MATCH PROMO A True Wonder // Voltage 02 // 11.03.2019


Il Principe
Providence, Rhode Island
The scene opens on a grungy, crowded gym. Halloween festivities are in full display as boxers, wrestlers, and other fitness nuts show off their once-a-year-wears. A couple Supermen, some definite attempts at Batman… the usual suspects in a room full of wannabe superheroes. And then there’s Ezio DeLuca. Standing tall on the turnbuckle, ready to drop a supremely devastating flying elbow on his opponent. In true Ezio fashion, he’s decked out in his best Wonder Woman gear. Tight bikini briefs. The classic gold forearm bracers. He’s gone all out. He jumps off the top turnbuckle and lands the strike hard on his opponent. He covers the opponent and counts out loud a 1...2...3. He gets up, pulls the woozy opponent to his feet, and proceeds to bro hug the drowsy competitor on his way to the edge of the ring.

Ezio: “Like the getup? Me too. Halloween always brings out my feminine side. *wink* And god am I glad this holiday is here. I realized as I was getting ready just how tightly wound I’ve felt since joining Elite Answers Wrestling. Which, frankly, isn’t me. I’ve been so nervous about my debut, anxious about my first match...I forgot who I really was.”

Ezio exits the ring and proceeds toward the bench press. A spotter in perfectly fitting gray sweatpants appears over the head side of the bench as Ezio peeks back and then lets out a knowing wink at the camera before positioning himself under the weights.

Ezio: “I’m Ezio DeLuca. *rep* Only son of Pasquale DeLuca. *rep* I am… *rep* Prince of Providence. *rep* Il Principe. *rep* And I’m ready… *rep* to rule… *rep* what’s mine.” *rep*

Ezio rests the bar on the stand and raises himself to a sitting position on the bench as the spotter hands him a towel to dry his forehead. Ezio blots off a little bead of sweat and winks at the spotter, who proceeds to inch behind Ezio and start rubbing his shoulders.

Ezio: “Mmmmm. There it is. How a Prince should really be treated. And it’s what I remembered I was missing last week in the ring with Serena Riot. That I’m...fucking...royalty.”

Ezio waves off the spotter with a thankful look and blows a kiss as he departs. Ezio stands, grabs a golden lasso from the floor, and snaps it between his hands as he smiles to the camera.

Ezio: “It’s going to be fun taking care of Damian Butler the Third this weekend. It’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun. Because I’m finally feeling like me again. Strong. Prepared. Hot. And focused. And I’m focused on every detail. Every move. DB3 thinks he’s the ultimate data geek. Well let me tell you something directly, D. Can I call you little D? I think it’s...cute. It suits you. Now little D. Listen closely. This Sunday I’m going to unleash the full power that is Il Principe. You can study all you want. It won’t help you when my shoulder hits your core like a freight train. This is my real debut, Butler. And I’m ready to shine like the star God made me.”

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