L - 11 )
Showdown 08.03.2019 -- versus Jenny Cien ( W )
Showdown 08.24.2019 -- versus Constance Blevins ( L )
Showdown 09.14.2019 -- versus Jenny Cien ( L )
Fight Grid 10.12.2019 -- versus Viktor Stone, Sonny Saxton, and Santo Muerte ( W )
Showdown 10.26.2019 -- versus Shaker Jones ( W )
Showdown 11.03.2019 -- versus Constance Blevins ( L )
Showdown 11.30.2019 -- versus Candice Blair ( W )
Road to Redemption 12.15.2019 -- versus Darcy May Morgan, Candice Blair, Joy Cassidy, Sarah Price, & Serena Riot for the Specialists Championship ( L )
Dynasty 01.10.2020 -- versus Sarah Price ( W )
Dynasty 01.17.2020 -- versus Minerva ( L )
Dynasty 01.31.2020 -- versus Angel de Plata Jr. & SKA ( W )
Dynasty 02.28.2020 -- versus Lisa Wren ( W )
Reckless Wiring 03.21.2020 -- versus Darcy May Morgan for the Specialists Championship ( L )
Dynasty 03.27.2020 -- versus SOSA Henderson ( W )
Dynasty 04.10.2020 -- versus Andre Walker ( L )
Dynasty 05.08.2020 -- versus The Visual Prophet ( L )
Gateway to Glory 05.16.2020 -- versus TLA ( L )
Dynasty 05.22.2020 -- versus Angel Plata Jr., Hevel, W1LH3LM, & Eddie Terrial for a 'tailor made opportunity' ( W )
Fighting Spirit: Omaha 05.30.2020 -- versus Raven Roberts, Ms. Extreme, Harper Lee, Alexis Chambers, & Darcy May Morgan ( L )

Dynasty 06.05.2020 -- versus Lisa Wren ( W )
Pain for Pride 13 06.26.2020 -- versus Sarah Price, Constance Blevins, Sierra Bradford, Kasey Kaos, and Harper Lee for the Specialists Championship ( L )
SNZ 14 COMPETITIVE RECORD: ( W - 00 // D - 00 // L - 00 )
BRAND HERE 00.00.2020 -- versus OPPONENT HERE ( -- )

✨ McKensingten Calhoun Magnolia Astor was born on September 11th 1991 to Alister Renault Xavier Astor III and his mistress, Bonnie Burrow. Despite being Alister’s bastard daughter, Kensingten was never treated as such. She was pampered and coddled, and treated like the queen she is since the day she was born. When Kensingten was three-years old, her mother ran off because she thought that since Alister divorced his first wife, she would end up getting upgraded. That was not the case because Alister was real quick to remarry and this time it was to his college sweetheart, Angela Conning. Unable to have her own children, Angela was immediately smitten with the adorable toddler with golden curls and happily raised Kensingten as if she were her own flesh and blood. Kensingten’s childhood was charmed, privileged, and the very definition of Southern. She was raised to love her family, football, and Jesus of course.

When Kensingten was 16, she met a boy from the wrong side of the tracks named Adrian Chamberlain, and she fell head over heels in love with him. Adrian was edgy, dressed in all black, and had his own band called the Screaming Emo Hairflippers; he was the drummer. The two started dating but it wasn’t long into their relationship that Adrian did what stupid teenage boys do and that was cheat on Kensingten. She didn’t find out right away, but once she found out she was crushed. The two split for a couple of months before Adrian begged Kensingten to take him back.

She did.

Things were fine the next few years and then Kensingten fell pregnant. She was only 20, and unwed, which was basically a sin in her eyes. Adrian wasn’t ready at all to be a father but the young couple did their best to make the most of things. There was pressure on them to get married, but they settled for getting engaged, and on August 30th, 2012 little Dixie Rose Chamberlain was born. What should have been the happiest moment of Kensingten’s life, was quickly sullied by the fact Adrian missed the birth of their daughter. Instead of being with Kensingten and his new daughter, he was shacked up with the daughter of the Connings’ housekeeper.

Once again, Kensingten and Adrian worked it out, but something inside of the blonde had changed. She changed her hair color and her overall look, and devoted all her time to Dixie. Adrian was faithful for awhile, but eventually he strayed again, and this time Kensingten took action. She beat the hell out of Adrian’s sidepiece, breaking the girl’s arm, and even went as far as attempting to have her deported since she was in the United States illegally. Everything came to a head in April of 2018, when Kensingten showed up to a gig that she had invited her family too and hadn’t seen Adrian all day. His bandmates reported not seeing him either and that’s when Kensi knew he was with his side chick again. Adrian finally showed up and it led to nasty confrontation between the two with Kensingten snapping and beating the living hell out of Adrian and leaving him battered and bloodied. She would end up arrested, and who was there to bail her out of jail?

Her step-uncle and minority owner of Elite Answers Wrestling, Jon Conning.

Conning had been en route to Miami for some R&R and to check out some indy shows in the southern Florida area, stopping in Alabama first to see some family, but promptly decided that his step-niece needed an outlet to channel her aggression and something healthy to focus her energy on and find herself. He signed Kensingten to a developmental contract not even a week later, and in August of 2019, Kensingten Calhoun-Astor made her debut on Showdown.

✨ Kensingten is deceptively strong and does a great job of matching power with power. She definitely has the strength advantage over smaller opponents and will attempt to bully them during matches.

✨ As prideful and as arrogant as Kensingten is, she is always incredibly smart when it comes to conserving energy and saving herself. If she sees a shortcut, she will not hesitate to take it.

✨ To follow that up, Kensingten will not hesitate to get herself disqualified or whatever. If she can hurt someone, she doesn’t mind taking the ‘L’ because she’s confident opportunities are going to keep coming her way.

✨ To add to that prior point, Kensingten always thinks about the bigger picture. If she finds herself caught in a submission and can not reverse it, she will tap out and live to fight another day. She doesn’t see any shame in that because she knows eventually she’ll get another chance. She is not one of these fools who would rather pass out than tap out. Wrestling is her livelihood and she is not going to purposely jeopardize herself and risk injury simply because she’s got pride.

✨ Even though she is a proper lady these days, Kensingten is a fighter. She’ll get down and dirty, and doesn’t mind bruises and blood. She knows wrestling is not for the faint of heart, and she has a bit of a temper that can show itself.
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Honestly I can say this is the first I've ever heard in real life and in efeds the name ( Mc ) Kensingten...so good on you for creating a name that is unique in it's own right and by looking at the name ya think English wrestler but nope she's a southern belle

And what best way to show you have feisty and ready to fight personality then having the pistol Annie's as your theme...thanks to Blake Shelton for pissing off Miranda Lambert


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