MATCH PROMO Arguing with ignorance.

Terry Chambers

Barbaric Carnivore
Interwire Champion
Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits.

It's tiring man I can tell you that. Last week I get blindsided before having my first match of the year despite it being nearly February and not a shit was given. This match with Solomon was going to happen and then win, lose, or draw I was going to get barred to the locker room because it was something that was contractually obligated to happen and now that it was over, they have bigger plans for Showdown. It's been the same song and dance since I came back last year, EAW is going to keep holding me down until I finally just quit like they want me to do because it's what they are used to out of me. Every time I scratch and claw to get a opportunity they are forced to give me, they quietly hope I come up short so I can get thrown back down to rock bottom so I can finally just give up. Giving up just isn't in my DNA and nobody, not EAW, not Hawk, and not even my opponent Solomon is standing in my way. There's a reason why when I earn my opportunity, I get better and better in the squared circle and come closer and closer to getting the job done, it's only a matter of time...and Hawk knows this....that's why every time I lose a match, he sees me as a non-valuable asset and keeps me off television and doesn't book me until I just decide not to take it anymore. I am the center of many jokes in my career about never getting the job done but hey, I have never been given anything in my life and always had to fight a hundred times harder than everybody else to reach a goal. And here I am...back at square one once again, starting from the bottom and facing young up and comer Solomon. If Solomon wins, Hawk will likely think of him as a future star and I will be stuck watching another one pass me up who is quite CLEARLY not better than I am. If I win, I will likely still be stuck where I am because of the agenda EAW and Hawk has against me and Solomon will still be seen as a future star for his efforts against a skilled veteran and guess what...I'm watching someone who isn't better than me pass me up...someone that I just beat....and I mean I gotta be honest with you, it won't be the first time that happened either. I'm just sick of it. Solomon, you think I like being in this match with you? You're a talented individual don't get me wrong but do you think I like being used as the guy who rivals with the new guy to get him some exposure? Answer is quite simple, hell no. Remember earlier when I said EAW and Hawk hold me down until i decide to do something about it? Guess what Solomon, you're the sacrifice my man. I'm not the one to say the cliche shit like "you're going to be seeing a different me in the ring" but you're going to see a different Terry Chambers in the ring because he's not just fighting for a win, he's fighting for himself and fighting the system that is EAW. So Solomon or Solomon Hill, whatever the fuck you're calling yourself, I hope you take the match seriously because for your own good, I wouldn't trust the locker room telling you that I am not a threat, because those same people damn near got their championships taken from them or even worse, their careers and refuse to admit I'm good just to keep the narrative going.

How you think when you lose determines how long it will be until you win.

Woah we got a badass over here ladies and gentleman. This man abused a defenseless bystander and acted like tough shit when it happened. Speaking on that subject, this is also the guy who blindsides me from behind and acts like a tough little guy and what does he do? He goes out there....and Cody Marshall of all god damn people. I tell you Solomon, it's fucking adorable, just like how you speak. "cODy MaRsHalL wOn lASt wEeK bEcauSE i lEt hIM." God damn dude do you hear yourself? You sound exactly like Cody Marshall when he loses a match, he blames everybody else for his own fucking failures. It is just an excuse to buy more time to come up with another excuse. My entire time since being back is accepting humility and that's the reason I'm stuck with you in the first place, I accept the loss and find the negatives and find what I can improve on. If you could do that, you COULD be special. I say COULD because there is no guarantee with someone as idiotic as you, You say the Solomon that was in the ring last week was not the real Solomon because you didn't want to win a match with someone who already hit his peak and was not the same guy who was in that fatal four way TLC match.....two things Solomon. First, so your logic is Cody already hit his peak so I might as well just lose to him and watch my stock drop? Sounds smart to lose on purpose to someone you swear you know you're better than. And second, think about it for a second Solomon, maybe just maybe....that fatal four way is your ceiling. You keep going on and on about how you refused to roll over an gave it your all but guess what still lost and that match was over a damn month ago. People keep telling me to do this so I might as well just pass it on. I can outdo you on that shit because months ago I took the EAW Champion Cage to his limit and came within inches of becoming champion and I had a one on one match with Malcolm Jones, the same guy you keep bragging you didn't roll over to, and took him to his absolute limit and came within a inch of becoming Interwire Champion that night and I didn't have two other dudes in there helping me. After your big fatal four way match you keep talking about, you just keep falling farther and farther including losing to Cody last week and you're still talking about the TLC match.....maybe that is just your ceiling. Listen dude, I came within a inch of becoming both EAW Champion and Interwire Champion but I didn't get the job done and moved on, so shut the fuck up and move on with your life. You're right, in 2014 I was a rising star in EAW but do some research kid, I fucked it up by growing an ego and getting into hot water with management and when I got back several years later the business adapted...oops I said adapted..I know that word scares you...don't go hitting another innocent person. But yeah, the wrestling business adapted and I have been playing catch-up since last April and yeah it's taken a bit longer than I would have liked but I guess that's the price you pay right? I dug my hole years ago and I am trying to dig myself out. Who the hell are you to say I don't know anything about putting my body on the line and don't know anything barbaric? Boy I'm gonna let you in on a little secret alright? This Barbaric Carnivore nickname isn't just something I decided to stick on is a name that was given to me on the indy scene because of my love and sacrifices for our business. While you were playing trampoline wrestling with a protective net, I was in a run down gym competing in a very dangerous cage structure that was not stable surrounded by barbed wire. There's plenty more buddy, it's just a quick Google search away...that's G-O-O-G-L-E. Your logic is just...head scratching and that's a huge understatement if I'm being honest here. You are the measuring stick to see how good competitors you face are...FUCKING WHAT?! Boy you just said you don't bring your A-Game to every match just because you don't want to...which just proves you don't have a killer instinct because every real competitor knows you treat every match as it's the main event of Pain For Pride. You really are that dumb prick when he loses a fight and says he's better just because he wants to. I can't deal with your stupidity anymore so I'm just gonna leave it at this...keep your Dystopia and consolation prizes....I'm taking my victory and putting you in my side view mirror. It's been nice, but see you in the squared circle Mr. Hill.

When someone tells you it can't be done, it's more a reflection of their limitations, not yours.
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