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"If it all goes wrong, the lieutenant gets all the blame for not doing his job right by the captain and as a result of that, the lieutenant tears into his poor soldiers. But if it goes right? All of a sudden, the L.T. is in watched over by his superiors and he's next in line to replace the captain. There cannot be full accountability on their behalf for failure, they only go down with the rest of the chaos. You can't seriously expect the common man to outlast those who were built for situations like this, it's an epidemic. Where everyone who comes into contact with No Soul are dragged down to my level, victory and defeat are afterthoughts in the grand scheme of things. IT'S WAR that binds us, man to man, warrior to warrior."

Last week on Battleground, Solomon Hill connected with Empathy Bypass to condemn Jason Ryan and Eric Crane as the first on a list of casualties promised by No Soul. Although he had assistance from his tag team partner Kaiva Santos, it was Solomon's performance that collected rave reviews. So far the troubled competitor has shown submission skills, power, tremendous athletic ability, a large variety of styles to use in the ring - making it all the more easier to adapt to different wrestlers.

But that was last week's story, this week we have an entirely different chapter where I must admit, feel a bit excited to visit. For the first time in EAW, I'm going one on one with somebody. That means no responsibility, no distractions; just me, myself and the willing victim who shall kneel before me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. REVEAL MY OPPONENT NOW!

Enter scene. Solomon Hill is dressed smartly in a black suit / red tie ensemble for some reason, far from an image of a modern-day anarchist. He spreads his arms to the side, in front of a blank wall showing projections of Xavier Arnold?

"Xavier Arnold, a man who I feel like has been around for an eternity... and is STILL on Battleground? That shows some commitment. Obviously somebody else is dedicated to the idea of turning this farming process into a slaughter house. Victory, defeat; statistics mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. I cannot stress it any more. Victory is an afterthought as long as you're dedicated to the cause of wreaking havoc upon those too afraid to make the first move, although you're doing neither of those."

Hill looks rather stoic as he runs down the quality - and results - of his upcoming opponent.

"Now I've quiet all week because I know how you work Xavier. You throw the first jab and intend on trying to hurt people's feelings, all you're doing is embroiling yourself in an inner turmoil that makes you ask the question: What if it all goes wrong again? What if somebody ends up outsmarting you... AGAIN? Because let's be honest, you can definitely talk the talk but when it comes to the walk... you're the one with boot marks across your face."



Black out...



Enter scene. The camera pans on what appears to be quite a regal backdrop. Rich red tapestry drapes over the walls behind the throne. The throne which Solomon Hill sits at, albeit bloodied for some reason. A close up of his face shows his skin completely drenched in crimson warpaint, still wet from wherever (or whoever) he collected it from. He sneers, beginning his tirade.

"If we explore into the origin of the word Kaiser, we see it's linked to the German and Austrian emperors as well as the head of the Holy Roman Empire. To claim responsibility of this title, you need to act accordingly because words aren't going to cut it. To be the authority, you must be ruthless. Weakness must be punished and strength must be kept in reserve for when you're ready to strike. THAT is what I learned in the Art of War. The first shot is never the shot that wins the war, The Germans set upon Eastern Europe territories and it culminated with the Nazis executing their own or committing suicide because of the shame of defeat. To your testament though, you're still alive unlike your predecessors."


"Leadership qualities. Knowing your assets and being able to deploy them effectively. For a man who spends so much time with polishing his self importance, it confuses me how you've not been able to find a winning combination yet. Surely, a Kaiser would have the entire nation at his disposal but here you are waiting for some friends from back home to get their VISAs sorted. A Kaiser would have Diamond Cage, Heart Break Boy, Theron Nicklas vying to align themselves with them. But this is a sad sad situation where I'm sure they know who you are. Only because they watched you fade into developmental obscurity while everybody else stayed on the main rosters. How does someone go from competing for a title shot at Pain for Pride, all the way to standing at the gates to see if the new generation are tough enough. Which frankly I don't think we'll ever know, because you're hardly a test. You're very quick to blame your tag team partners for your shortcomings, well now you're all alone with just me stood in front of you."

The camera zooms out. Showing full frame of Solomon's body as he remains sat at the throne. He draws out his left palm and raises it above his head as blood begins leaking down onto the face of Hill's.

"See that's the problem with monarchies. Sooner or later, you're going to be dethroned and surrender your position at the table or risk getting unceremoniously pried away from it. Your god complex has blurred the lines of power and strength and self esteem and you fall at risk of compromising yourself in the battle before it's even begun. For some reason you think that I am to be taken lightly. To be underestimated. Why's that? I did not need to think twice before shedding my own blood, imagine the pleasure it will bring to carve somebody else's flesh. The fact I don't care for anybody's well being - myself included - bodes well in helping me achieve my goal of bringing anarchy and destruction to Battleground. This war paint I wear right now is the coat of my own blood, but come Monday, I will bludgeon you Xavier and accept yours as a gift for helping you achieve relevance."

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