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A. Catalina Flowers

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It’s great to hear from you! I have to tell you exactly how much of a pleasure it is to have received the license to share my first ever match against a woman like you. But first, please allow me also to extend my sincerest apologies for the way I conducted myself on Voltage this past Sunday evening. Maybe if your valet weren’t a sorry excuse for a man and, therefore, a complete waste of space, he’d have been able to do his job properly instead of grabbing the soon-to-be face of Empire, I mean, Voltage, to do a hostess’ job under the assumption that my time is worth no more than Sofia Clarke’s. And believe me when I tell you, it certainly is. These days, my time is invaluable. How lucky you are to get some of it all for yourself this week! I have to admit: I was a little taken aback after being mistaken for an interviewer last weekend. I guess it was foolish of me to expect the transition to go a little more smoothly, as I was hoping for a much warmer welcome to Voltage than the one I received. Not once in my life had I ever been mistaken for the help before! Even still, as offensive as it was, maybe I overreacted just a bit. But really, how would you have responded if some bossy, arrogant, impatient, self-absorbed, know-nothing Elitist like yourself expected you to be of service to her when it’s no longer your job to do so?! Then again, it’s not Wallace’s fault, nor yours, not really. You can say I took the EAW Universe by surprise with this one, can’t you? Sí, of all the things we expected out of the year 2021, A. Catalina Flowers’ in-ring debut had to be at the bottom of the list right next to Andrea Valentine’s injury and an incited assault on the United States capitol by the President of the United States. (I’ve never been more thankful to hold multiple citizenships than I am now. Can you guess from which three countries?! No, no importa.) Just let what happened this past episode of Voltage be the last time my backstage presence is overlooked and undermined by a single individual in that over-crowded locker room. I don’t care who it is I have to step on or stomp out in order to get where I want to be, in a position that I can be proud of where I’m free to collect endless admiration from adoring fans and Elitists alike. And from the way I see it, Darcy, I’m well on my way to doing so already. Not unlike yourself, I want nothing more than the spotlight, to be the center of attention while cherishing fans across the globe marvel at my resolve and stare onward in shock in awe as they experience the lengths I’m willing to go through to turn myself into a star performer. I told you last weekend: this would not be the first time that a “former slutty interviewer” evolved into a World Championship contender. You did something a bit like it yourself, did you not? And look how well it turned out for you! Specialists Chamber winner, former Specialists Champion, War Games competitor, Miss Cash-in-the-Vault, well on her way to securing the World Title dreams you might have never once thought possible. Que linda. I’d be a liar if I said a part of me didn’t admire you and all that you’ve attained in EAW, Darcy. But truth be told, I don’t think you deserve it. I don’t think you belong in the limelight. Don't take it personally, okay? I can’t tear your position in the business away from you, no matter how badly I might want to. There's just something about you that makes me feel a twinge of disappointment when I consider you might be the face of women's wrestling any moment now. Hard work, grit, getting your “hands dirty,” sí, you did it all. You made it to that coveted position at the top of the pyramid, all on your own. But I can do it, too, Darcy. And I can do it ten-times better than you ever would have imagined.

I’m not jealous of you, not necessarily. If anything, looking at you and your carrera gives me hope for the future, Darcy. If Darcy May Morgan can do it, then who’s to say I can’t either? Oh, I’m sure that gave you quite a laugh, I can only hope so, as I know exactly how much you’ve been hoping to inspire audiences worldwide! That day might come sooner than you think, cariña! But it’s not just you I pull my inspiration from, Darcy. It’s everyone. It's all the Elitists I’ve interviewed, it's every athlete I’ve worked alongside with over the past few years, it's being able to recall and review the storytelling so beautifully done that is only elevated by the in-ring work so many of you are capable of, all of it excites me. It’s all just so inviting! So tentador! Can you blame me for finally pulling the trigger on the chance to wrestle? For accepting an outstanding offer to compete in the ring so many men and women have busted their behinds off just for one match? One oportunidad en victory? Serena Bennett might think I was better off “sitting back and collecting my coins,” (as if the last time I handled change in any currency wasn’t over seventeen years ago, could you imagine?!), I’m not content with the lifestyle I had before. I’ve waited long enough, so long, in fact, that it now puts me at a disadvantage when you compare my skills and capabilities to the rest of you. But give me credit where credit is due, because even knowing this, that doesn’t frighten me. Lack of experience is not enough to turn me away from this opportunity. I see clearly what there is to gain from Elite Answers Wrestling, and quite frankly, Fight Grid and one-off appearances on Empire or Dynasty weren’t enough for me. I could have the entire world eating right out of the palm of my hands, and all it takes is a little bit of persistence, un poco algo, to gain prominence in an industry that has yielded a bounteous harvest for so, so many. Do I need it? No. But am I desperately yearning for it? Wholeheartedly. I can understand your concerns about how long it took me to “transition” into becoming an in-ring performer, but I’m not the kind of woman who’s planning on letting that sort of thinking deter me from doing whatever it is I want. It’s as simple as this: I woke up and decided it was time to enhance the EAW product by capitalizing on the miniature platform I was already given. It’d be foolish of me if I didn’t take full advantage of all this company had to offer. Tell me, would you not have done the same? Would you continue to let yourself be ignored while you’re forced to watch onward longingly at all the competitors who received their opportunities and see them crash and burn? It’s wasteful, dispendioso, and I’m not going to let the chance slip by me for another moment. Take that as you will.

“Who am I” you wonder? Oh. I don’t know the last time someone asked me that kind of question. I must say, you’re so very charming, Darcy, you know just how to put a smile on my face. You’re a remarkable woman. En serio. Honest. It’s no wonder you’re considered one of the world's most eminent professionals in women’s wrestling. I’ve gotten so used to asking questions over the years, I don’t think a single person has offered as much interest as you have in getting to know me. Your questions about me, while juvenile in nature, still strike me as sincere. In fact, they made me happy. So in turn, I’ll answer them for you:

I take my tea with ½ cup of leche evaporada and two teaspoons of organic cane sugar, exported directly from my father’s mill in Cuba (if you'd like, I can send you a coupon attached to my next correspondence). Would you mind telling Wallace to fetch me a copa Sunday evening? I don’t particularly enjoy coffee. I don’t like the way it makes me feel. It gives me headaches and jitters, and I get enough excitement out of living. What makes me happy is waking up every morning and being me, being A. Catalina Flowers, leading the life I live, being able to indulge in the delicacies and luxuries laid out before me, thanks to the never ending work of my father and brothers to give my entire family the life papa wanted us to have. I know a few things about the importance of a strong work ethic, and the sort of progress persistence and genuine effort can bring a person. I’ll admit, the path I’ve walked thus far has differed tremendously from your typical breed of Elitist in the industry today. No, I wasn’t born with an overwhelming desire to be a wrestler. This isn’t my family business (I doubt you’d want to know just how nasty the actual family business can get). I didn’t pick up a combat sport trying to blow off some steam or looking for an escape from the hardships of life. Nor is this some sort of last resort, an act of desperation to restore a dying sense of purpose or usability. In actuality, I hardly paid any attention to this sport until I was offered a job with Elite Answers Wrestling (fútbol americano was more my speed). It was then, and only then, that I found myself slowly becoming enamored with the showcase of talent and over-the-top performances professional wrestling is known to display. Training tirelessly, years worth of sacrifice, dedicating my entire life to the advancement of a career in an industry that wasn’t even guaranteed to me, absolutely none of that is a part of who I am, nada. I can also see why that makes you look at me and wonder if I truly care about this business at all, if I’m just another one of those rookies that shun the business and all it has to offer, and I assure you that isn’t the case, Darcy. I know far too well exactly how many of those sorts have run amok in EAW, both past and present, and I’ve seen the varying instances where these competitors have been forced to adopt a new mindset after having backed themselves so far into a muffled corner. It's silly! But you won't find any of that here. I’m made of more, overwhelmingly so, and if you don’t believe it now, I know in time, you will. Meditate on this: A. Catalina Flowers, in her debut match, not in Elite Answers Wrestling, but, like, ever, has been booked against the phenomenal Darcy May Morgan. Perhaps one of the greatest female Elitists in this business, let alone the entire company. And even with literally zero in-ring experience under my belt, the powers that be (Captain Charisma) have enough faith in me already to expect that I can compete amongst a woman like yourself and hold my own. I doubt they put me in a scenario like this one to fail, so it’s obvious this week, I’m expected to, in my own way, succeed. Regardless of all that you are and all that you plan on bringing me, Darcy, those watching are anticipating so much from this inexperienced belleza. And that’s without a twisted, deprimente, emotional, inspirational underdog story behind me. Without a towering, note-worthy independent career where I maintained an outstanding singles record. Without training from a Hall-of-Famer or a co-sign from a professional wrestling legend. I’m here because I got bored, and now, the expectations are sky high, based on nothing but the dotted line I scribbled my name across. Tell me, Darcy, what should that tell you (and the rest of the world) about me?

Lastly, Darcy, I feel obligated to tell you: I find myself really touched by your acceptance of my preference for "Catalina" over "Anna." Thank you. I know it seems like a small change (besides, what's in a name, really?), but it was the first step, out of many, that will eventually bring me all I've been looking for. It means the world to me, cariña.

Looking forward to your reply,

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