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I may or may not have lost one too many pints of blood at Reckless Wiring and collapsed after the fact, but at least my blood sacrifice was not in vain. I told NvL he was in over his head and he got ripped to pieces last weekend. That man really thought he was about to be the one to dethrone The Mauler, as if I’m not one of the most dominant athletes this sport has ever seen. Like I’m not herald as the future greatest of all time and have already become a first ballot Hall of Famer with just two full years under my belt. I won a fucking decade award for crying out loud before the date of my second anniversary even hit. That’s indicative of what I mean to this place and how I’ve changed it for the better. I wish I could give props to NvL and say he gave it the ol college try, but he doesn’t deserve the amount of effort it would take for me to lie through my teeth and make it sound convincing. I’m not here to freely hand out compliments or whatever to anyone, because literally fuck all of these people. None of you deserve the time of day from me if I’m really being honest. Granted, I am the wife of the Chairman and I’m expected to act a certain way as a wife when it comes to social settings, but unfortunately for my peers, inside the ring is not a social setting. I can do or say whatever the fuck I want. There are no rules or restrictions on what I can do to my opponents and that’s what I truly love about this sport. I got free reign to murder people, and that’s exactly what happened at Reckless Wiring! There wasn’t a single soul inside that building on Saturday who actually thought NvL would leave as the National Elite Champion, and I doubt we see much of NvL going forward. I would say that’s a shame, but he disrespected me and constantly put his hands on me. He got exactly what he deserved and I hope to Gawd that he learned a valuable lesson. You don’t come for the bull and expect not to get the horns, or in this case, come for The Mauler and not get the teeth. I might be a pretty face, and my looks might make me a target for the ignorant, but I think I have more than shown I’m not some weak piece of shit. I’m a fucking killer, and you don’t get to come for what’s mine.

Moving on.

I can’t help but notice that the more things change around here, the more they stay the same. I practically rolled my eyes to the back of my head when I saw my match this week. This really does trigger my Empire PTSD when title shots were given out like to candy to lucky fucking losers who don’t deserve to have anything handed to them, while the people who actually put the time and effort into perfecting their craft and improving are forced to wait at the back of the line for who knows how fucking long to get their just due. It’s a scenario I’m all too familiar with but this time around I find myself in the champion’s shoes, getting fed someone I deem a useless ‘challenger’ instead of being the young upstart in the back, begging for someone to give me this kind of opportunity. I don’t know whether or not to be insulted over the fact StarrStan is having me defend against a deadline bombing delusional cunt such as Lisa Wren or if I should view this match as the company’s way of punishing the bitch for wasting their time and money. Either way, this is another reminder of how shitty the competition is when you go for a vanity achievement.

Lisa Wren has been carried her last few matches thanks to an Elitist that is clearly more talented and more dedicated than she is. A stupid Elitist who actually uttered the blasphemous words, ‘... we hope you win, we hope you beat Kassidy.’ But a marginally more talented Elitist neverthelesss. By the way, you are joking, right Kasey? Lisa ate the pin in the Fatal Fiveway match this past weekend, and just generally looked like an amateur next to her other four opponents. If a trio of jobbers, plus SOSA Henderson, managed to look good next to Lisa, then how in the fuck is she going to look next to me? I’m a goddamn stallion and Lisa is nothing more than a pile of actual horse shit. I’m not sure how this company justifies giving her a shot at the National Elite Championship, but here we are. I can only assume that this is some kind of punishment for her for absolutely sucking and being lazy. Imagine being signed to the biggest company in the world and you can’t be bothered to put forth your best effort week in and week out. Maybe all that fucking weight she drags around just slows her down, who really knows? Fat ass bitch. Lisa Wren makes me sick. This match is literally going to be a bigger mismatch than Kassidy Heart versus NvL. Even though it kills me inside to give NvL any sort of semi-positive mention, at least he did walk into Reckless Wiring knowing he left physical marks on me. He had managed to hurt The Mauler just a bit, even though that pretty much backfired on him. She was only ever going to be subdued for so long after having glass shoved down her throat, and once the mask came off, she really let herself go. However, there were still those fleeting moments for NvL, and I’m sure on a small level he felt he could really do something once we were in a match together. Lulz.

The fuck is Lisa walking into Dynasty with?

She walks into this match knowing she’s a dead bitch walking. A dumb bitch who’s not capable of carrying out her agenda, because she lacks the actual passion to put her heart in it. She’s being thrown to the wolves, and despite the fact my bloodlust is pretty satiated at the moment, she still doesn’t stand a fucking chance in this match. I imagine when the card came out, quite a few eyebrows were raised. How does a woman who can’t even beat a gimmick wrestler like Kensingten Calhoun-Astor somehow get herself a National Elite Championship match? How does she get to share a ring with the icon that is Kassidy Heart? Believe me, I questioned this match, and before some fucking idiot opens their mouth, it has nothing to do with being scared or intimidated. I know that’s the unoriginal argument for the lesser competitors when people of my caliber question why certain things are happening. I just know my worth and my value, and what matches are worth my time at this point in my tenure. Everyone knows that I never shy away from a fight or an opportunity to beat the shit out of people, so that’s really how I’m trying to look at this situation coming up on Friday. If nothing else, at least I have a chance to put yet another nail in yet another coffin. Lisa is going to be beaten so badly she won’t want to show her face on Dynasty anymore. I can’t wait until this bitch comes at me and accuses me of talking shit, because we all know it ain’t shit talk if you’re capable of backing it up. Not sure how the fuck this bitch expects to survive this week’s Dynasty, but I really can’t wait to see if she has anything of substance to say.

Lisa, we both know this is a real unwinnable situation for you, and it’s best if you don’t bother showing up. Facing me isn’t exactly a walk in the park, and trust me. It’s something you’re not even remotely ready for. Men and women who are considered the upper echelon around here for one reason or another have struggled mightily to find a way to keep me down on the mat. It’s a nearly impossible feat to pin my shoulders down long enough for a three count. I can never die, therefore I don’t stay down, and what you’ve been tasked with this week is going to leave you exhausted, angry, and downright defeated. I know I’m fully capable of running circles around you because not only are you a shitty wrestler, you’re a fucking weirdo as well. I’m not even going to try and find anything in common with you or try to relate to you, because the last thing I’m going to do is drag myself down to such a bottom feeding level. I’m going to laugh if you even try and tell me that you’re going to beat me on Dynasty. There’s a fine line between being confident and being delusional, and to even try and convince the masses that you’re really going to become the National Elite Champion would be a wasted effort on your part. Surely you can’t walk into this match with any kind of confidence or any sort of self-belief. You were humiliated at Reckless Wiring, and for the last few weeks you’ve had the benefit of someone else doing the work for you. I really can’t wrap my head around why you’re getting this championship shot. Do you think you’re deserving? Do you think you’re championship material? Do you really see yourself with much of a future, Lisa?

I can answer all those questions for you and save you the trouble of looking like a fool. You definitely aren’t deserving of this National Elite Championship shot. There are so many people in EAW who deserve a title shot more than you do, and it’s really fucking pathetic that you’re being put in this position. I can only assume the company wants me to beat the shit out of you because I HIGHLY doubt the Board of Directors sees you as any sort of competition for me. They do a lot of stupid shit but surely they’re not enough dumb to even believe that you could give me a run for my money. You’re a waste of roster space and likely the easiest title defense I’m ever going to have in my life and that statement will no doubt ring true with my past, present, and future title defenses. I’m sure you are going to listen to this and think I’m being cruel or arrogant, but what I’m actually doing is speaking the truth that you need to hear. I have sent so many people packing, Lisa, because they thought they could one up me or whatever, and you are someone I’m not about to go easy on. I have busted my ass since day one in REVOLT to build my name and start putting together my own legacy. While I’ll never be the person to lie and act like I’m satisfied with what I’ve got right now, I have to force myself to live in the present and handle things one match at a time. Right now I am working towards building the National Elite Championship up, and facing people like you isn’t going to help me do that. Good thing I don’t mind hard work and have basically structured my entire reputation around being a workhorse.

I already know you’re not going to be prepared for Friday, and I really hope you’re sitting around somewhere and listening to this, shitting your fat pants over what you have waiting for you. I take all matches seriously, but when my championship is on the line something else comes over me entirely. The Mauler might not see you as worth her time unless you really pop off with something fucking stupid, but dealing with a Kassidy Heart coming off a dominant victory really doesn’t work well in your favor either. I’m sure you saw what I did to NvL and the damage that was done, but before you even THINK that I’m going to be hampered by any nagging injuries, you need to remember my husband is a billionaire and literally has a Gawd Contract. I’m more than fine. I’m fresh as a goddamn daisy, and I can’t wait to show you how little you mean to this company.

XoXo bitch! Love, Kass! 💜


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