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This was a very odd situation for Dr. Bethany Blue and Terry Chambers, two wrestlers that feuded not only for the Interwire Championship but beat themselves up within an inch of their lives in a series of matches no one will soon ever forget. They were sworn enemies, no question about it but for Dr. Bethany Blue there was a lot more going on within herself. Alexis Chambers, Terry’s sister and Jake Smith, the friend with “benefits” of Dr. Blue who she seemed to be a lot more into the relationship then he was. At first, it was nothing more than a business relationship, yet for Bethany and Terry, they both started to see this blossom into something much more, though Jake seemed to act like it wasn’t a big deal. The footage, the evidence, it became too insurmountable, obvious in every possible way that both were into one another, while Bethany was the side piece….

Or at least, that is how she felt.

The Good Doctor decided to reach out to Terry when Malcolm Jones gave The Grand Athletes, Limmy Monaghan and Mark Macias the chance to wrestle two stars off the Voltage Brand, Terry and Bethany, knowing they will never get along, Jones thought it would be funny, when he already put the Good Doctor in a Jell-O match with the EAW World Champion and placed Terry in a ridiculous handicap match against Charlie Marr. With this new development, and after what had happened on Voltage this past week where Bethany literally lost her mind after seeing the footage, and Terry finally seeing a path to his Pain For Pride road, she wanted to have an understanding, build a temporary camaraderie of sorts, and with that, invited him to dinner. The restaurants in Omaha, Nebraska were at 50% capacity during the COVID-19 crisis, Terry had nothing to worry about as the Doc was so concerned about his health issues, she made sure they cleared the entire back room so they were the only two people there. Dr. Blue had given Nurse Goldstein the night off, she needed the time to clear her head and actually talk to Terry, no distractions…

But after waiting for 30 minutes past when they were supposed to meet, she started to get a little angsty. Could Terry have dissed her again, like the first time they met? Was this not to be. Uncharacteristically, Bethany asked for another glass of wine. She sat alone in the corner table, Petrozzi’s, a nice little Italian Bistro in downtown Omaha. She wore a black skirt, her black open toed Louboutin pumps, silver blouse untucked, nails polished a matte black and long sandy blonde hair hanging straight down. Her fingers constantly tapping the wooden finish on the table, staring at the Garlic Knots that came complimentary with meal, also some olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip. Her baby brown eyes stared at the food in front of her, so tempting…

“Terrence, I swear to Gosh Darn Piddly Poop, if you fudging stood me up, I am going to scream and shake you really, really hard.”, she muttered under her lips, clearly upset that he wasn’t going to show. It had been a bad week already, she broke down at Voltage, showed another side of herself and with The Grand Athletes in the horizon, there was no way she was going to get through this with Terry and she being on the same page. “Doctor, would you like to order? Maybe another glass of Pinot?”, the waiter asked nicely, she simply held up her cup, looking him right in the eyes…
“Fill me up, Mario.”, responding as he nodded and took her glass. “It’s Luigi.”, he responded before leaving, Bethany rolled her eyes, staring at the Garlic Knots, looking around there was no one there, her hand slowly went to reach over and grab one...

The scene transitions outside, where Terry Chambers arrives at the scene, and he takes a deep breath before stepping out of his Range Rover. Terry has no idea if he’s walking into a trap or not, but he decided to give it a shot anyway because he felt to give Bethany the benefit of the doubt because of what she’s been through involving his little sister, and the fact that they were partners and had to co-exist for at least one night. Terry locks his car from a remote starter as he approaches the restaurant door. Terry’s wearing a black button up shirt and a pair of black jeans and some sneakers. In this attire, it’s easy to tell the progress Terry has made on his weight loss the past several months. Terry opens the door and walks up to a waiter, still unsure if he should actually go through with it.

“Uh, is a lady named Bethany Blue here? I’m a bit late.” Terry asks as he looks around and doesn’t see the doctor anywhere. “Ah yes, the Doctor? Long hair, great tan, big glorious nose?”, the Maitre D’ responds. Terry sighs before answering the man, “Yes.”, the Maitre D nodded. Excellent, she is in the back room, reserved it for the two of you, she said something about not exposing you to the COVID-19, she seemed genuinely concerned. Please, follow me.”, stated the Maitre D’.

Terry looks around the restaurant suspiciously and around his surroundings. A few people would kill him if they found out he was here. Terry’s always the person to just let bygones be bygones, but he had a really hard time seeing it with Bethany considering she tried stabbing him a few weeks ago when he agreed he hates the phase Alexis is going through with the Jake Smith mess. Are there any cameras, or people hidden around here? I can’t really be seen.” Terry asks as they continue to walk. “No, you have all the privacy needed with the hot Doctor, lucky you my friend!”, he answered back with his Italian accent, joyous and obnoxious. Terry answers back surprised at what he heard. “Woah woah woah, not in a million years is this a date dude. In fact, a few people who knew if I were here would kill me if it were.”, the Maitre D looked back at Terry and winked.

“Ah, secret rendezvous! Do not worry, we here in Petrozzi’s no say anything, what happens in Petrozzi’s, stays in Petrozzi’s, ah!? Come, she is right in here.”, he says, leading Terry into the room where he sees Bethany’s hand slowly reaching for the Garlic Knot in a very tense filled moment.

“Hello.” Terry says in an awkward way, waving his hand by really quick. Shocked, eyes widened, Bethany pulls her arm back, snapping quickly like an alligator was about to gnaw it off. “Terrence!? Holy sugar, you came!”, she said with some excitement or maybe it was more of surprise. Terry once again looked at his surroundings in the area, suspicious of anything. Once again, he doesn’t want to be seen, and this caught Bethany’s eye as he reluctantly takes a seat. “Wow, you look a lot thinner, have you been losing weight!? OH MY GOODNESS, tell me that you finally listened to my advice! Lie even if you must, I need encouragement right now.”, Bethany pleas.

“I never took your advice; this is something I’ve been doing a while now. My goal is Pain For Pride to feel better about myself. And yeah, haven’t you seen my weight loss commercials the past few weeks on Voltage? :skip: Terry says as he requests a water as the waiter asks what he would like to drink. “Sure! I mean, no. My mind has been elsewhere, and I was so gosh darn mad when we were jumped by those two clowns, I didn’t look to notice, my bad. But I am happy for you, though I know that I have a little something to do with this, but whatever. What are you eating, I am starving!”, she stated with more enthusiasm, though it could also be nerves or the third glass of wine she is on, waiting for Terry that if she doesn’t pace herself, Terry better hope there are no cameras because he is going to be carrying her out like a deer hunter.

Terry takes a deep breath because he can easily see Bethany is probably drunk right now. “Umm, do they have the Terry Chambers special you made up? Nah, prolly an apple and pecan salad I’ll get.” Terry still feels awkward being here right now, but he is very slowly but surely buying into Doc’s nice act. “And yeah, I hated that they jumped us, but we have nothing to worry about with those two idiots. Those guys are prime examples of two people who need a lesson in humility and need to learn their place. They talked more about my weight than the actual match, like what is their strategy and how in the world do they think they can take down two experienced and two of the top people on the Voltage roster? The two did little to no research when talking about me. They’re walking in with blind confidence and they’re about to get a big ass reality check when they run their mouth about me and then step inside the ring with me. And oh look, they called you on being a fake Doctor, I see, which is prolly true.”. Bethany sighs, shaking her head, ignoring the last statement and not wanting to go there. She turns to the waiter. “Luigi? My friend here will have the Apple and Pecan Salad.”, Luigi nods. "Excellent choice sir. What would you like, Doctor Blue?”, he inquires. “Yes, I want to be a Role Model and an inspiration to all the people here who are watching…. Which is no one so how about a Chicken Piccata, extra butter sauce and pasta, don; t disappoint me Luigi, a girl needs her carbs!”, the Doctor spoke, smiling ear to ear, he nods again and takes the menus, Bethany glances over at Terry….

“I’m just going to come out and say it, I have been acting a bit erratic the last few Voltages, and I blame your sister. It is not your fault, she is a slut and you cannot help that big guy, I understand. I want us to work together, we are a GOOD team you and I, Dr. Beauty and the Barbaric Carnivore, or something like that. Terrence, we need this to work, I have been in a bit of a slump since losing to, well… that other Ava. I refuse to not get along and lose to these two idiots. Don’t you agree?”, she asked, batting her eyelashes. Terry gives a side chuckle. “No. My sister is not a slut, she’s just brainwashed. She’s always been an independent and strong woman her entire life. I have zero clue why she chose to align with Jake when she was holding her own, turning him down for weeks before agreeing to team with him.” Terry takes a sip of the water next to him before beginning to speak once more. “And no matter what, it’ll be a cold day in hell before I lose to those two living embodiments of morons, Grand Athletes they call themselves. They talk a big game to me, someone who single handedly eliminated both of them at the same time in Grand Rampage. They have third grade insults and everything’s gonna backfire on them when they get punched in the mouth. They’re entire world is gonna come crashing down. They don’t even have a game plan, their main hope is hoping me and you just don’t get along which they’ve already said. Pretty pathetic. They call themselves the best tag team in the world…..:mjlol:….and it’s gonna be hilarious when a dude who CAN’T STAND tag team wrestling walks in with his most bitter enemy and takes them out with ease.” Terry states.

Bethany sips her wine slowly, placing the glass down, tilting her head, the look in her eyes were different this time, almost as if she was yearning for answers if anything. “I trusted Jake Smith and now, I have no idea what is going on now, but your sister is egging it on, she has cost me TWO huge matches against TWO of the best in EAW. Now, I don’t want that to get between us, this match is one of those I like to call a trap match. We need to get along, we need to have a game plan like you said, but Terrance, everything that happened between us? It needs to stay in the backburner. You broke me into pieces, leaving me for dead, I stopped your heart, though that was more for your own good. I heard what they said, those two have no idea what they are talking about, I think one even insisted I was a Dentist, I don’t know, but truth be told, after the last Voltage? I am really fudging mad right now. We should be going for Championship Gold, not being stuck wrestling these two bass turds. This is bull sugar, but you know what? We make the best of it. Limmy and Mark are the type of people I love to see in my Doctor’s office, and you know what? I think they both need an enema! Yes, they need a colon cleansing, I think they…”, as she keeps talking, Terry’s face looks disgusted, talking about Limmy and Mark’s butts, sitting back, practically losing his appetite. “No… no… Terrence, stop right there. Did you know that I am a Doctor? Of course, you did and that is exactly what I am going to do at the FPV, they are going to become my patients, they are going to see US for what we are worth. They call you fat? They call me a Fraud? All this coming from an out of work comedian and some guy that has the personality of Beef Jerky? Bee itch, please! You are losing weight, came to join me for dinner even though you basically forced me to drink two glasses of wine waiting for your late butt. Whatever, I just don’t want you to hate me when I deliver your sister’s organs to the study of science, but I digress. Let us….”, she is interrupted while speaking…

The waiter comes and brings their entrees, placing them in front of the two. “May I get you anything else?”, Luigi asked. “Hmmm… fill me up one more time boss., Terrence?”. He shakes his head, “Nah, I’m good. Hey Bethany, isn’t it funny you attacked me for eating carbs yet...look at your entree. And you went after Camille for being a drunk...and well.”, Terry says as he points at the wine glass. “This is a no judging zone Terrence, just eat.”, she grinned before taking a big bite, chewing.

Terry gives a look of disgust watching Bethany go to town on her food. “So anyways…...we’re gonna walk in and do what we gotta do and take care of those two babbling idiots. No more or no less. And do whatever you want with Alexis, I already said I’m done trying to get through to her, sometimes you need to make mistakes in your life to truly grow and she will learn that soon enough.” Terry says. “I give you my word, Fighting Spirit we walk out as winners and then head to Pain For Pride…. And thank you for that. Can I tell you something?”, The Doctor sincerely asks Terry.

Terry takes a bite of his salad as he gives a look of suspicion. “Uh, sure, what is it?”. The Doctor smiles, “Well Terence, I just want to say how ha….”, just as she is about to say something, three Italian waiters surround their table. Dr. Blue and Terry both look confused. “This is a special occasion, yes! So, we sing for you love birds! WHEN THE MOON HITS YOUR EYE LIKE A BIG PIZZA PIE IS AMORE!!!! WHEN THE WORLD SEEMS TO SHINE LIKE YOU’VE HAD TOO MUCH WINE IS AMORE!!!”, as they continue to sing, Terry tries to sink into his chair, covering his face as Bethany looks on, smiling with food in her mouth bobbing her head side to side with the music….

Terry throws a 20-dollar bill on the table before getting up. “:headout: ”

Bethany sees him leaving, “Wait Terrence! There is still dessert!”



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