Andrea Valentine.

Andrea Valentine

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Specialists Champion

→ Wrestling Name: Andrea Valentine.
→ Picture Base: Kelly Kelly.
→ Height: 5’4’’.
→ Weight: 110 lbs.
→ Hometown: Orlando, Florida.
→ Theme Music: 'Roll With Me' by Charli XCX.

→ Disposition/Alignment: Face
→ Gimmick/Motivation: An ambitious heart of Empire who won't be kept down, Andrea Valentine easily finds herself becoming a fan favorite as her undying persistence and desire to rise through the ranks is palpable, and something the crowd just seemingly can't find themselves rooting against. Once meant to be confined to the measly role of a backstage correspondent on the independent scene despite full intentions of wrestling and now having worked her way back into the fold of Empire following a short return to developmental, it's with a reignited sense of purpose that she seeks to make her dreams of becoming an in-ring success an undeniable reality as she refuses to be held back.
→ Tendency to Cheat: If needed, but only in the event that her opponent has done it consistently throughout the match themselves will she resort to going eye for an eye.

→ EAW Debut: April 2017.
→ Runner-up of the Iconic Gauntlet match.
→ Winner of Empire's 2018 Extreme Elimination Chamber.
→ Openweight Champion (1x)

» June 21, 2018—September 23, 2018 (94 days; 1 defense)
→ Specialists Champion (1x)
» December 22, 2018—February 2nd, 2019 (42 days; no defenses)
→ Most Valuable Elitist:
» Rising Star of the Week (2x; #114, #127)
» Beef of the Week (3x; #134, #155, #158)
» Promoer of the Week (2x; #134, #161)
» Match of the Week (4x; #127, #155, #158, #161, #171)
» Champion of the Week (2x; #147, #149)

General Moves:
→ Sunset Flip Powerbomb, sometimes from an elevated position.
→ Suicide Dive.
→ Handspring Back Elbow Smash.
→ Octopus Stretch.
→ Kick variations.

» Front missile drop.
» Super.
» Roundhouse.
→ Hurricanrana (sometimes diving).
→ Double-knee Facebreaker.
→ Guillotine Choke.
→ Double-knee Backbreaker, sometimes into a straight jacket surfboard.

→ Neckbreaker variations.

» Diving somersault.
» Straight jacket slam.
→ Diving Crossbody.
→ Double-knee Armbreaker.
→ Spinning Back Fist.
→ Tilt-a-whirl transitioned into a headscissors armbar or headscissors takedown

Signature Moves:
→ XOXO (inverted stomp facebreaker)
→ Valentine's Massacre (handstand modified headscissors driver, to a kneeling opponent)

Finishing Moves:
→ Love Haze (running corkscrew neckbreaker)
→ Atomic Blonde (reverse frankensteiner variations; standing or super [x])
→ V-Day (diving somersault seated senton)
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