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Prophet trying to profit. That’s cute, you make predictions now? You predict I won’t be here in 2020? I’m not going to argue it, I’m not going to say I’ll be here, cause at the end of our little story you just might not be here anymore either. The fact is life is unpredictable, shit happens, being able to pick yourself up from the shit that the world rains down on you makes a real man. Something you know absolutely nothing about but want to call people out on, I’ve noticed a common trend in EAW. Nobody really calls me out on my talent, my in ring ability, they call me out on leaving EAW. Like fans, writing fan mail, you can see the Stan’s in these elitist promos. They are all a bunch of Stan’s just mad because I’m not here, but then I show up and it’s why are you here? Like I said last time I can’t make anyone happy. I’m not in the making people happy business. I’ve grinded. I was like you, I stayed ten toes and if I spent my career for almost a decade listening to men like you, this match at Battle of Egypt would have absolutely no meaning. I made myself an unstoppable force, I made myself into something that people want to see no matter how long I’ve been gone. I’m known for being a barbaric buffoon, it’s cool, those jabs don’t really bother me.

The thing that I really can’t seem to fathom is why a bitch with only a New Breed Championship to his name thinks he can come talking shit to me? Because you been here? Because you feel like I’m here taking a spotlight that you deserve? Bitch, my one year as EAW Champion trumps anything you’ve ever done, I was a man when Kassidy Heart was running around here like an STD trying to get her name around like a young Heart Break Gal in training, and I was also the man around here when the Visual Prophet experience, original name for your gimmick by the way, wasn’t even thought of. I’ve had my moments, whether it’s drug related or whatever, I have my own vices and demons, I don’t come out here trying to be a role model, I come out here and I present myself, being authentic because there’s never going to be another Diamond Cage. I have the ability to respond to you, If I wanted to leave this match I’d leave, nobody tells me what to do, nobody tells me where I can go and nobody tells me where I can apply my trade. I do it how I want to do it because I’ve earned it and I don’t know why that pisses you off so much but you need to let that hurt go. It may not come from hate but it comes from a hurt place and I don’t understand why you are so hurt, if I’m here to lay down and die for you then you should savor this opportunity, you should be happy I’m here instead of bitching. But I know, you are going to fight, I’m not expecting you to just go out there and get slapped around like the bitch you want to be so bad. But you are going to get slapped around whether you like it or not, guys like you are just mad that I don’t let words from guys who couldn’t walk a mile in my boots get to me. You come up in this soft cookie cutter EAW, where getting away with dressing like a transvestite makes you cool in this era, I call this the Mr. DEDEDE effect, I mean he pretended to like cock just to make this entire company look like idiots. And thus, not too far behind was born the Visual Prophet. You comparing predictions of Vic Venom and other nobodies to Diamond Cage, and that just makes you a false prophet. I haven’t been playing ‘hokey pokey’ like you probably do in your spare time, I’ve put the work in and left and then I came back and proved that it’ll take time but by the end of the day whatever I want, I’ll get it. I wanted the EAW Championship and the Pain for Pride main event and I got it, what have you ever wanted and gotten? You asked for Diamond Cage and you got Diamond Cage and now you are going to get an extreme ass kicking by Diamond Cage. Everyone always talks shit when my back is turned and just like on Dynasty, when I show up the whole damn game changes. People are shocked, people can’t believe I’m in the room.

I’m a time shift, I’m like an earthquake to the fucking business. I come and I shake the whole game up. I’m a commodity and you try so hard to be a commodity and it fails because nobody is buying into the Visual Prophet. I haven’t done anything noteworthy, yet you challenge me? I haven’t done absolutely nothing yet you are the one who wanted this match because YOU need this match. I don’t need this, I’ve been in the ring with the best and I’ve beaten the best and you are coming off your own loss so you want to get back on your feet and pick a fight with Diamond Cage, not knowing that I can pop up just like that and now that you have it and you realize you are going to have to work for it if you want to put me down. But I’ll be damned if I spend my entire career being the toughest and most violent son of a bitch this company has ever bare witnessed to, just to come back for Battle of Egypt and have my career ended by someone like you. It’s a spit in my face, It’s a spit in the face to the people who are tired of this cookie cutter bullshit “Visual Prophet experience” and I won’t stand for it. I refuse to lose to you. You are happy because you last a year, try lasting a decade, try coming into this company getting the shit end of the stick, trying being told to eat shit and learn to enjoy it until you are good enough to have caviar. You don’t know nothing about that shit, so yeah Visual Prophet. Congratulations, more matches than Diamond Cage has had this year and still you haven’t made the impact I’ve made and nobody talks about your matches like how mines are infinite in this company. My matches have been documented, my story documented and my legacy set in stone, you can use the Iverson and Billups comparison but I want to use a different comparison, a man with rainbow color hair and tattoos on his face, walking around here screaming treyway and stated that 69 was for that kids, that’s you. You hot now, you might even be hot for a year, but I’m a don in this game like 50 cent. I am this fucking game and I’ve been making hits for as long as I remember, I might relapse here and there but when I’m in the game I’m fully in the game. Leave my past and address me now address me as your opponent and stop using my past to fuel these promos where you try to portray a bad bitch and stand up like a man get smacked like a bitch later.

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