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It's not always about winning and losing; but more about the time and the efforts that are put in to being ready for each challenge that's put before me.

It's about embracing the pain, staying positive, and no matter what you fight on. For many the easy part is starting, but somewhere in between they get to a point where they start thinking too hard about the challenge that they eventually become afraid of it, finding little to no monetary reward for the efforts they put in. They get discouraged, lose focus, they lose hope because they failed to see the big picture. Those are the ones that don't finish. Not only do I intend to finish things that I start, I intend to make everything I decide to do count as I ready myself to face the next obstacle I've come upon in this journey. The idea that some things are not as important as others in this company, be it the way we present ourselves, our approach, or motivation. I think that's absolutely untrue, we should never sell ourselves short in any situation, and instead seeking to take something away from any each experience, using it to help us going forward. The desire for excellence becomes a reality when we set a standard, reach it and surpass it consistently. We just have to keep being consistent, that's all. It is not a given for us to know of what difference we're making, and perhaps in many cases we're making no difference at all. But I don't see that as a reason not to make the attempt. Consistency, at its core, is what ensures progress, and it ensures success for most. It's contrary to nature...and life. It's like breathing—once you quit, your flame dies letting total darkness extinguish every last gasp of hope. If you're going to do something, strive to do it better than anyone else. Do it all the way. If you're going to half-ass it, then shouldn't even bother.

But there's a formula to it too, you know?

Life can be made a little more simpler when you have one to fall back on.

When you reach out and lend a helping hand to someone or a whole group, maybe even a society. It's all part of a formula: giving confidence, courage, and providing the right kind of motivation to others plays a small part in the overall success of our civilization. In our line of business, we negotiate to win. We negotiate to get what we want. It's all scripted too. Call it fate in play. You gotta have a formula to create a plan, and you gotta have a plan to fulfill a dream. Being hardworking is great, so many are. But they don't always have a formula to create a good concrete plan for everything they do. When you have your formula down for success, there should be nothing that can deter you from reaching every goal you set forth to achieve. That's what Fire and Ice has in spades. We're the creative type both in body and mind whether we're in the ring or out of it to put together something new every week that leaves people longing to find out what we'll do next. We're as ambitious as we are tenacious, and we go to great lengths to embarrass our opposition, and not when it moves us either. But every time to our wittle hearts every desire (smirks). We don't sit around and wait for things to create themselves, because let's be honest. Nobody should believe or play it that way, because all that ensures is that they would ultimately become defined simply by their tastes rather than their ability. If you settle for the status quo, wait too long, become too satisfied with everything you have, in the end more often than not you'll eventually lose all that and in the process forget how hard you had to work in the first place just to re-create it to get back what you once had and then some. Some get it, and some don't. Take Pain For Pride for instance. That week was a helluva week for everyone that got to strut their best stuff on the big stage. For many who walked out feeling on cloud 9 as they spent the next week or so jacked up and motivated for the next season ready to convince their loyal followers that they were destined for greater things and that they had the right formula in place to create another formula to further convince people that everything they were doing was the right way to go. For myself and Raven, who worked our asses off that weekend, we've showed everyone what the real coldblooded truth since that time of what we're capable of when you've knocked us down for a short spell. Who can forget how far someone like Raven stumbled that week, falling back down to the harsh reality of being up on such a high pedestal to see where she needed to go and what lengths she'd have to reach for just to fix what was wrong. Her wings were burned off, but she rose from the ashes like a Phoenix with a new set built much stronger. Lessons were learned following that weekend to avoid another such a collapse ever again. Me? Same thing. I got my ass choked out at Pain For Pride, and that was supposed to be it for me. That was supposed to be it for my supposed fluke run at the top. Someone like me was never supposed to have been able to reach the heights that I have. There's been a lot of factors to it, I'll admit. I can't take all the credit, and I won't. I mean come on, though, at that point after two in half years? Did you all really believe you could keep a good guy down for very long? If you did, then you sure found out differently didn't you? I'm that cream that eventually rises to the top, I"m afraid. Through body and mind, working hard is the only way anyone can beat anyone, but you have to have a formula, a strategy. Fire and Ice, we're living breathing proof of that statement. Without a formula, how can you solve an equation? Fortunately that's no longer a problem from this end. They say that talk can be cheap without any action to back up that mouth. We know we're great, and this weekend on Battleground we'll leave absolutely no doubt that we are when Fire and Ice takes care of business once again and we move on past this weekend straight into the Grand Prix finals at Road To Redemption.

The formula you two standing before us have to present has been solved too many times before.

But come with it then, if you will.

I've personally been looking forward to this.

Forgive me in advance for not being more humble in the presence of a REAL KING and an even more REAL QUEEN! They too, of course, have their own little formulas for continuous success now don't they? The "I'm better than you, I've done more and on greater levels" formula seems to work for you two more often than not, now hasn't it? But let me ask you two a question. At what point did you both just look at the competition and decide that you were simply greater? By what you've accomplished, right? Notice the past tense in that 'accomplished'. Not what you have done today nor what you will accomplish in the future. Only what you've done previous. So sad it is, that you got nothing else to present. Don't you two get tired of regurgitation? Just spewing out the same words with all the same noise that surrounds them that holds little to no meaning behind them when they're forced to stand up against people like myself and Raven Roberts who can see right through them? No, right? Because it's a formula. It's something that if others can't crack the code then they can't get into your heads. Therefore they end up accomplishing nothing against you. Well......wake the fuck up back to reality slappy's, cause that's certainly not the case this week. Fire and Ice is about to change all that. Your little run in this tournament comes to a close this week. One reason for that is because you have one member in your little Canadian Dream that has no real ambition for anything but to go into business for himself. While the other, well, she's just mining any bit of gold she can get her hands on (chuckles a bit). But sure, we can start with you, can't we Cleo? You walked back into this company with gold clinging to you. Now you've won more gold recently, and now you're going after more. You try to set yourself apart from everyone, but how can you do that when you're doing the same things that everyone else like you does and has done during your absence? You say you pioneered things, paved the way for what the women of today have and how they don't even measure up, but oh little miss Cleo? I think my partner in this tournament might have to object otherwise after her and Consuela proved the same that we're going to this week, and that's that someone like you, like Theron, people who are too satisfied with all that they've done don't even come close to matching the intensity and the will of those who have more to prove. You've done great things, you've opened doors perhaps. So if that's true, then perhaps you should just let things take their natural order. I mean how predictable can you be at this point? We're under the keen understanding of what you're going to say, how you're going to say it, and why you will. But your little formula is as predictable as the sun rising tomorrow morning. It's been bucked time and again by myself and Raven Roberts in our respective divisions, and we have the gold to show for it. I mean, really Cleo? What are you going to say that you don't say already repetitively? That you didn't already say last week? But it's okay, regardless if you paved the way or not you're no different than any other EAW Hall of Fame golddigger that's been here where you're at. Hell when the Heartbreak Gal and Cameron Ella Ava were doing their best imitation of you and Amber last year they practically claimed to be gold diggers when they entered this tournament, so you'll excuse me if I don't think you deserve gold anymore than they did. You two love to wear gold, we love to fight for it and defend it. Big difference when your talking about formulas. Yours works against those that have just as big of an ego problem as you two. I often tell my opponents, more like a warning, to relinquish their pride and their ego when going toe to toe with this elitist because it hardly ever gets them anywhere.

But you're both too predictable at this point to see things otherwise, so come.....try us.

I mean what's the harm in it, right Theron? Tell them how many times you can use the same narrative and the same formula against this elitist without him ripping it to complete shreds. Honestly, though, Theron. What compels someone like you to fight for so long to reach the top constantly progressing towards one goal, that being the gold you hold now, no other real desires have you had besides that. But then you decide that you'll enter a tournament that does you no favors come Road To Redemption, when we all know that the gold you hold is more important to you than any other in existence, which in your mind makes you the most important figure in this entire company that you could really care less if you don't win the tag titles. To you this is just another small conquest if you are able to get your side over the hump, it then looks nice on the ole resume, but this isn't the reason you wake up out of bed and come to work. You don't care about anything or anyone but yourself, and everyone knows it. So come with it, Theron. Make me small. Make me insignificant once again just like you do. After all, you're current king. The Answers World Champion. In your mind there is nobody above you. However, back in the reality world, I take no greater pleasure in anything else that I manage to do against an opponent than I do in being able to bring them down a peg or two, pulling their heads out of the clouds and out of that deluded fantasy World where they wear those rose tinted sunglasses believing that they've got it made and that nobody can stop them from seeing things otherwise. The thing about this tournament that I knew could make it interesting the moment Fire and Ice decided to enter it was in all the many possibilities in terms of tandems that we might see, and your's was one of them. No disrespect to Consuela and Clara, but we wanted you to advance. We wanted to be able to say that we took the hard road to advance closer toward the Unified Tag Team Championships. The idea of being able to continuously test our greatness against other teams, namely the champions themselves brings about a new hint of excitement inside and out. You don't think about things that way, do you Theron? Nah. For you, it's the same old regurgitated shit. You were one in the past that believed that it was the man that makes the belt more prestigious, and yet everything from your actions to your words seem to contradict that statement now that you finally are one in this company. But that's right, this company brought you to your knees more often than not in making you abandon your beliefs and exchange it for a life of stepping on others to get what you want by any means necessary. And before you try and throw the same shit back at me, don't forget that it was this elitist that has openly helped bring others toward prominence while motivating many others to follow his lead as he continues his climb in this company. I don't need a throne right beside the chairman of the company to make sure that everything I've worked for stays intact. All I need is the right type of challenge to maximize every bit of my god given abilities that I possess to take this World Heavyweight Championship to greater heights, and for me that's any challenge. Each experience prepares me for the next. I've been knocked down some weeks, I've triumphed in many others. You probably loved coming out on top at War Games. Well, I loved being able to come back the very next week to show an experience like that didn't even come close to fazing me. Just like being pinned in the chamber last year or losing to you back at Kingsroad for the chance to go for the crown. None of that fazed me. It only made me want to beat you that much more the next time I saw your smug ass face. So imagine how it's gonna be this coming Monday.

See you soon.
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