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This isn’t just cause I got kicked off the server I’ve been meaning to do this. Just wanna apologize for the way I’ve been acting lately it’s been a rough couple months for me and I know that still isn’t a reason to act the way I have. Somethings you guys know about and other things you don’t like me losing my ID and not working and doing petty side jobs to have some cash in my pocket. I have no right to be taking whatever has been going on in my real life I shouldn’t be taking out on you guys so I sincerely apologize. Not doing this for anyone sympathy or to get back on discord it’s whatever at this point just something I wanted/needed to say. I consider most of y’all like a second family/ group of friends and me acting out this way doesn’t really show it but I mean it so again I am sorry to anyone I’ve came at randomly or been coming at all the time.
Also some of the time I do be joking around but I guess I hVe to understand not everyone has my sense of humor so yeah sorry guys ily all.


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