MATCH PROMO Ain't no one touchin' this sexy melanin 💯

Bronson Daniels

Free Lighter
Cocoa Beach, Florida
Are we just gonna sit here and NOT talk about Ryan’s obvious favoritism? I mean, he puts SKA in this match, EAW’s biggest fucking jobber, actually second, because the first is also in this match. All SKA did this season was float around nobodies and finally get a big win, so this big win, gets him… a contendership match for the second most prestigious Championship on Showdown? Not even a New Breed shot, a fucking INTERWIRE CHAMPIONSHIP SHOT. But, it’s fine, he isn’t winning this match anyway, second, there’s James Ranger who doesn’t want to hop off my dick ever since I cost him a match against Jake Smith like three months ago that Jake would’ve won anyway. The dude acts like I have some sort of fucking personal blood feud that’s been building up for years when I literally don’t give a fuck about him. And he shouldn’t be in this match neither! Like, do you fucking see Ryan’s reasoning????? He wants him to be embarrassed, like that’s it. Well, you fucking cac, he would’ve gotten embarrassed in whatever match he is because he’s bottom 2 in EAW and he isn’t 2. This match is literally the most predictable, especially now that Jack is out of the equation. Because if Jack was still here, it would be like a singles match, you know, the rematch, with those 2 dudes in the way, but now it’s just me. Just me beating up enhancement talent. I’m tired of people talking all that shit like they’re the shit. People who have never even touched a second of irrelevancy, they’re the ones who got the most shit to talk. I had the clear advantage before Jack got injured also, because I literally beat him last week. Jack had all that talk, about how I’m a nobody who isn’t even the talk, but this nobody beat him up, and let’s not act like this nobody talk hasn’t been going on since forever and has gotten irrelevant ever since I earned myself a spot in the New Breed Title match at Pain For Pride. You see, there’s nothing I have to prove, I just take what’s mine, SKA and James Ranger though? They have something to prove. And they’ll have the most to lose out of squandering this.

To be honest SKA, I’ll just start this off by saying that the “Reasonable Doubt” FPV name that you keep complaining about fits right in with you, might wanna go on a guilt trip, you know… “they all look the same”... :mjlol2: I’m just saying homie, if you think Jake Smith doesn’t deserve to be in the main event, and somehow you do, you’re fucking delusional, because you’re garbage. But then again, you think Ryan underestimates James Ranger, so it makes sense. Y’all in the same league of trash anyway. And well, you making some sort of pun like I’ve been white before and somehow became black is pretty funny… I mean, you showed that you’re racist as fuck when it comes to Asian people… but to black people too???? Yikes son. And well, you sure love your crack puns don’t you, I know Jack liked those too, and probably so will everyone until I have my retirement speech and it will be years past me quitting smoking, but y’all still gonna ride dick till the end of time. I mean, it’s a cycle of all the newbies. Now, since this is a ladder match, it’s also some new environment, since I’ve never competed in a ladder match in EAW, but you know, I’m just gonna do what I do best: beat people up and win matches. Anyway, this reaching shit you talk about mister Erik makes no sense, oh shit, his name is Erik, and we know what happened to the last Eric. :mjlol: Back to my point though, just because I said that Andre will not be New Breed Champion and I was wrong doesn’t mean shit. He got the upper hand, and I gave him the props he deserved for it. Nothing else, but let’s not act like you don’t reach in every one of your promos about how you gonna win or some shit but you just lose which has been the story of your whole career. I see how it’s funny to you though, but sadly you’ll never feel how it is defending your championship because you’re never going to achieve shit. Look little boy, I had nothing with your ass before, but you just feel like talking all this shit which will just further lead to your downfall because you like making me mad. It’s not like I won’t make easy work out of y’all though. You know, punch and kick the shit out both like 3 or 4 times and call it a day, boom Interwire Title shot. See, now you’re just reusing Jack’s point without any essence to it. Just because he was removed from this match doesn’t mean we need someone ripping him off in this my guy. Yeah, I had in goal winning the tournament, just like you did with SEBAS, but now I don’t know if you really cared about it all that much since your promos are not worth going back on, either way, you didn’t sign up for it just to want to be handed another loss now. Since you like reading past promos so much why don’t you like… go read my point about it too? Like it’s seriously not that hard. But guess I’ll have to repeat myself. So, Grand Prix was a way for me and Jake to get those shots, which we didn’t, but it’s fine, BECAUSE Tag Title shots are easy to get, and maybe they’re easy for like every other title too considering you and Ranger are in this match. Does it make sense now you braindead cac? Oops, does that word offend you like it did Christian DeMarco?🤭 You shouldn’t be talking about having respect for myself or business, because you disrespect yourself and the business every time you spew this shut out ya’ mouth.

See, now you’re again, talking about stuff I have literally addressed before. Yeah, I won’t judge losses, but I judged Jack Ripley LOSING EVERY CHANCE AT BEING WORLD CHAMPION. Do you get that shit? This whole promo of yours gives me a massive headache because you think you’re something and you just further prove yourself to be fucking trash. There’s a reason as to why Voltage didn’t want you, and I don’t blame them for not wanting you. I mean, who the fuck would bring you here that isn’t Ryan Wilson? Of course Ryan would bring trash like him so he isn’t the only one. And to remind you anyway, he’s the same person that teamed up with Christian DeMarco and threw racist shit at Viz and Serena a Dynasty ago. Y’all have a lot in common, I’m surprised you somehow accepted to team up with a foreigner like SEBAS. He’s trash, but he’s better than you. See SKA, it doesn’t matter much for me if you lose to someone above your level, or just a bit below you, it happens, but you know what IS bad, and I’ll always judge you on? Losing to some jobber, there’s multiple examples, and you probably know them all since you’re one of them. You quite clearly just ran out of points to talk about and it shows. You’re fucking garbage, you don’t deserve this opportunity. You’re in this match to make me look good. That’s the whole purpose of this. I really wish Jack was still here, at least I had a challenge. Now it’s just sad. But it’s fine, I’ll get my worthy challenges when I become Interwire Champion. Anyway, I gotta appreciate you for acknowledging how great my New Breed Championship reign has been. Can you please make your point make sense? Am I not supposed to want as many belts as possible? Like excuse me you think I can happily retire with a New Breed Championship reign? Sorry, my name isn’t SKA nor is it James Ranger, actually, you two will never touch gold. Whatever. Of course I’m going to get as many championships in this company, I want to be Interwire Champion, I want to be Tag Champion, and I obviously want to be World Champion, and all of those will be achievable with patience. Patience which I have. But, maybe I don’t really need patience. I won my first title in 5 months, and after I lost it, less than 2 months later I’m earning an opportunity at another one, and nothing could be better. It’s all going my way. All you prove SKA is just how much non-sense you manage to spew out of your dirty mouth. I should start giving back to EAW? I’m giving back to EAW like crazy. It gave me a platform. It gave me the life I’ve been dreaming of, but I give back to the people that have HELPED me get there, not every random jobber like you. Clowning other talent? I only clown those who are literal garbage like I do you. There’s literally not a single person worthy of beating Andre. And I know even yourself you can’t name at least three. See, my biggest thing wasn’t really “evolution”, because I’ve been good since I’ve arrived, I just got great. You expect me to believe someone like Ultimo who ranks lanjas on EAW Network is supposed to beat Andre Walker? :dahell: I think you should be the one getting your mouth off of my dick because you’ve been sucking it so much in a single promo and it’s not doing you well. At least accept your loss and call it quits. You’re garbage fam.

You seriously don’t get anything that I say. You watched my promo like, once, twice, maybe even more, but still didn’t get NOTHING out of it, you just manipulated whatever you thought sounded best to put in one of your promos, but it’s not working junior. I’m recognizing Jack as one of the best you fucking autistic piece of crap, and I’m better than him and I just proved exactly that last Showdown. Are you done being on my dick you fucking faggot? I didn’t clown Jack, I presented arguments after arguments as to why I’m better than him and proved it after I beat him. So now what’s your problem? Are you jealous of my greatness? Do you wish you could climb this mountain as fast as I did? I mean, when I debuted you were in here for some solid months, and by the time I became New Breed Champion, you were just some worthless runner up in the 24/7 Battle Royal, which is filled with jobbers in which just one of them ends up being a star, that being obviously the winner. SKA, you did so much shit, you tried to pull so hard, and yet you lost just like you were expected to. You’re your single fan. Literally not a single person thinks you’re cool. You obviously feel no shame towards losing to Jamie, that was your job. You were placed in that match for Jamie to beat you, and didn’t you brag later about being undefeated on Showdown? Which way is it homie? But here you are again, missing my damn points. I didn’t make fun of Jack for losing to Jamie, I made fun of him for losing ANOTHER World Title match. My points are so obvious but you really just want to control and change the narrative so much that it’s in your favor. You literally said so much and proved nothing to me. You didn’t make me rethink my choices in this promo not once at all. You’re so ass. You have no business being in this match and this shot should’ve been handed to me by default. You’re here celebrating my success, but you know what I’m here for? Smokin’ on that SKA pack after this match is over :mjlol2:

So, now to peak BBB material man. I don’t have much to say about you. You obviously chase fame from me. It’s been some time since I cost you your match against Jake. Time in which you think we’ve been in a personal feud, just like you think you’re in one with Jake too, when let me tell you baby boy, you don’t matter. We don’t care about you, just like everyone else. Just like SKA, you’re your only fan. You’re the only one who gives a fuck about yourself. You fucking suck and please don’t forget that you’re only here because Ryan wants you to embarrass yourself. I don’t agree with that decision one bit, but you damn sure know I’ll embarrass the shit out of your jobber ass. This match is honestly a Showdown match, I mean, these opponents I’ve been given are just seriously not FPV worthy. You sincerely don’t know how much I wish Jack was still in this match so I could have some competition, but this bozo had to injure himself at a fucking gym. Fucking bum. Anyway, for someone that literally couldn’t beat CHRISTIAN DEMARCO to get a New Breed Title opportunity, I don’t get how you would beat ME, when you’re having a shot at the big leagues. What the fuck was the gameplan? “Hmmmmm, if I lost my shot at the New Breed Title to trash, I’ll surely manage to beat a goat like Bronson Daniels to get an Interwire Title match”. This shit is so gibberish, I mean you can’t even beat SKA, but ME??? Damn, you’re so weird. Your whole section of accomplishments is MVE awards from literally 2 years ago. How the fuck did you do more back then than when you returned? I mean, you seriously returned to EAW to be worse bruh. Your story is so sad but you really deserve it, especially for disrespecting Kobe by literally ripping off his nickname. What you’re doing isn’t tribute, it’s disrespect, because you associate such a thing with your trash garbo ass. Get the fuck out of here. You didn’t deserve a single opportunity that you got, because time and time again you’ve proved that you can’t bounce back from your failures and you’ll forever be stuck in the box that you’ve been in. You have nothing, and I mean nothing to give to us, so please fall back in line and pull out of this match because I cave your skull in half you fucking bitch. All of you motherfuckers need to know your roles and remember who you’re talking to because I’m levels above both of you. This match is my most filler FPV match I have ever had and there’s no doubt, NOT A SINGLE ONE, in my fucking mind that I’m not walking out of Reasonable Doubt without that briefcase after climbing that ladder. I’ll go on to Road To Redemption as number one contender, and I’ll leave it as Interwire Champion. Get good you fucking braindead pieces of garbage. Ain’t none of y’all getting even close to touching my sexy ass melanin, but hey, I believe in you guys! I believe you’ll end up posting a good promo sometime, most likely not this week, probably not in a few months, but ONE DAY, you guys will get a good promo out, I believe in you. 💯

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