MATCH PROMO Battleground 1| Crazy world

Xavier Arnold

The Artist of Suffering | Da Kaiser
|We see Xavier sitting in his apartment thinking why does Eric want another beating he is ten times worse than Xavier in his mind he cannot not believe how delusional Eric is. he will prove again why Eric is on a lower level than Xavier.|

Xavier| why oh why Eric are you so Crazy. I know you are a mad, mad man. but still this is the next level of madness. I have proven in a hardcore scenario. I can beat you. and you think a ladder match can help you. HA. nice joke. I may not be as good at ladder matches than No DQ matches. but I am still ten times better than you. I may not be in my American Playground of New jersey. but it could be in Australia or North korea. I would still beat you. every day of the week. Eric you see yourself as the God of Violence. your nothing much as a middle class citizen with a fetish for violence. I'll be back later got a indy show to go to.

|it cuts to Xavier taking selfies and signing stuff from fans at the indy show. then to after the show Xavier Is with his little brother Niklas in his apartment|

Xavier| why did you no just stay in Deuscthland.

Niklas| I want to get out of your shadow I'm fed up of being Xavs little brother.

Xavier| well that's what you are.

Niklas| Shut the fuck up. wheres my bed any way I'm going to sleep.

Xavier| over there (points) be quiet I'm restarting ma promo

|Xavier brings out his phone and starts to record|

Xavier| Well eric why can you you not just stop with that Ego I can beat you 45 times straight and you would still be asking for a rematch. I may of lost last battleground. but I had Raven Roberts for a title and I was brilliant I could of done better yes. but eric you got dropped from the card. mate your too Shit for Development. and you think you can beat me. you are crazier than I thought. but Eric you can say all the shit you want but you just gave me five points. So Final message Eric I am on a higher level and always will be than you. LONG LIVE THE KAISER.

Niklas| Xav you were only the Kaiser in Germany. you will beat Eric but That's all you overhype yourself.

Xavier| SHUT THE FUCK UP OR I'LL BATTER YOU. Auf Wiedersehen.

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