MATCH PROMO "A Mexican, An Aussie and A Doctor Once Walked Into.... EAW DRAFT RP 1

Dr. Bethany Blue

The Doctor Is In
Miami, FL.

Pain for Pride
Philadelphia, PA.

Pain for Pride, the biggest event on the calendar year for the EAW, where all three brands compete in matches to end feuds, start new ones, or have a battle in a marquee matchup with some of the best. For Dr. Bethany Blue, it has been a season of mostly ups but a few downs. Losing the Interwire Title at King of Elite. Failing to win the Specialists Championship at Grand Rampage, defeating some of the top talent in the EAW on all brands, some even in the Main Events this past weekend, capturing gold early in her career, having a 10-0 singles record to start her tenure, she has seen great victories, souring defeats and recognized as a very unique woman who has taken Voltage by storm in Season 13. Many didn’t know how successful she would be, some thought it was a gimmick, slowly fading into the background, others saw that Bethany was indeed one of the more sounds and polished technical wrestlers to come in a long time. Things started to change for Bethany, who was a workaholic, still is. She buries herself in the Medical field and in wrestling, always taking it to the limits and then going beyond. Bethany Blue is eccentric, most of the time radical, but in the end, she is dedicated and determined to succeed.

Then she met Jake Smith and in her personal life, everything changed.

Bethany fell for Jake hard, right from the beginning, they had a very active sexual relationship once she finally succumbed her virginity to his charm. Bethany found herself trapped in his gaze and he knew it, which is why it was so easy for me to manipulate things. Alexis Chambers joined the picture, it became a Bizarre Love Triangle, Jake knew that he had both women in the palm of his hand, watching them go at each other to the point he relegated two star athletes to wrestle in a Mud Match, wearing string bikinis, as he watched, enjoying every bit of it, even at the warning of Nurse Goldstein. The Good Doctor though followed her heart, not her mind and went along with this match at the biggest event of the year. Before it started though, Alexis caught a conversation between Jake and Bronson Daniels, how he was bragging about what he has done and the power over the two women, how easily he was able to get Bethany in bed, and Alexis following his orders. During the match, though the footage was rolled so that Dr. Blue could see it after she incapacitated the arm of Alexis Chambers and demanded the match to stop due to her injury…

When he refused, the Tron played it back, thanks to Persephone, announcer for Voltage. After it ran, Bethany was heartbroken, the tears fell down the muddy face, standing there topless but covered in mud, that she went ballistic on Jake Smith and attacked him, soon Alexis Chambers joined, they both left Jake lying unconscious in the mood, and in a shocking moment, they both planted each other with a big, wet muddy kiss, it was for the ages. The two then left shortly after in the back.

The show was still on, luckily for Alexis, the arm wasn’t broken, but much like she did Darcy may Morgan with her shoulder, she had separated the elbow this time, which was put back into place and heavily bandaged. There was some damage, but none that she couldn’t heal from in a few weeks. Dr. Blue had cleaned up some, she was in a robe, still barefoot in the Trainer’s room and Medical Staff. Her long hair was drenched but still had some mud in it, nails polished a bright matte red. Alexis was sitting on the trainer’s bed, arm bandaged up, she too was like Bethany, in a robe, cleaned up, nails polished black and long brown hair hanging down. The medical staff had her all patched up, Bethany was with Nurse Goldstein about 12 feet away.

“I told you he was a scum bag, Dr. Blue. I was just surprised that he would brag about it like that to some pothead. Besides, he was playing her too. I must ask what that kiss was about?”, the Nurse inquired, never taking Dr. Blue for a woman that was into other women. “Heat of the moment, Nurse Goldstein. I don’t know what came over me, maybe it was the rush of beating Jake’s butt, after what he did to us, maybe it was Pain for Pride, being there. Mayne it was the mud, I felt very weird when it got up all in my cha-cha. I could have been aroused wrestling her with my boobs hanging out all smearing against each other, or…”, Nurse Goldstein cuts her off. “Okay… okay, I get it. What happens now?”, which was a question that Dr. Bethany Blue kept asking herself time and time again. “I don’t know, but I need to talk to her for sure. I’ll only need a few minutes, Nurse Goldstein”, the Nurse nods. “Take your time. I will be right outside.”, she responds, walking out of the room. Dr. Blue slowly makes her way toward Alexis, the war they had where at times they both had each other beaten but Jake had refused to count, Bethany was even electrocuted but the shot of Adrenaline saved her. She checks Alexis alarm.

“Can I look at that again please?, the Doctor asks politely, Alexis is hesitant at first but nods and allows her to look at it. “You should be alright in no time, at least it wasn’t a fracture or break, just a separation. I’ll prescribe you some pain meds, they will help you with the process.”, she states, Alexis says nothing, staring at the floor. “He’s an asshole.”, Alexis blurted out, as Bethany didn’t even hesitate to respond, and I agree. “Yes, yes he is. I can’t believe he used us like that. I even slept with him, what the heck was I thinking? I have never been in love before, it was all new to me and seeing as how I quickly fell for Jake, I know better next time.”, Bethany confessed, she tried to half smile before turning to leave.

“Bethany?”, Alexis says softly. The Good Doctor turns around as Alexis extends her hand, surprised at the gesture, Dr. Blue shakes her hand, their eyes lock, it was awkward after what happened out there. “Sorry I attacked and tried to drown you; sorry I was such a bee-itch when it was Jake playing us all the time. Sorry I called you a mouse and a whore, “broke your arm”, I don’t remember what else…”, Alexis reminded her quickly, “Don’t forget loser.”, Bethany responded back, “Oh right loser too.”

“Well, I apologize too, for making fun of your nose, calling you ugly and crazy. Also, for electrocuting you, I can see the hairs are still standing a little on your head. I can’t believe we fell for his shit.”, Alexis stated. Bethany touched her nose, then smirked. “Shock therapy, I deserved that. As for my nose, it is big, but I like it.”, she says, Alexis responds, “I like it too.”. Dr. Blue smiled, but there was still the obvious White Elephant in the room.

“So, what happened out there, the kiss….”, Alexis quickly cuts in. “Total heat of the moment.”, she responds which Bethany pointed with a smile. “Yes! Total heat of the moment. I mean we are not lesbians or anything, like we love men, I love the pee-pee, and yeah…. I….”, Dr. Bethany Blue stopped herself and started to make her way out the door, but Alexis grabbed her hand again and smiled.

“Totally how I feel too.”, she stated which Bethany smiled, as they stared at each other for a moment before finally Nurse Goldstein walks in. “There is the Nurse, I have to go but listen, let’s get together, breakfast tomorrow, on me.”, she suggests which Alexis smiles. “Sounds like a plan.”, she responds. Bethany walks out, instructing the medical staff to take care of her as she is leaving.

“Is there something you want to tell me Dr. Blue?”

“Shut up Ra…. Not now, I feel really odd at the moment and…. I just need a bath for like an hour.”



Pain For Pride had come and gone, what happened on the show will live in the minds of those who watched, forever. To see so many titles change hands, the matches, the glitz, and glamour, it was quite the experience, but none more so than Dr. Bethany Blue who found herself in a Mud Match, one where she lost her top, electrocuted and finally find out what Jake Smith’s true intentions were as Alexis Chambers had tried to tell her, but she wouldn’t listen, after Persephone from Voltage decided to get the production truck to play the footage, Bethany stood there covered in mud, a string bikini bottom leaving nothing to the imagination, looking right at Jake Smith completely devastated which finally led her to snap, where the unthinkable happened, Bethany and Alexis double teamed Jake Smith and dropped him like a bad habit in the mud, unconscious, the two women then to the surprise of many, shared a passionate kiss which turned on every male fan in attendance and caused Gavin Kirkland to fall out of the color commentating chair.

Even Dr. Bethany Blue cannot explain what happened.

The Good Doctor though was able to get cleaned up, and now knowing the truth about Jake, she needed to get past it and move on to something bigger and better, the EAW Draft but much to her surprise, she was picked to represent Voltage in a Triple Threat Match against one from Showdown and one from Dynasty. Captain Charisma put his faith on Dr. Blue, and she vows not to let him down, for the prize, is the first draft pick for the winning brand. Dr. Blue was able to get back to Boca Raton, Florida where she was right back at work, but after the patients all came and went, she decided to address what had happened. Bruised some, still sore but clean as a whistle, the beautiful Dr. Blue in a black skirt, snakeskin peep toe pumps, a matching halter top, her long straightened hair in a half ponytail, nails polished a bright matte red and looking sexy as ever draped in her Doctor’s coat, Bethany with Nurse Ranaanah Goldstein behind her as she paced around her procedure room, nodded as the camera’s began to record…


Taking a second to gather her thoughts, the Good Doctor finally turns to face the camera, speaking in her soft, gentle, and yet excited voice…

“Pain For Pride has come and gone, there were a lot of lessons learned from it, that is for sure. I went into the Mud Wrasslin’ Extravaganza match with one purpose, so that Jake Smith would choose me after I kicked Alexis Chamber’s butt and drowned her in the mud. I was for certain that Jake loved me, I mean the sex was great, we always had a fun time together, he made me smile so much, and then I found out he was a dirty, no good, two-timing bass-turd, Richard! I cannot believe that I watched him talk to that pothead about me the way he did, then the shocking part was he was playing Alexis too! What was I supposed to do, I was just electrocuted basically wearing dental floss on my perfect no tan lined buttocks, covered in mud stuck between my toes, and breasts, topless might I add, that I had to give myself a shot of Adrenaline just to get back in the match. Throughout the whole thing, he was playing us, he was literally playing us both, and all I wanted was to be with him, because that is how much I cared.

In the end he betrayed me, and I gave him something that should have been reserved to someone who could give the love back, I am so stupid falling for his crap! Then something else happened, after Alexis and I both knew what he was doing, well, she did tried to tell me, we beat the ever living ca ca out of Jake and left him splattered on the mud. Then it happened, Alexis and I kissed, I don’t know what came over me, she feels the same way. I was so amped up, maybe it was the adrenaline, the mud in all my crevices, the anger of Jake cheating on me, the fact Alexis is hot topless covered in mud and so am I, I don’t know but what I do know is this, neither one of us, walked out a loser. Alexis and I both came out winners that night, no matter what kind of heck we put ourselves through, we came to fight, and did. Now, it took about a three hour bath and two hour shower to get all cleaned up, I feel like a new woman, a new season and Dr. Bethany Blue is ready to put Season 13 behind her though it was very successful with a few downs, but like I have mentioned earlier, those losses should be expunged. With Season 14 here, I was ready to sit at the Draft and await for them to call my name, a high pick of course, for I am an asset to any brand, they will never have anyone like Dr. Bethany Blue, as I will make any brand I am on the healthiest in the EAW.

I am not just a wrestler who also can do it in Jell-O and Mud, I AM also a Doctor of Medicine.

Which is why, it was a welcomed surprise when Captain Charisma chose the FACE of Voltage to represent the brand at the Draft Show against Showdown and Dynasty, though not just two brands, but two wrestlers who are at the top of this promotion, TLA and Myles, which let me tell you, this is a smorgasbord for any Doctor alive, yesireeeee! Coming off the biggest FPV of the year, Captain Charisma saw what I had to go through, this second half of the season saw many obstacles thrown at Dr. Bethany Blue, and yet I always survived, bounced back and had a good gosh darn attitude doing it! Did I get pissy when I was thrown in a Jell-O match with the EAW World Champion?

No, I embraced it.

Did you see how our GM and the Good Captain didn’t hesitate in picking me FIRST, he went right out there and said, Dr. Bethany Blue, he TRUSTS me, he has put the fate of Voltage’s Number One Draft pick in my medical hands which let’s face it, should be me but that is not my call, this Elitists will be forever indebted to me, and I will gladly give physicals for FREE to all those drafted to the same brand I will be on, which I know is Voltage, Captain Charisma loves his Doctor’s fringe benefit and health plan!

And now I face the hottest returning star on the roster and a former World Champion, Hall of Famer and ugly dog owner.

Boys, get ready for an exam.”

Cracking a smirk, the Good Doctor seems to be in better spirits now. Only a few days removed, and she is happy to be a part of the draft show, ready to show off her talents and just how good she is in the ring. Dr. Blue has a tall task at hand but knowing that Voltage has chosen her to carry the banner, has been a dream come true and she promises NOT to fail. She turns back and speaks.

“There were plenty of people that could have been chosen. Andrea Valentine for one, though she was pretty heartbroken about losing to Sexy Rexy. What about Ms. Extreme? No, she took a bad bump in the Cash in the Vault match and left empty handed, did I say how bad of an Interwire Champion she was? There was Turkey Buzzard Roberts, but I heard that she was so broken up, she was put on Suicide Watch for 48 hours after her loss to Minerva. Charles Marr? Honey please, he was obliterated by Homie G, MJ. The Captain could have, but he saw, understood and recognizes I am a fast healer, I was ready to run the Boston Marathon on Sunday Morning, that is how fast I recovered even after been shocked practically butt naked on electrical equipment. He sees me as the ONLY HOPE Voltage has and against two men that have already made their marks in the EAW, the Australian Manifest, Myles and La Panterrrrrrrrrra Sexual, TLA. Clearly, I am the underdog, I am sure there are fans, Elitists and others wondering right now why my name is among these two…


I am a Doctor and a superior athlete in the ring.

Myles just returned from an Outback excavation with Bindi Erwin and TLA may have lost to Lethal Consequences, what a stupid name for a wrestler, but he wants to bring back respect to Dynasty and give the middle finger to anyone that wants a WALL constructed. While you were on this sabbatical Myles, studying Wallabies, Koala’s, Kangaroos and Crocodiles, I was winning championships, shocking the EAW and making a name for myself in ONE season. Ah, but you see, Bloke, this here isn’t some dumb Sheila, mate, I am a Doctor, and while I see this incredible physical specimen you are standing there, knowing there isn’t an ounce of fat on you, I do worry about this Cro-Magnon head formation you have going on, that is not pretty and could mean you are suffering from neurofibromatosis, better known as the Elephant Man Disease or Macrocephaly, which is big brain disease, both are very dangerous, I mean you could just be ugly, not every man can be as hot as a Bucket of Steaming Prawns, you know, mate? See, though Myles, or is it Mr. Myles? Do you have a first name? Like Mick? Dundee? Help me here. Fine, I will simply call you Myles. Look, I know that back home there are a plethora of diseases that you could catch, the Outback is not good to everyone, and even though you are from Melbourne, you look like the kind of dude that circles Wolf Creek a lot which means one word, and I do NOT want to scare you bloke….


My good golly gosh, man! The sun could give you skin cancer, the heat stroke when you don’t even know it, the gosh darn dehydration, what about all the mosquitoes, can we spell it together mate?

D-E-N-G-U-E F-E-V-E-R!

Crickey’s eh?

LET ME HELP YOU, Myles. I have seen what that fever can do, you could die instantly and not even know you have it, like the COVID-19, my Aussie buddy. I can save your life, but of course, I must perform my duty as a wrestling Doctor first and foremost, with my trusted Code of Ethics that I would vow to save human life. Look at what I did at Pain For Pride, I HATED Alexis Chambers at the time, I basically broke her arm, incapacitated her, then asked Jake Smith to call off the darn thing. I could have done more, but my ethical and moral obligation is to help people in need. Look at the holy heck you went through, buddy? Cash in the Vault? The bruises, lacerations, and overall pain you must be in? Mate, I will tell you what, I want to make sure that you’re one hundred percent for our match at the Draft Show, I don’t want any excuses now little trooper!

But it doesn’t stop with Myles my bloke, oh no, we have ourselves Papi Chulo himself, TLA and amigo…

You are one walking cluster fudge of diseases, buey.”

Dr. Blue smirks and winks, she then walks over to her desk and sits down, the Doctor gets comfortable in her chair, kicks back and takes out her Stethoscope which she likes to twirl in her hands. Myles is a great competitor that has been on fire since returning. TLA is a former World Champion who was inducted into the Hall of Fame. For Bethany, this is her chance to score a huge upset win over two men that are EAW. Her baby brown eyes turn toward the camera as she speaks…

“Orale chingon. I know a lot of Spanish, Panterrrrra. Matter of fact, we are neighbors. I am only about 40 minutes north of where you live, I have some open slots for visits, why don’t you come and see me, first one I will take care of free of charge. Give you a full physical, make sure there are no lingering effects from your match at Pain For Pride. TLA, what can I say? Former World Champion, a Hall of Fame inductee, I mean you have done it all so far and there is much more, but let’s look at facts, alright, vato loco? Myles lost, you lost, I really didn’t lose but I didn’t win either, basically the three of us are Pain For Pride losers, you know what is at stake papi, and the pressure is on you because EVERYONE expects the great TLA to walk out with the number one draft pick for the C show, Dynasty. I have been there; you have people who refuse COVID-19 testing and then I get pushed around. StarrStan needs to take control of his roster, but you seem like the kind of man that would listen to reason, not like the Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport, bloke. Look, buey, arriba la raza and all that good stuff, you are at most risk of everyone to die at a young age and carry infectious diseases, think about it TLA, your country runs its drinking water and poop down the same pipe.

Sing along with me now, chingon…. Montezuma’s Revenge?

Who wants to be crapping for three days straight, the diarrhea is so bad that you start bleeding out of your rectum and then I have to get nasty with you and go in to do some really invasive procedures that may change your outlook on life, because hermano, I don’t want to violate you. This is nothing to play with, the amount of fat in Mexican food is atrocious, look at my mate, Myles, the guy is chiseled like a fudging rock, know why? There is NO fat in Kangaroo and Ostrich meat. His diet is perfect, and their beer tastes like urine but whatever. Listen Panterrrrra, I also know you are a very promiscuous man and what does that spell, cabron?


Do I really need to say more? TLA, there is a lot going on here, it is quite disturbing, I am seeing a lot of confusion in your guacamole slurping face, you need to get it through the cabeza amigo! How much more can you handle the reigns of Dynasty when we all know that at the Draft Show it is ME who will win the first pick for Voltage, ME! Mexican males are not healthy, I bet you pound every flavor of Margherita and Tequila that is made, even eat the worm in Mezcal. TLA, listen closely this is not about just you, think about la onda, esse. Think about the familia. After I defeat you and my main mate, Myles, we can hug it out and then go to the back where I can fix you both right back up, watching the rest of the draft!

Where else are you getting a two for one deal, huh?

I am a one stop shop, there is nothing that is going to prevent me from getting that first Draft pick, yet at the same time, see how I am looking out for your best interests, vato? I am a very powerful woman who will stop at nothing until I get what I want. I will only say this once…

Follow Doctor’s orders, or I will make sure to prescribe you with some Bad Medicine.

TLA, La Panterrrrrra Sexual and Myles my Mate, season 14 starts with ME….

This is my spotlight to take and that I will…

For Medicine!

For Wrestling!

For The Little Children who look up to me!

For Voltage.”

She continues twirling her stethoscope before she stops, glaring right into the camera, as Nurse Goldstein smirks….


That is Gentlemen in Spanish, mate.

La Doctora Esta En.”

Bethany winks and sitting back with a huge grin on her face as Nurse Goldstein clenches her fists and nods.




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