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You are literally such a fucking loser. It makes me sad, man. It makes me real fucking sad. You literally came out and said everything I thought you would say because you’re an unoriginal vanilla cunt just like the majority of the women's roster. Gassed up bitches that have been led to believe they’re something special. I fucking hate it. I hate what this company has become, and I sure as fuck hate the so-called 'women' who get the priviledge of working here. Imagine dumping powder on someone's head and admitting that it was immature and petty, then calling the victim of such a vile attack a child. Are you that much of a stupid slut, Handjob? I mean, I know you have shit for brains considering you legitimately think I've been scared of you this whole fucking time, but I at least thought you would have the mental capacity to come up with some type of valid argument this week as to why you're going to better me come Odyssey. Do you really think I give a damn how you view my match with TNT? TNT is a fucking retard, and what you called a struggle win, is what a call a regular routine match on Showdown. We're not about to act like you would have fared any better against the Special Olympian. Anything can happen in this fucking company. Shaker Jones defeated my Uncle Ryan a few weeks ago for crying out loud. That fat fucking whore Cumlow did the same thing last week. Weird shit happens. I know my value as a professional wrestler and it's a lot higher than any of you imbeciles will ever give me credit for. You think just because I had a rough time over on Voltage that my results are going to continue to be the same over here on Showdown. Bitch, please. I'm here on Showdown to rejump my career; a career that was halted by a very serious neck injury I was never supposed to recover from. Bitches seem to forget that I spent years in a neckbrace, rehabbing myself, and working my way back into this sport. I was never supposed to compete again, and I think that fact gets lost on some folks. I mean fuck, at one point last season I was in a fucking wheelchair because some cumslut paralyzed me.

I’m a walking, talking miracle, Whorper. That is something that deserves to be respected :wow:

Of course your simple mind could never understand that. You’ve literally had it easy here with no real adversity. In your second ever match you somehow got a fluke win over a champion, and since then it’s been nothing but rainbows for you. And that’s the problem I have with the women of EAW today. They are so fucking spoiled and it makes me sick. They’ve never had to deal with real adversity before. Since Empire was dissolved and they were placed on our main brands to make an absolute mockery out of the main championships, they’ve had their dirty little hands held. They’ve been told that they can accomplish anything they set their minds too and they’ve been programmed to believe that it’s okay to go after male championships because as a woman, it’s your right to be seen as an equal. That’s sickening. That devalues the Universal Women’s Championship and the Specialists Championship. We have our own titles for a reason. We all need to understand that the kings will forever reign supreme, but EAW had a nice little thing going for the women wrestlers until their egos and bitching got in the way. Now our titles mean jack shit because we’ve had two little whores get their nasty hands on male world championships this year because of glorified fucking simps basically handing the belts to them, and at the moment, we have two of the worst examples of women ever holding the National Elite Championship and the Interwire Championship respectively. Gawd knows my feelings towards my Uncle Ryan’s cumdumpster wife. Gawd knows my feelings towards Cuntseula Chambers. It’s an absolute travesty women are holding male championships.

Whorper, the two of us have an opportunity to qualify for the No Way Out match at Fighting Spirit, and with that comes a shot at headlining Pain for Pride and competing for the Universal Women’s Championship. I think it’s fair to say that if anyone needs to be in that match it’s me because I’m the only person who seems to give a damn about the actual women’s world title. There ain’t a bitch in that match that truly wants to be seen as a women’s wrestler. They all want to be seen as wrestlers, because fuck gender, right?? Dumb bitches wanting so badly to have a dick, hating on the fact they were born a member of the fairer sex. At least I would be competing for the right reasons. I look at that Universal Women’s Championship and I see a title that desperately needs me. I see a belt that needs a real woman holding it. I’m the type that would nurture that championship and finally treat it with the respect it deserves. There’s no way I’m letting you take that chance from me at Odyssey! I know you stay thinking that I’m a coward and that I was ducking you, but how many times do you gotta get it through your thick head that I’m an Adams. I do things my way and I’ll be damned if another bitch ever tries to dictate my path. I may have accepted a challenge to face you, but that doesn’t mean I had to do so on your terms. You thought you were some shit thinking you were going to get me in a match on a weekly show, when there was nothing on the line for me. Fuck all of that. I’m a woman who constantly looks for opportunity, and now more than ever. I’m not being stifled by the responsibility of handling Voltage, and I’m not being relentlessly bullied by the stable of Mean Girls who refer to themselves as The Beating Hearts. I have free reign to roam the blue brand and do whatever I want, and who’s going to stop me?

It damn sure isn’t going to be you.

I’m looking to make a statement at Odyssey. I’m going to show you and the rest of the EAW Universe that all my hard work and training is finally going to pay off. Believe it or not, I don’t walk around the ring during my workout time and wonder if I’m looking fly or not. Bitch, I always look like a runway model. I’m not about to worry about that. I actually did spend my time getting better at my craft and learning from different instructors from around the world. I've had the best teachers that money can by, and I am confident that I will have what it takes to humiliate you and defeat you on Saturday night. Buckle up, you dumb little slut, and get ready for one hell of a ride. I don't give a fuck about you and I'm going for broke. You think you come off as sweet and innocent, but you really are just a fucking cunt. Bitches like you want to be seen as innocent and naive, but I know better Whorper. I know that you are going to have several tricks up your sleeve for me come Odyssey. Imagine talking the shit you talked, starting that stupid hashtag #VeenaFearsHarper that failed to catch on, and getting constantly owned by me week after week, and then failing again at Odyssey. I can't wait to see the look on your face when I have my hand raised. I can't wait to get back into the ring with two of the four miserable cunts who made my life hell on Voltage. I got reciepts for Cuntven and Cumille both, and you are the only thing standing in my way of getting back at them and taking away their hopes of main eventing Pain for Pride for a chance to become the Universal Women's Champion. Get ready to go down in flames, Handjob Leewhore. I'm going to destroy you and break you, and make sure that you never make the mistake of fucking with an Adams again.

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