Remi Skyfire

The Enemy
Somerset, Kentucky
Empire House Show, Savannah, Georgia

9:25 PM, July 11

Remi walks out of the shower room in the locker room as the sounds of the main event can be heard in the background. She’s wearing a pair of red athletic shorts and a gray Tapout shirt along with a pair of athletic shoes. Her dark hair, still wet, has been slicked back and she’s adjusting the fit of her eyepatch as she walks to the bench in front of her locker. After taking a brief moment to check her belongings she turns to the camera.

Raven, many questions Remi tents her fingers and leans forward, towards the camera..I get it, if I had to fiddle with a stick for as long as you have I’d probably get bored too, it’s fine dear. She smiles Let’s see...first, why am I trying to rid Empire of the Crowe’s Nest? Obviously it’s related to the fact that you’re in it right? Well, no, being in the Nest is why I’m coming after you, not the other way around...the Nest is a cancer in Empire; it’s draining the life from the roster and so I have to end it. It’s that simple, Raven. Remi shakes her head and rubs the bridge of her nose See, wrestling is my life, Raven...Suddenly she smiles that and my sweet Sally, which your bitch friends also tried to take from me, by the way, The smile melts away another reason for me to want them gone, and no I don’t care that you weren’t involved with them at the time, go fuck yourself. She gives the camera an incredulous look Also, it shows how fucked your worldview is now that you think that just because we’re square means I fuck off and what…? Remi raises her eyebrows, looking for an answer Throw the title in a glass case and print t-shirts like you fucks? Oh, She claps maybe I can get on your fucking level, which is what? Hmm? Remi’s head cocks to the side Does getting on your level mean I fall on my face in my first title defense then hide behind trashy lingerie and letting as many frat boys from Memphis as possible use me as a cum dumpster? She seems to give the notion consideration for a moment before shaking her head Nah, pass. Not that I could ever really be your level anyway, Raven, see I actually won my title in a match, it wasn’t just handed to me. I guess I’ll just have to settle for earning what I get and not taking handouts. She snaps her fingers in a gesture of false disappointment.

So your next question is why am I pulling the locker room into a unit if not to hide behind them? She holds up her hands in surrender Well, Raven, you caught me...I’m not hiding behind them, but I’m also not going to fight you alone. I’ll lead the charge, she gives a shrug sure, and Hell, I’ll even enjoy it, but I’ll be fucked if I’m doing this alone! If Empire doesn’t want to end up a broken shell filled with victim then it’s gonna have to fight...the bad news for you, Ms. Roberts, is that it’s doing just that. As far as me not caring about the locker room? A large portion of the locker room can fend for themselves. I don’t need to care about them. The ones I care about are the ones you have helped victimize, Raven...who cares about Mali Evans? I do, you goddamn idiot, you would too if you weren’t so goddamn deluded that you can’t see what you’re doing to the future! A look of frustration and annoyance colors her face See, Raven, You were partially right about me, I don’t like people who choose to be weak, very true, but I absolutely loathe people who prey on victims. You’ve turned into your mother, Raven, and it’s pathetic as fuck. Remi looks utterly disgusted at Raven and spits in the floor.

By the way, boo-fucking-hoo about your eight years in the indies with people saying mean things to you, Raven, how many goddamn eyes did you have taken out while paying your dues? She taps her eye patch Fuck outta here with your woe is me shit. You were tired of people not handing you things so you gave up and took the easy way. You do realize how weak that makes you, right? She stands and walks across the room as the camera follows to a a poster hanging on the wall advertising the next night’s house show featuring the Jaded Hearts with the EAW Tag Titles Like, I don’t even have to insult you, obviously you weren’t ready you stupid slut, you lost your title, you know, Remi points at one of the belts on the shoulder of Kassidy the one someone else won and you had handed to you? Well you lost that shit at the first possible opportunity. Way to fucking go, Raven, all you did was prove to Flannery, Cloud, and the largest stage of the year that despite trading your family, your friends, and the respect you had actually earned to that point you just couldn’t cut it. Remi gives a short round of applause You regressed,’ve lost the edge you had. I mean, you can sit there all you want and try to pretend that your tag match against the Hearts was in reality an hour long World title match that Sienna was lucky to survive, but everyone knows the truth. Who are you trying to fool, exactly?

Raven what was that shit about not letting the control you had slip through your fingers? She makes a bowl with the fingers of both hands and seems to be delicately holding something within Y’mean like you didn’t let the tag title slip from your fingers? Or like you didn’t let victory over Cloud slip through your fingers? She drops the bowl and looks into the camera with mock disappointment You and the Crowe’s Nest run this shit? She barks a short laugh’s not you and the Crowe’s Nest, it’s the Crowe’s Nest and you...It’s not the Raven’s Nest, stupid bitch, everyone knows who the fuck is in charge there… and her name isn’t Raven Roberts. Realization seems to dawn on Remi The Crowe’s Nest has taken a dive since bringing you on, it was subtle at first, but now the whole locker room can see it. Prior to you they controlled two out of three belts in Empire and were looking to make a move toward the third, then Raven comes along and what happens? Their entire empire crumbles to dust. Hell Raven, you’re better at derailing the Crowe’s Nest than I am!

Remi smirks and walks back over to her chair. She packs her jacket, which is hanging in the open locker, into the gear bag, then zips it closed. The locker now stands empt with the sole exception of the Specialist’s Title hanging from the car at the top of the locker. Watching it sway for a moment, Remi turns back to the camera.

Also, yes, Raven, we are fighting for that crown you covet so much She speaks slowly, as if to a child...I’m fighting for more though, I’m fighting to keep that crown off your head. Running her hand through her hair, Remi sighs You see, I’m going to prove that you are far from the best Empire has to offer at this point. You have the ability, yes, but like I said, you’ve done nothing but watch your success fall through your fingers...and what are you doing about it? Looks to me like you’re playing with your stick projecting your problems onto others, and becoming weirdly obsessive over naming things. That’s a good plan, Raven, not like you’re in a tournament with the best Empire has to offer or anything, you stupid bitch. Remi closes her eye and shakes her head in exasperation.

I get, though, why you keep insisting that you’re in my head...really, I do, because like you love to point out, you’ve done a decent job of beating me so far, and what do I just so happen to be in possession of? Remi reaches over and pulls the title belt from the locker. She gives it a look over, then holds it up to the camera. Why it’s the Specialist’s title that Chelsea was carrying around before I earned it at Pain for Pride. Remi gives a sweet smile While in your mind I’ve been at home pining over you ever since Terminus I’ve in actuality been learning from my mistakes and bettering myself to the point I’m now one of the upper tier talents on the roster now. You’re such an empty headed deluded bitch that you’re gonna try to claim credit for me being relevant? Remi looks as if she’d been slapped Fuck you, bitch, I get that you jumped to what you thought was a winning team only to find out that you were buying wolf tickets, but unlike you, I take responsibility for my mistakes and that, not you, is why I’m where I am today.

Be careful what you wish for, Raven, I don’t know what kind of changes you think I’ve gone through, but I’m not one of the good guys...Hell, I don’t even live in the same neighborhood as the good guys, Raven, but what I am is someone who is going to stop you from claiming a crown you don’t deserve. Remi smirks You asked for the Killer, Raven...that’s just another example of how you’re stuck in the past and it’s poisoning your future. Don’t think I’ve forgotten you stealing my catch phrase to make yourself relevant in the lead to a matter of’re clinging to this so tightly...just who made who relevant, Raven? You’re not getting the Killer, Raven, you’re not getting the ScareCrowe, or anything other than just me...I’m Remi Skyfire, I’m the EAW Specialist’s Champion, and Raven...bring your sticks, bring your arrogance, bring it’re gonna need it.

Remi shoulders the gear bag and stands, walking out of frame as the camera fades.

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