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Nope. I’m not mad. Not at all. Me? Harper Lee? Mad? Pfft. I’m totally not mad. Why would I be mad? You’re mad!


Ok I’m mad. I’m very frickin’ mad right now. That title was mine. That match was mine. LC was done for. I had the match won, ALL OF YOU SAW WHAT HAPPENED! I BEAT LETHAL CONSEQUENCES! I WON THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP, BUT APPAAAARENTLY THE REFEREE WAS DOWN! What are referee’s made out of!? He couldn’t hit the mat three times!? Really!? I should be the World Heavyweight Champion right now. No, I AM the World Heavyweight Champion! I WON THE MATCH! LC was down and I had him pinned for WAYYY longer than a three count! Buuuuut since apparently the dead referee wasn’t enough, XANDER PAYNE COST ME THE MATCH! Do you guys know how big Xander’s hand is!? I’m 5’2 and not even 120 pounds, I’m lucky to even be alive after that palm strike! Somehow Xander didn’t end my life, but he ended my chances of becoming World Champion and that’s even worse! Now look. I’m not getting a rematch against LC even though I should be World Heavyweight Champion. I’m not getting a match against Xander Payne, the weirdo that screwed me over for NO reason. I’m here on Voltage doing some Voltage versus Dynasty match! Don’t get me wrong, I love Voltage. This place is awesome and I’ll get to see Sierra there, but still! I want my title! I want my rematch! I want a chance to kick Xander’s teeth down his throat, and I’m getting NONE OF THAT! This isn’t fair. None of this is fair at all and you all know that. Every single one of you watching that match saw what happened. You all saw me hit that backstabber with a HURT ARM, PIN HIM FOR THE THREE COUNT, AND GET NOTHING FOR IT! Mind blowing. It’s mind blowing that you can have everything it takes, do everything right, and still get nothing for it. You can have a match won, and when it’s stolen from you because of someone else’s interference you don’t even get a chance to make things right. No rematch against the Champion you literally just beat CLEAN, no match against the guy that cost you the match for no reason, nothing. I wasn’t proven wrong on Dynasty. LC didn’t show me that I wasn’t ready for the World Heavyweight Championship, that fat moron screwed me over and now what? Now he’s gonna get a title match against LC after screwing me over? Now he’s gonna main event Reckless Wiring? Hilarious.

I’mma just be completely honest. I don’t care about anything else right now other than getting what I deserve. At least give me a reason for all this. I didn’t do anything to Xander Payne. I haven’t faced him in a match of any kind since the build to Territorial Invasion, and because I EXISTED he powerbombed me and robbed me of the World Heavyweight Championship. What, am I not good enough for you? Am I not the match you wanted at Reckless Wiring? I don’t know what personal beef Xander could possibly have with LC after getting his butt handed to him at King of Elite, and guess what!? I don’t care! I don’t care what Xander has against LC or why he’d rather face him, I won that match fair and square. Xander had no reason to do what he did to me, and now I get nothing. I’m empty handed. I don’t know who thought the right move after THAT was some crossbrand match, but here I am! I just.. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what they want me to say about this match. My apologies to Holly Arrow, because this isn’t how I like starting promos and she definitely deserves better than this, but I’m sure she understands how I feel. She knows what it’s like being given an opportunity just for it to be taken away from her for reasons beyond your control. She knows what it’s like being this close to getting what you want just to be screwed over and left back at square one. That’s what happened with her whole IDOL-GUN situation, isn’t it? She was attacked by them and forced to put up with Kensingten being Kensingten all so she could get some payback, and all because of some attack on Chris Elite she was taken off of the King of Elite card. Now it turns out that whole tag team match isn’t even happening, all for reasons beyond Holly’s control. It’s frustrating, it’s unfair, and it’s not like we can do anything to change it. She can’t just rewind time and force that King of Elite tag match to happen. I can’t go back in time and stop the referee from being knocked over. I… I don’t know what to do.

So.. I guess I’m here. I have no other choice but to face you this week Holly, and I’m gonna be honest I don’t have much interest in this match or in facing you. I’m sorry. I’ll bring everything I have to this match, but that’s not because I’m excited for this match or even because I’ve been waiting on this for ages. This is just what I have to do. That’s the type of person I am. Whether I like it or not I bring my 100 percent for every single match, which is something not a lot of people can relate to. It doesn’t matter if I’ve been waiting my whole life for this match or if I’m facing someone I couldn’t care less about. I bring my best. This isn’t meant to discredit you Holly, because I’ve seen your work since coming to Voltage. You’ve been pretty inconsistent and I’m sure you have it in you to do better, but from what we’ve seen so far you’re really not bad at all. You’re far from the worst I’ve seen, and honestly I think you’re pretty cool all wrestling stuff aside. You just wanna entertain the fans which is pretty wholesome, you like the whole cosplaying thing, you’re a nice girl and you definitely deserve me at my best Holly… But I have to be honest here because my mind isn’t just focused on Holly Arrow and proving Dynasty is the superior brand or whatever. As far as I’m concerned Dynasty screwed me over. Dynasty disrespected me, and putting me in a match like THIS without giving me a rematch or SOMETHING in return is a slap in the face. It’s so disrespectful, and I’m not walking into Voltage to try and defend Dynasty or whatever they want me to do. I’m not gonna try and beat you just so Dynasty can call themselves the superior brand, I’m doing it for me. I’m doing it because I can’t afford to take yet another L after being screwed over last week, and if anything this match is just gonna be yet another thing that proves that I AM ready. I’m ready to hold my first singles Championship. I’m good enough to hang with the very best, and CLEARLY I can be World Champion if given the proper opportunity. I don’t care for this match and I’m not anywhere near as excited as I would’ve been for this match, but I won’t let this match shut down everything I just said a week ago. I’m not gonna let you prove me wrong.

The beginning of my singles run was… Rocky. It was a rough start. Very rough start. Was it my fault? No. Did I deserve to lose that match? No. Should I be here instead of getting a rematch or some other form of compensation? No, but I guess this is my one chance to actually make things a little bit better for myself. Just a little, because this match isn’t gonna satisfy my hunger. I’m not gonna be happy just getting the victory over you when I should be World Champion right now. It wasn’t one of those cases where I came thiiis close and just barely lost. It wasn’t even one of those cases where I thought I had the match won but he got his foot on the ropes or something. Nah. I had LC down for the three count, and because the referee was out Xander Payne slapped me in the face before powerbombing me! Some random win on Voltage won’t make me happy, but I’ll take this match seriously. I have to take this match seriously, and as stupid as things are right now I have no other choice. If I just back out of the match or just throw it because I didn’t care, that’s not gonna warrant another World title match. It won’t warrant anything. If I just throw this match or hand you a victory, that’ll make ME look bad. It’ll be a bad look on MY part, even though I’M the one that was screwed over and deserves better than this garbage. So Holly, I know what you’re thinking. You’re glad I’m actually gonna bring my best, maybe you’re a little worried about whether I’m actually focused or something I dunno, but you’re still gonna be excited to have a good match this Sunday since that’s what we’ll do. That’s what I always do when I get in the ring, I have an awesome match and that’s not gonna change this week. We’re gonna have a classic. I expect the best out of you Holly, but you wanna hear the truth? I don’t think you have what it takes to get the win this weekend. Your best, or at least what I’m assuming is your best seeing your EAW run so far.. It won’t be enough to beat me. It won’t be enough to get the victory and knock me way back down the rankings. It won’t be anywhere near enough, so you’re gonna have to try way harder than you have the past few months because I know you have it in you. You could, and you SHOULD be doing way better than you actually are, but you’re not.

Wanna know why you’re not doing better than you are right now? Wanna know why you seem to be so stagnant and unable to get any real momentum going for yourself? It’s because you aren’t pushing yourself. Sure, for a few weeks Kensingten was a nuisance and she involved herself with your matches, but that wasn’t the case your whole career. You haven’t been dealing with Kensingten forever, and it’s like.. How do you expect to get anywhere when you’re not going anywhere near as hard as you should be? I’m sure winning Championships isn’t your number one priority right now, especially when you just wanna make sure the fans go home happy, but how can they go home happy when you don’t give every match your all? It’s the same issue Lisa Wren had before she got kidnapped… Which is something that definitely needs to be solved sooner rather than later. You guys have a ton of potential but it’s hidden behind a lack of any real effort, and I’mma just let you know now Holly I’m probably not the person you wanna do that whole wait-until-Saturday-night-to-post thing against. If you wanna convince me YOU care about this match or about facing me or even just about your own career, you’re gonna have to do way better than you’ve been doing these past few weeks, because right now there’s a difference between us. There’s one big thing separating the two of us, since in all honesty I actually like you. I have no beef or issues with you at all, but you’re not the worker I am. You don’t have the same care I do. You’re not as competitive as me, and maybe if this was gaming that wouldn’t be a problem. You don’t always gotta go all E-Sports mode when you’re playing video games. You can play single player games, you can play on easy difficulty, you can even just play Animal Crossing or the Sims or something… But that’s not gonna slide in wrestling. Wrestling isn’t a game where you can just sit back and relax, not if you actually wanna make any progress. You have to want to be the best. You have to want to succeed, and right now I don’t think you do. Holly, please don’t waste my time on Sunday. Make this match competitive. This is what I’m doing when I could be the World Heavyweight Champion right now, so please make this worth my time dude. Make me care about this match.
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