Jamie O'Hara

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Have I struck a nerve, Darkane?

Is the task of facing perhaps an alternative to your perception so difficult for you?

Or is it that you fear I'm right?

A great man once said “don't be original, just be great”. And how easy it is to be great at belittling someone's accomplishments when it's served so nicely on a platter. Am I wrong? You were the last man standing on a brand that was crumbling all around you. People leaving left and right, new faces who couldn't fill the void that existed. And all it resulted in was a handful of noteworthy and admittedly respectable title defenses before it died. Memorable? Perhaps to some but it follows the trend of similar one hit wonders. Of course, you could look to prove me wrong, cop your failures on your chin and simply evolve yourself. Instead you sit there as a child having a whinge that poor Jamie O'Hara is belittling your accomplishments. You're still riding that wave of being a World Champion and with that, so many others - from competitors to fans - will give you the respect of being of such a high caliber. But with time, as their interest in you dwindles after each and every attempt to recapture the gold you lost, they will see you in the same light I do. You shouldn't really take my words as a real insult, you still achieved more than most ever will...even if you were merely the Steven Bradbury of Season 11’s Dynasty. This industry has a litany of accomplishments and accolades someone of your -...lesser? Yeah lets go with lesser - lesser capability is capable of earning. I mean winning that title regardless of circumstances just about guarantees your place in the Hall of Fame. That is unless you ultimately follow all the other edgy teenagers and fuck your career up - Dark Demon, Eclipse Diemos ya know. But back at it, not everyone is meant to indulge in the highs of success on such a permanent level; its something I don’t take for granted. At one point or another I had some sort of faith in the possibility that Darkane could carry his weight under the bright lights, good enough to climb to the top repeatedly but if anything this just seems to confirm the deep seated belief I’ve always held; you’re just a cookie cutter emo flog who doesn’t have an original thought in his mind. Ticked off easily, overly emotional responses and as blind and as delusion as those pumped out on a near weekly basis from the same factory. Theron Nikolas was simply a correction, a means to put you back down to the rung you deserve to stand on. People like you were never meant to succeed. Even the two I mentioned before, their inevitable demises were mere corrections for mistakes that should never have been made to begin with; simply they were corrections by their own hands and nature instead forced by the hand of others. I know what lies ahead for you Darkane and its nothing more than a self inflicted suffocation over a desperate attempt to claim something you never deserved to begin with. Your failures are only going to mount. Opportunities won’t pass through your fingers, they will never reasonably be within your reach to begin with. Fail time and time again until you either accept your place - your true place - in this world or your career dies in a heap of misery and disappointment.

But me? I can fail, I can stumble and I can fall and yet I will always succeed.

Sure, SYNCON was a bust but people don’t remember for the lack of success that followed it but the manner in which i generated interest, the moment of the reveal remains etched in their minds. But even the bust of my return doesn’t create a false illusion that I can't succeed. Failure and setbacks never hinder my progress. I was born to succeed, born to always be at the pinnacle of this industry or any other industry I could have stepped into. Reality is, your belief that you’re meant for this level, for this caliber of competition is unfound; you’ve only proven yourself to succeed at the most opportune of times. Difference is, I know what it takes to succeed. I know how to scratch and claw my way and earn every step I take and history is a vicious fucking cycle; I fall short, I fuck up, I fail and yet you only need the fingers on a single hand to count the months it took me to win my World Championships.

I have the mentality of a FUCKING CHAMPION.

And you have the capacity of an insignificant gnat that somehow managed to crawl his way to the pearly gates of heaven. Grand Rampage, I’ll send this pathetic little bug screaming back down to earth and you’ll go splat across the windshield of reality. And like I said, maybe such an irrational, emotional and explosive response boils down to a chance that I’m hitting every note you try to silence perfectly. Maybe you’re just trying to believe a little longer until you finally find enough courage to do the soul searching needed to save your career from the scrap heap. Whatever it is, I overestimated you coming into this.

I think Charlie Marr said something but who the fuck cares. Others seem just as ticked off that I didn’t choose to entertain their thoughts but to be honest, they could shake my hand, tell me their name and I’d forget it within five seconds. I honestly couldn’t tell you a single exciting thing that happened in Kinkade’s career thus far or Diesel’s. Lucas Johnson is a glorified jobber, I don’t know who or what a “Ronan Malos” is supposed to fucking be and I’m still surprised Landerson’s Make-A-Wish hasn’t finished yet after all these years.The rest aren’t worth the piss I take each morning. Any problems with that, fellas?

No? Alright then, let's allow the two big bois in this match to continue.

Do you believe that this ability to thrive in the clutch will always be your saving grace, Rex? That each time you find yourself on the opposite side of a ring with someone touted as superior, you will always be capable of finding another level? No matter the situation you find yourself in, against the quality of opponent, you’re always going to find this uncanny capability to overcome the challenge...and you only need to find it once a month, only in the few matches you find yourself truly needing it. Perhaps, the consistency of such an impressive accomplishment could be seen as a credit to some lionheart characteristic buried deep within your heart, refusing to die until it cannot possibly go on. But I don’t see it as skill, I don’t see it as talent. I see it as luck. Eventually luck runs out. Eventually luck runs dry and you’re just left defeated, dazed and confused as to why you couldn’t overcome, why you couldn’t thrive in the clutch once again. Alternatively, you could simply be underselling yourself to thrive on the underdog narrative. Surely, if one convinces themselves absolutely that they’re against the odds each and every time, they’ll always be able to dig a little deeper and find something; purposefully handicapping themselves for some odd desire to constantly stroke the “feel good” narrative. Simply, I don’t need to boast, to be so proud of my ability to find success in those precious moments because my success isn’t dependant on it. My career - all those accomplishments, the records and awards - and my legacy - the everlasting memory of my success - weren’t built on it. There’s just one giant flaw in this whole idea that being able to win a few matches in the clutch against some superior talent.

What happened when you lost?

What happened at Pain For Pride?

What happened at King of Elite?

It doesn’t work, does it? Being able to succeed in the clutch, in those defining moments isn’t enough. Lets entertain the possibility that you win Grand Rampage and for one night you’re better than me, for one night you’re able to be just good enough to win when it matters. What happens at Pain For Pride when once again, like a year ago, you need to be better? Just a bit better than your opponent for one night? Simply being better for “one night” is a rather selective bit of history, no? So tell me, if Rex McAllister can’t always be dependent on finding a way when it's needed, when for every night he’s “just a bit better” than his foe, there’s another where he’s not, why I should have any sort of concern that Grand Rampage will be any different to your shortcomings against Cage and against Impact? I might not see everyone as a threat but I certainly see everyone as potentially threatening to my aspirations. Perhaps I shouldn’t need to fear the names already mentioned, including yours? Maybe I should just concern myself with an unknown entrant that I can’t prepare for? Because you’re quickly giving me reasons to not see Rex McAllister as anything more than another bloke on Darkane’s slowly, slowly slipping level. Suddenly I feel my odds in this match shortening to $1.01 as it becomes clearer and clearer that when it matters there isn’t a single person in this match that can actually back up what they fucking say. Because look at me, someone who has succeeded time and time again with untouchable records set across two different titles and then you, whose success exists purely because for a single night he lucked his way to victory and simply managed to repeat that feat mere months later. I consider all the possibilities Rex, I’m more aware of them then perhaps anyone else in this match but it doesn’t hinder my confidence. It doesn’t stagnate the arrogance that I expel simply because most possibilities lie closer to the point of fantasy than reality. In the end, this is the mindset and the pure focus that led me to my historic reign. It’s a mindset that doesn’t compare to simply needing to be “better” for one night, in a single moment. Rather it’s an unrelenting desire to be better, a cut above the rest each time I breathe. All those reasons that led to your previous World Championship reigns? They’re insignificant to the shadow I cast over the rest of this field. Cast your mind back to 2017 when we last faced on Dynasty. It was just weeks before Pain For Pride X and I was on top of the world. You weren’t good enough that night. I admired the tenacity, but I was always walking out of that match victorious.

You got better.

But so did I.

You stare at me as some reminder that there’s another level for you to reach but I’m afraid - just like in the time since that last encounter - I’m always going to be another level ahead. You will scratch and you will claw every time towards that next reign, to that next opportune moment to look back and see how much further you’ve come but you’re just going to turn back forward and realise you haven’t caught up to me and you never will. And Grand Rampage isn’t going to be some moment where the clutch arrives and Rex McAllister digs deep enough to join me...instead Grand Rampage is going to be the moment where that realisation hits you.