MATCH PROMO Airsoft Assault Rifle

Xander Payne

The Wildcards
Unified Tag Team Champion

It begins with Xander Payne sitting at ease in his tanned chair. He reserved his luxury hotel room in The Seelbach Hilton months before the local Tempest event. To celebrate his championship opportunity, the staff has put together an extraordinary hotel room. Every single thing in his room is coffee brown and tanned. Tanned sofas, tanned wall painting, tanned bedsheets, tanned floors, tanned televisions, and also tan-coloured candies. After riding along the Ohio River via the Belle Of Louisville Riverboat, he stopped by his hotel room to record a collaboration with another popular YouTuber, Uberhaxornova. He grabs his iPhone 8 to record a promo, setting it up leaning on a box of gourmet chocolates in the middle of his coffee table, facing him as he sits comfortably on his tanned couch.

"Since day one, Noah Reigner has stepped into this company and thought he has been unstoppable. He ran through everybody. He ran through Rex, Impact, and he even ran through me. That is when all the running stops. The reason management accepted my demands to face you for that championship weren’t to fill a void. It wasn’t to be a placeholder for what is to come. It is because they believe in me. They recognize the significance of my presence in EAW. They recognize the unmatched talent that I can only possess in this business. At Tempest, I will beat you for that beautiful championship belt because I am simply better than you. It has been months since I have tasted championship gold and it is time for me to taste it once again. If you don’t think I am able to beat Noah Reigner, do me a favour and get your head out of your asses. I have all the credentials in the world to prove why that championship title deserves to be around my waist."

"My weight has nothing to do with my success. My use of a thesaurus has nothing to do with my success. The use of my mental psychology and unique talent have led me to overcome my inner demons. These have trained me. These have led me to the moments where the biggest opportunity was presented right in front of me. At Tempest, I will stand in the center of the ring, face to face with Reigner to overcome the most crucial opportunity in my life. With that EAW World Heavyweight Championship on the line, I will not relent. I will show no mercy. I will show no remorse until I have that championship lying over my shoulder. This is an opportunity I can’t afford to lose. This is an opportunity to validate me. This is an opportunity to prove each and every person wrong."

"The difference of this match compared to all of my big-time opportunities is that this undoubtedly doesn’t take place in a school gymnasium and that doesn’t matter to me. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dozen, fifty, one hundred, one thousand, one hundred thousand, or even a million, I will still do good. I will do what I can. I will do what I need to do to capitalize on that opportunity. I will stand in the center of the ring with twenty-two thousand people in attendance at the KFC YUM! Center with the chance, the opportunity to walk out with a prize. It isn’t the prize of a handshake, hot dog, nor a few dollars, this is the prize of the most historic championship in this illustrious business. This isn’t an ordinary championship. This isn’t a championship that represents a certain weight division. This championship represents the best of the Elite. This championship embodies the aristocracy of professional wrestling. With more than ten years of history in this belt, it is my job. It is my duty to add myself to that list of legends. While Drake King is poisoning this Earth with his non-stop hatred for a two-lettered word. While Myles has yet to get a grip on success. I will get my moment. I will get my ticket to the top. Don’t think I haven’t earned this opportunity. The reason why I didn’t have any number one contender match to battle Noah Reigner is that I already deserve. Every match that I wrestle in. Every match that I put myself in is the number one contender match. Every second, every minute, and every hour that is spent in the middle of that squared circle justifies my passion in this business. It justifies what limits and what drastic measures I will take to usurp the king of his throne."

"Last Sunday, Noah Reigner capitalized on my disadvantage in that tag match. With the assistance of Jack Ripley and the ignorance of Charlie Marr, he left me lying at the top of a crashed table. What makes me laugh is Charlie Marr. He can get his phone, press record, and then act as tough as he can and when the time comes to back up your words, he refuses to participate like the pussy he is. If Charlie showed some type of cooperation. If he wasn’t so ignorant, we would’ve stood over the bodies of Ripley and Reigner, but he didn't. He was selfish. The only person he cared about was himself and I don’t blame him. I don’t blame him for not communicating with other people because the only person that cares about Charlie Marr is himself. The only person that likes Charlie Marr is himself."

"However, let us not forget. Let us not forget about what happened a week prior to that. While Noah Reigner sent me crashing onto an announcer’s desk that was hosted by another irrelevant country, the week before that, I left Noah Reigner and his cheap as prostitute Evelyn Ridley in a pool of blood, in a pool of agony, and in a pool of emptiness. Noah Reigner likes to call himself the assault rifle? What has he done to prove he is the assault rifle? A kill shot from behind? An assisted slam through the table? The only thing that Noah Reigner has proved himself to be is an airsoft gun. You people want to idolize this man? You people want to praise on how badass he is? He is the complete definition of soft. You all boo me. You all villainize me yet when Noah Reigner doesn’t have eyes at the back of his head. When he isn’t watching his back, I sent him to the medical office with heavy stitches while he sent me to the examination room with a couple of bruises. At Tempest, he won’t send me out of the arena with a brutal loss. I will send him out of the arena as a former champion and you can bank on that."

video ends

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