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Solomon Hill

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I would like to address my disappearance and the events before it. I was just being annoying, I get bored easily and do silly things when I'm bored and as a result get pretty annoying. I did not disappear because of what went down on Discord though, I actually made a disturbing discovery into something called the outside world. It's awful. Lol but seriously, I've spent most of my time at the hospital since August. Oh, nothing bad has happened to me, I just have a desk job there. I'm blessed to have lovely co-workers and a stable environment and now I've slowly been making myself a leisure time outside of working hours. Furthermore I would like to distribute a series of apologies for reasons.

Being a nuisance
Forcing my cultural influences in the chat with Hindi Media
Ignoring authority and general condemnation over my behaviour
Inadvertently offending female writers with what could be interpreted as misogyny
Using racially abusive appropriating fan fiction with Deep Southern Wrestling

Regards, Sun

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