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Harlow Reichert

● miss no fucks given

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● The Night Before Grand Rampage

The biggest match of Harlow Reichert’s young career was tomorrow and at the moment, she couldn’t make herself settle down and go to sleep. The nerves and the anticipation of competing for a Pain for Pride main event were keeping her wide awake. Every time Harlow attempted to close her eyes, she saw herself inside that Pain for Pride ring. It was almost overwhelming and a tiny voice in the back of Harlow’s head kept whispering to her that she was getting ahead of herself. The whole situation was overwhelming her just a little bit, but regardless of that, Harlow felt she was ready to compete. There was no set strategy a person could take into a battle royal, so the redhead just planned to get in there and do her best. That would be enough to get her the victory, and that wasn’t something Harlow doubted at all.

While always confident, Harlow having unwavering belief in her own abilities was a new found thing. Not many people truly knew who Harlow Angelique Reichert was. They took her at face value, and never bothered to try and get to know her as a person. That was partially Harlow’s fault as well. She kept her walls up, and she didn’t open herself up to anyone. Not even her closest friend, Jax Walker, knew her all that well. Harlow kept people at a distance, and because of that she was able to keep her icy exterior in place for the most part. There had been a couple of instances when her barriers had been breached, but they were few and far between. This week and dealing with the emotions that came with competing in a match such as Grand Rampage had been a true test for Harlow. The second Harlow’s plane had touched down at Melbourne Airport, everything had hit her.

The journey.

The injury.

The change in attitude.

The amount of hard work and hours spent in training.

The want and need to be successful, while staying true to herself.

The moment itself.

It was a lot.

It would be a lot for anyone to process and handle, but Harlow wasn’t any regular person. She was special, and everyone around her knew it. It had taken her awhile to see it for herself, and a lot of trial and error, but she realized her potential now. Harlow set up in bed and reached over, turning on the lamp. Sleep wasn’t going to come any time soon, even though she knew she needed her rest. She grabbed her phone and went to YouTube, typing in ‘EAW Battleground 11-19-2018.’

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● Harlow Reichert & Johnny Walker vs. Raven Roberts & Rex McAllister - 2018 Grand Prix First Round

Knight: Raven Roberts grabs the arm of Harlow as she snaps it back causing a loud cracking noise to be heard! Harlow may have just had her arm broken here tonight! Johnny Walker out here cheering his best friend on while secretly wishing they could be more than that… but Harlow looks to be in a bad way! Raven grabs the arm of Harlow as she signals for the end…

Ruggiero: Hell Strangle is locked in! This move is truly unique! It is modified from the Jiu Jitsu technique of the same name, Raven locks in an arm triangle choke from the rear of her opponent while also applying an armbar to their free arm with her legs! It has never been escaped from! Or so I am told!

Knight: Please close Wikipedia and call the match like a professional! Harlow screaming in pain! Wait Johnny Walker can take no more! He considers getting into the ring but then he sees the kind and pure eyes of Rex McAllister staring at him from across the ring. He feels instant guilt and strives to become a better person like Rex is and so he remains out on the apron as his best friend but only friends and nothing more than that continues to suffer in the ring. But not for too long…

Ruggiero: Because Harlow is tapping out! This match is all over!


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A look of pure disgust crossed Harlow’s face. That Battleground match had been the most humiliating moment of her life. Jax and Harlow had been unfairly buried and made a complete mockery of, despite both of them having put forth their best efforts. Harlow might not have fully matured at that point, but being treated like a piece of shit competitor had never settled well with Miss No Fucks Given. Harlow knew she was better than that and she also knew that she deserved the respect of her peers in EAW. That match had taught her a lot.

It was the moment when everything changed for Harlow.

For probably the first time in her adult life, Harlow had given a fuck. It sounds so cliche but she had truly felt every range of emotion a person could possibly feel after such an embarrassing loss. The physical pain coupled with anger, humiliation, sadness, and defeat had caused Harlow to actually break.

Harlow had watched that Battleground match hundreds of times by now. Every time she found herself lacking motivation or not wanting to do something, she used it as a reminder of who she didn’t want to be. She didn’t want to be a loser; someone who wasn’t taken seriously and looked down on. Harlow wanted to be a force inside the ring and she wanted to be one of the most recognized faces in all of EAW.

That was her destiny.

Harlow flopped back against her pillows and opened up her iMessages.

------------ ------------ ------------ ------------

I can’t sleep


I just watched the Battleground match again.

So you’re torturing yourself before the biggest match of your career? Smart, kid.

It changed everything.

I know it did.

Do you need to talk?

I don’t NEED to talk. But I WANT too.

Fine. Grand Club Lounge in 30.

✩ ● ✩ ● ✩ ● ✩ ● ✩

“I think back to where I was a year ago and look at myself now, and I almost find myself at a loss for words. Back in April of 2018, I was training at the Combat Church, humoring my brother, and getting prepared for a tryout with Elite Answers Wrestling. Back then, I knew nothing about the sport, or even this company. I didn’t really care to learn about it either. I just knew that EAW was supposed to be every professional wrestlers dream job, and I was getting the chance to try and compete for a spot on Empire. My tryout match was against Tyler Wolfe, and of course, The Big Bad Wolfe won. She’s seemingly had my number from day one, but I got my spot on the roster anyway. I officially signed with EAW back in June of last year, right before Pain for Pride. I never had any dreams or aspirations about how I would spend my time here either. I viewed this job as an opportunity to travel the world for free and do as little work as humanly possibly. I definitely didn’t give a damn about results. My matches showed that lack of effort too. I lost, and I lost several times over. The people who defeated me aren’t even here anymore, and that goes to show you just how bad those women actually were. They definitely shouldn’t have beaten me, and I shouldn’t have let them.

But none of us can erase history.

I didn’t really understand how people could get so caught up in wins and losses. I didn’t get how they could literally live and die by the result of a match that isn’t going to have any bearing on what they do in the future. Part of me still can’t relate to wanting to physically die after a loss, but now that I’ve experienced some crushing defeats of my own, I understand people who have a different mentality than me a little better. I don’t begrudge their will to win or how they handle their setbacks. How they handle their business is on them because at the end of the day, they’re the ones who have to live with themselves. But what this past year has taught me is that I can be myself, and I can take this job seriously. I’m not going to stand here and put myself on a pedestal. I have a lot to learn and I’m far from the best. Whatever technical wrestling prowess I possess that makes me better than the other women on Empire isn’t going to benefit me going into a battle royal. To even try and win a match like Grand Rampage you have to be smart and you have to be prepared for anything that comes your way.

The fact I’m here right now is a miracle. This company could have fired me for my lack of effort. Honestly, if I hadn’t strolled up to the Performance Center late one day, I might never have changed my outlook on things. The day I walked into the PC late and got called out on it by Xavier Williams, is the day my life changed. I don’t even remember why I decided to go, either. I think Aron had suggested it. He wasn’t getting through to me and his Combat Church colleagues, Cameron Church and Evelyn Ridley, had given up on me. Aron, though, has always been the best big bro. He’s been looking out for me since day one and trying to help me see what’s inside of me. But even his patience was shot at that point because I was pissing away a dream job that so many other people wanted to have, himself included. He must have thought that hearing things from a different perspective would help me, and give me some sort of appreciation for all of this that I didn’t have. I guess he was right.

Xavier Williams didn’t appreciate the fact I crashed his lecture and showed up late. In my defense, I tried to sneak in and take a seat in the back but he pulled me right up front. I don’t know why he pinpointed me, or how he even knew me, but he did, and after that, we kinda became attached at the hip. I will never know why he’s decided to invest his time in me. Xavier has already left his mark on this company in many different ways. He is a Hall of Famer, and has been part of matches that will be remembered for decades to come. His resume and his accolades speak for themselves. He’s also left his mark on this business by mentoring Rex McAllister. Rex is a two-time world champion, and everything about him goes without saying. In fact, he is probably the favorite to win the men’s Grand Rampage this week and headline his second Pain for Pride in a row. Xavier didn’t have to spend hours upon hours arguing with me and trying to get me to come around to his line of thinking. He didn’t have to spend his time trying to help me see the light. But he did, and he never gave up even when I showed up late. He never walked away when I complained. He never stopped pushing me even when I refused to push myself. He let me make my own bed, secure in the knowledge that eventually I would get a wake up call and agree to do things his way. The right way, so to speak.

I did.

When my entire world came crashing down on me back in November and I found myself broken and humiliated, he was there. He picked up the pieces and together, we came up with a gameplan to help me become the woman you see right now. I sank my teeth into every challenge he gave to me, and I haven’t looked back. I never want to experience the feelings Battleground left me with that night, and I will do whatever it takes to make sure I never end up in that position again. Walking into Grand Rampage, looking back at how far I’ve come, is already a victory for me. I plan on winning the match and headlining Pain for Pride against the Women’s World Champion, don’t get me wrong. But walking into it and knowing that I have already defeated my biggest opponent is the only confidence boost I could ever need, because if you want my humble opinion, my toughest competitor to face off against is me.

I don’t have a set plan going into Grand Rampage, and I honestly don’t care who I end up squaring off against. Every single woman who steps inside that match is going to have the same goal in mind. To compete for a world championship at Pain for Pride is special, and opportunities like that don’t come around every day. Any one of us could win it, and go to the biggest show of the year. For some women, and I’m certainly not going to put myself in this category, it will be their only chance to earn such an honor. We all know that not everyone can be a world championship contender. Some people aren’t that talented, or even that good at this, but that’s what’s so great about Grand Rampage. For one night only, all of us are considered equal. It all depends on the luck of the draw and just how badly you want to win. You have to have eyes in the back of your head. You have to know the ring like the back of your hand, and you have to actually think in there. You have got to be self-aware. I personally believe my chances to win are great. But I have to believe that, right? There’s no time for second guessing yourself in a match like Grand Rampage, not that I ever do that anyway. I bask in the glory of my own success and I own my mistakes, and make sure I take the necessary steps to never, ever repeat them. I think this match is going to favor someone like me. I’m a power athlete and throwing someone over the top rope will be easy for me. But I’m also well aware that I’m going to be a big target. With my recent success and the words I’ve spoken, I’ve placed a nice little target on my back. People don’t like my attitude and I know that there are several women who will be chomping at the bits for the chance to take Miss No Fucks Given out of the match.

They are all going to want to ruin my goal, and that’s to compete at Pain for Pride. To have a championship match and an opportunity to successfully fulfill my goals for 2019 at one time would be amazing for me. Not only would I be competing in a high profile match at Pain for Pride, but it would be for the biggest prize on Empire. I definitely see myself as a future world champion and I’m not fucked if it happens sooner rather than later. I have put myself in a great position. People are threatened by me and they want the chance to knock me out. If I wasn’t doing something right then no one would care all that much. I would be just another face in the crowd; someone no one would give a second thought. But I can tell you right now, everyone who matters in Grand Rampage is going to turn their attention to me. Somehow I have become one of the favorites to win, and none of them want to see that. My victory in Grand Rampage would spoil all of their dreams and take away their chance to compete for the Women’s World Championship.

I grew up wanting to be a writer. I would constantly create stories in my head and always put myself in the starring role of heroine. In my stories, I was always respected and admired for my outstanding qualities and the fact I never compromised my morals for any reason whatsoever. I always managed to save the world while remaining the same person, and sticking to my principals. My willingness to go the extra mile was my best quality. My real life work ethic hasn’t always mirrored that vision, but if my career so far was a storybook, then I’m pretty pleased with the way it’s being written right now. I can’t think of a better chapter ending for this particular part of the story than winning Grand Rampage, and moving on to the next part. The next part would obviously be Pain for Pride, and that right there would be the most compelling chapter of all. I do picture myself on that stage already. I see all those eyes on me, holding their breath, and waiting to see if I could possibly pull off one of the biggest upsets in professional wrestling history. Because regardless who is champion come Pain for Pride, Sienna Jade or Raven Roberts, in no one’s eyes would I ever be the favor to come out of the match as world champion. Those two women are truly two of the best in the world, and we already know how I fared against Raven the first time around. But I’m lucky in the fact I’ve learned. I’ve grown.

I have matured as a wrestler and as a person.

Come Grand Rampage, I’m walking down that ramp and hitting the ring with one goal in mind. I want to survive. I don’t care about setting records. I don’t care about putting on some kind of clinic. If I only eliminate one person, and that’s the last person inside the ring besides me, then I’m fine with that. As long as I get my hand raised and shatter the hearts of every other woman who competed in that match, I will go to bed that night with a smile on my face and true competitive happiness in my own heart. This week is huge for all of us, but maybe it’s just a little more important for me. I have the most to prove. I have to prove it to myself."


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