MATCH PROMO "Animal Control." Showdown Promo II

Noah Reigner

The Assault Rifle | HOUSE REIGNER
World Heavyweight Champion

“I’m going to rip every strand of her stupid blonde hair, fake and real, out of her botox-filled head.” Evelyn seethed. It’s been days since Voltage, and we’re just an hour or so away from the opening for Showdown tonight. She had still not gotten over being humiliated by Kassidy at ringside on Voltage last week. Eating her Curb Stomp, that she has since renamed, was something that Evelyn did not appreciate. She cracked the knuckles of her one hand into the palm of her other while wearing a scowl on her face. She stared into the full length mirror in the corner of the locker room they occupy at the moment. There was no need for them to go pecan shopping, or haunted house touring. They spent the days before Showdown training, and getting prepared as one should be doing. Noah sat on a chair behind her, doing the final touches of his gear - slipping his kick pads on over his Adidas boots.

“I know how badly you want to get your hands on her, Eve. But the goal is to not get disqualified, yeah? I want to beat her fairly. I want her Animal-obsessed boyfriend on the outside to watch as Kassidy Heart goes down in flames again, as she has done many times before in her career. I want him to know, and more importantly I want Kassidy to know, where exactly they stand in line. Far behind me.” Noah replied, not once lifting his eyes up from what he was doing. Evelyn scoffed, turning around to face Noah.

“I get what your saying, Noah, but I’m not going to promise you that I won’t snap Petting Zoo Barbie in half if she tries anything this week. Last week she caught me off guard, and I can assure you that it won’t happen again.” Finally he stopped and looked up to her. Mister Cash in the Vault had the faintest hint of a smirk touching his lips as he listened to her. It was clear that neither she, nor Noah, had any fond feelings of Kassidy Heart. Things between the three of them have always been rocky from the start, dating all the way back to So-Cal Ultraviolent. And while that was a long time ago, Evelyn isn’t the type of person to forgive and forget. She has been itching for her chance to get her hands on Kassidy, and Noah knew this. But there’s a time and place for everything.

“Let’s not forget what your job is, Eve.” Noah stood up, turning slightly and grabbing his entrance jacket off of the back of the chair - slipping it on. “You’re my manager and my bodyguard, right? Your job is to manage my career backstage, and at ringside it is to make sure morons on the outside don’t get brave and insert themselves into the match. You failed to do your job last week, and I get that’s why you’re upset. But this week? Keep your head in the game. You will get Kassidy one day, but right now? You need to make sure you keep Goat-boy in check. We both know that he’s going to try and get involved to help his ‘Stargurl’. So that’s when you have to prevent that.”

Noah’s eyes narrowed onto Evelyn as he spoke. Evelyn’s scowl remained. She knew every word Noah said was the truth, and she knew exactly what she had to do - and what she needed to do. But there was, is, and always will be a desire to drive Kassidy’s fake-face into a steel post repeatedly.

“After I take out Kassidy Heart tonight, I will move on to Wicked Games where I will euthanize the ‘goat’ of EAW. First a dog then a goat, I guess you can say I’m EAW’s form of Animal Control?” Noah shrugged his shoulders. “After I clear the bottom feeders off and put them back down on the ground where they belong, I will finally have the clear path to the championship that I deserve to have. And that’s not me arrogantly claiming my spot, that’s me statistically proving that I’m the most deserving.”

“There was never any question about that, except from maybe the two airheads who think it’s funny to wrestle in support of PETA while wearing fur coats to the ring? And at the end of the day, no one really cares about their opinions anyway.” Evelyn said. Her tone still laced with a hint of anger, but the scowl was beginning to fade from her face. “You are the future of the company, everyone knows that. You are the new standard of talent, and that’s undeniable. Ahren Fournier has never been the guy in this company, and never will be. Kassidy Heart has never been the woman anywhere - save for maybe Cameron’s life - and that’s because when she gets opportunity to get close to any stardom, she implodes.” Evelyn’s eyes met Noah’s, locking in on them. “I don’t care how much time has passed from then to now, and I don’t care how your attitude - and how her attitude and approach to this profession - has changed; this is no different from that day in the Plant. You’re going to knock that bitch out, and hopefully down a fucking peg or twelve.”

“That’s the plan.” Noah said with a smirk on his face. A knock at the door interrupted the two, and in walked the official EAW camera crew. “Last minute promotional video for the Website and YouTube channel.” Evelyn informed him. Noah nodded and Evelyn grabbed the Cash in the Vault briefcase from the floor - quickly moving herself and the briefcase out of camera view.

Leaving only Noah Reigner...



Say a few things she doesn’t agree with, and Kassidy Heart loses her mind. Going through her trademarked stages of rage and self-loathing. First the rage kicks in - starting with a move completely out of left field for her; dropping that stupid-as-shit Spongebob meme like we’ve time traveled back a year and it’s all the craze. You want to know what happened to the last person to go down that road, thinking they’re funny or clever? I mopped the floor with her stupid blonde-ass. Huh, a year later and we’re back in the same position - a moronic blonde bimbo thinking she’s clever and funny by mocking and imitating someone. And I guess that Ahren’s stupidity is beginning to rub off on you. For someone who’s supposed to know me, you certainly didn’t act like it. The biggest mistake you made? Going off on a tangent about how I’m handed things. It’s funny. That’s a common thing said by everyone who’s met me in the ring, but no one ever tells me what exactly I’m handed. Cash in the Vault? If I were handed that, I guess I dreamed about a hellacious match against seven other people where I was put through a flaming table. Was I handed the spot in the match? I guess I must have also dreamed about the triple threat ladder match I had to win in order to even qualify. Kass, you like to look at people who have objects or achievements you want, and say they were ‘handed to’ them. Because it’s easier than realizing that they earned something that you could never. … Kind of like the Empress of Elite, right?

Let me guess, Astraea was handed the tournament? Nevermind her hard work and nevermind the fact that she actually won the matches when it came down to it. You had your chance to have the equivalent of my Cash in the Vault, but the difference between us is that I actually went out and won, I didn’t choke when the spotlight was on me, and when all of the weight was on my shoulders. So stepping in front of a camera, stomping your feet and whining about you not having opportunities doesn’t work on me, Kass. You had your chance and you squandered it. You dropped the ball, as is customary for you, and that’s no one’s fault but your own. I haven’t been handed shit in EAW, the reason I have the Briefcase and the reason I’m regarded as the future of this company is because I’ve worked my way up the ranks. You think you’re the only person that’s had to face adversity in EAW? You think you’re the only one that’s had to fight for their spot? The reason I am where I am is because Noah Reigner doesn’t lose. Call it egotistical, but the fact remains that I’ve only been pinned one time in my entire run in this company; and that’s something that you can’t say. And we both know that my loss to Dubian was a fluke because Lars showed up, sticking his nose into my business. But the same can’t be said for your losses, can they? No one showed up and caused a distraction when you were pinned to the mat fairly by Astraea or by Lexi Sheckler.

And speaking of Miss Sheckler, since you want to go digging up bones buried in So-Cal Ultraviolent -- she’s one of the few blemishes on your career, and guess who put her down in So Cal? That’s right, the same guy who you said ‘jobbed to the roster’. She’s somewhat of a ‘legend’ around these parts, isn’t she? But Noah Reigner put her down years ago at the beginning of my career, and you wonder why people look at me the way they do. Since the second I stepped foot into a ring, I knew I was destined for big things in this profession. And yeah, sure - I may have lost a few matches in my career, but that’s not something I hide. I accept my losses and have moved on. I don’t know about you, Kass, but when I lose a match I don’t throw a tantrum and cry on my BFFs shoulder. I learn the lesson that was taught, and I move on. So Cal was a learning curve; originally I wasn’t an Ultraviolent kinda’ guy. But when I began to embrace it? Tables turned. UKWF? Count out by my own doing. Nothing to write home about. Union Battleground? A couple of missteps as a new tag team working together. But, even as a new tag team - we made it to the finals of the tournament and earned a number of title opportunities by defeating everyone, except the champions at the time. I took losses early in my career to shape and mold me into the best version of Noah Reigner possible. It’s why I don’t take any losses today. It’s why I’m the man who’s only been pinned once since walking through the EAW doors. It’s not my fault that you can’t rebound from your losses without a melt-down. It’s not my fault that you can’t learn from your mistakes, Kassidy. The same man who took all of those losses back two years ago, isn’t the same man you have standing in front of you, and you need to open your eyes to that.

But while I admit my faults, I don’t carry on about my disappointments - looking for the world to show me pity, Kassidy. No, I leave that for you. Enter the self-loathing. Poor Kassidy lost Empress of Elite and isn’t given a title shot that she somehow? deserves. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in order to earn shots - you actually have to win things. Yes, you do have a title and I don’t, those are some good observation skills, Kass. But let’s be real with each other here, shall we? You have that tag team championship because Sienna Jade pinned Raven Roberts. Technically, it’s a win for you so I’ll give you that one, but did you - yourself - win it? Nah. You relied on someone else picking up the slack. And she’s a partner that you would, and figuratively have, taken a bullet for - but don’t for a second get it twisted that you’re the champion of the team. You’re just there to take the bump so Sienna could look good, like she did at Pain for Pride and more recently at Battleground. So forgive me, but lording your tag titles over me just doesn’t have the same umphf to it as you think it does.

But while we talk about deserving title opportunities; you say that I never pinned Rex which is why I’m not given a title chance. That’s fair, I can see that argument. But turn the tables. Who has Ahren beaten to give him the self-proclaimed contendership status? He certainly didn’t beat HBB, and barely got past Elite - who we both know would sacrifice the ‘goat’ on any normal day when you’re not there to get involved. But that’s you reverting back to who you truly are, as I said, a glorified valet. But if you’ve changed all that much, if you’ve truly grown into the fighter you think you are; shouldn’t you be focused on your own career? Maybe instead of putting the efforts in to helping someone else succeed, you should make sure you put those efforts into your own matches and career. Perhaps it could have helped you with EOE? If you’re so upset about your own career not going the way you want, maybe you should spend a little more time working on it instead of running to Ahren’s side. But that’s where you’re best served, Kass. You said it yourself, you loved being at ringside with your last boy. And while you want more, you can’t seem to step away from your natural calling. You’re stuck at Ahren’s side when he shows up to Voltage, you’re hanging off of his hip on Showdown - but… where’s he come Empire? You know I’m there supporting Tyler, but I haven’t seen him around. It’s clear that this is a one sided affair and he’s using you to advance his career. At the end of the day, he doesn’t give a damn about you either.

Just like Gunnar, you’re allowing a man to derail your career. To ruin your dreams and to throw away everything that you care about. Say what you will about Cameron, but he was the only man that ever treated you with respect and supported your dreams. When you had Cameron by your side, helping and supporting you through everything - your career was at the highest peak it’s seen. And since then? It’s been a slippery slope all the way down to the goat-farms where you picked out the ugly one from the pack. You’ve slipped Kass, and it all can be traced to you allowing people to get into your head. What happened before Empress of Elite? You let some looney-toon psychic get into your head because she predicted your death. … NewsflashEveryone dies sooner or later. Is that really a reason to let your game plan be changed? Is that really a reason for you to let the biggest moment of your career slip through your fingers? And whether you want to admit it or not, I know I’m in your head, Kass. I don’t need Ahren to tell me that, I don’t even need you to say it - I already know you’re shook. The Kassidy Heart that I know would have never run to her man so he could sing her praises and tell her that she’s amazing. The Kassidy Heart that I know would never asked to be hyped up by someone else. That Kassidy died a long time ago with Gunnar. But the words I’ve said previously, and everything I’m saying now is hitting nerves. Nerves that you thought no one would ever touch, and it’s because no one knows you like I do - Kass. Just like you said, no one knows you better than I do. No one has watched you, studied you, and followed your career like I have. Don’t think for a second that I’ve overlooked you, because after that first moment we met each other at the Plant, I had to watch to see what the big fuss was about. After knocking you unconscious, I was intrigued and curious as to what Andrew saw in you. Trust that I’ve seen you battle through your hardships and I know what you look and act like when you’re off of your game. And Kass, you’re off of your game. You’ve turned into tough, strong, independent woman to a sniveling, whining little bitch - a clear indication that I’ve gotten to you.

But even if you weren’t shook. Even if I wasn’t in your head, the part about me knowing you better than anyone still rings true. You and I were trained by the same person, so I know the skill set that you have. I know what Andrew has put you through, because I went through the same thing. The difference is, I wasn’t protected. I was shoved in there with people who’s experience trumped mine, and I fought to survive. I didn’t get knocked down, knocked out, and babied back to health - no matter that you had a concussion or not. I know what you can bring in the ring, but while you and Captain Man-Bun stand there and say that I haven’t earned anything, or that I haven’t faced my own hardships - it’s clear that you didn’t keep the same watchful eye on my career that I did yours. Yeah, you can drop my losses and throw around what I didn’t do, but what did I do - Kass? I competed in countless countries. I fought and battled, tooth and nail, to the get to the top of every company I ever stepped foot in. I went undefeated, simultaneously, in three different organizations putting together a twenty-two and oh before I was ever pinned or defeated in anyway. I ran through an entire tournament in some other place just days before winning the Cash in the Vault here. I’ve sought and received training from other places, not just Andrew Wolfe, and it’s helped shaped my craft into one of the best in this industry. I have experience in spades and knowledge in limitless quantities. Kass, while we have the same humble beginnings - I have grown into a far superior athlete. So while you stand there, pouting and moping about me ‘overlooking’ you, then hypocritically doing the same thing - know that when I said you suck, it wasn’t an assumption. It was a comparison to me, to my talent, and to the things I’ve seen, done and accomplished. I know the level of talent that you possess, because I was once there too. The difference is, I pushed myself to grow, while you regress to the position you were in when I knocked you the fuck out at the Plant.

I remember that day. Frail, fragile little Kassidy Heart coming off of a concussion, told to get in the ring and spar with me. Someone more experienced, someone qualified to be in the ring and not on the outside of it. Andrew Wolfe giving me the green light and I went off. Punishing you and making you take a nap. I’ll admit, it felt good. Kassidy Heart was the talk of the Plant. The next ‘up and comer’, the ‘future’ .. etcetera. So getting to knee you in the dome piece over and over and over? That was a good time. And that was your first concussion, Kass. You can puff out your big, fake chest and claim that you were good after - but no one is the same after a concussion. You don’t just rebound back. But now? Now you’re three concussions deep. Yeah, you admit you’re not a hundred percent - and you may even be right by saying no one is ever really a hundred percent in this business; but I’m a hell of a lot closer to it than you are. In fact, I’ve never been injured. I’ve never been concussed. I’ve never had to take the time away from competing in the ring. I’ve been able to avoid all of that, unlike yourself. So - unlike you - my career has longevity. I’m not going to have to cut my career short on account of concussions or whatever. And you brag about competing injured? All you’re going to end up doing is increasing the odds of that happening - and becoming more of a footnote on Tyler and Sienna’s carers, more than you are now. And now we circle back to the beginning again don’t we, Kass? You’re coming off of a concussion, so we think. You are cleared to compete, right? You didn’t blackmail your way out of forced rehabilitation like you’ve done in the past? -- You’re ‘coming off’ of your concussion and being thrown into the ring against me. As you yourself noted, I am cold and calculating now so don’t act surprised to know that I’m stepping in the ring to go right through you. And when I give you concussion number four, that’s pretty much the end of your career right then and there. All because of your stupidity.

It’s that stupidity that paired you up with Ahren. It’s that stupidity that made you jump onto the ring apron at Voltage, and it’s that stupidity that you can credit for you being in the ring with me right now. At the end of the day, all of this is your fault - Kassidy. Did I ever want to step into the ring with you? Not particularly. You’re a lost cause in my eyes, and I didn’t want to be the one that had to drag old yell’er out and put a bullet in your head. But … I was tasked with it anyway. So locked and loaded, I will show up to Showdown and with a squeeze of the trigger I will put this dog down for good.

Bang bang? When I’m done with you, you’ll wish I only hit you with two instead of the entire clip.”

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