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Nothing is ever a given, nothing.

The uncertainties in life are so uncertain for us to determine the kind woe we shall be entangled in in the next future. When you become too satisfied with all that you have, your life is at risk; when you dare to take a step, you take a step to take a risk. It's a choice some are willing to make on their own, and some aren't. And what a joy it can be, I must say. For someone who embraces the unknown making a choice to choose to dare to get to the real reasons I exist on this earth for it is much riskier to risk nothing when the life I live is always at risk. Risks, however, can lead to great victories or defeats. Even if you are defeated, the lesson will be valuable for the next stage at wherever that next may be. With taking risks, you eventually find out who's real, and who's fake. So many are never willing to step out of their little bubbles to find out what they're really capable of when they're put up against a bit of adversity. Saying you're going to bounce back is different from actually doing it. You do and then you say. You get results in this company and then you can talk. You do it consistently, then you can become that beacon of hope for others coming up, the future of this company. Anyone can be hurt. Anyone can fail. If you can accept having to pick yourself back up after getting knocked down, take the worst of it all, then you can take a risk too. Fire and Ice, we're known for that. Our reputations practically proceed us in that respect. As Raven has said, the things that make us different make us far more formidable than the things that make us similar. The moment the match comes to a close this week with Fire and Ice stamping their ticket to Road To Redemption as a tandem, let it be known to both the Jaded Hearts and then soon thereafter the Unified Tag Team Champions.......we are coming.

Welp.....if nothing else, you both will at least be meeting my expectations.

You seemed to miss almost the whole meaning behind everything that I said. As if I needed know that you two have long accepted who you are and what you believe in. I mean, I'm sure you don't think I said the things that I did to discourage you, or make you refrain from what it is that got you to the dance, now do you? No. See, I can recognize that we are all champions in this company that have our own formula for success, our own philosophy. The difference is in how we execute them and the meaning behind holding the gold we do and the perspective we have when it comes to that. The meaning behind everything that I said, it wasn't even meant to be seen as the gospel and unequivocal truth about winning and overall success itself. The message that I thought I was getting across as clear as crystal was that hardly any of that guarantees you two of anything this week on Battleground, and I can see neither one of you are any the wiser after having had a listen. And even if you did, there's still a few things that need to be cleared up that you both seem to be a bit foggy on - not that that surprises me in the least. Question though? And, yes, let's start with you again, Cleo. At what point when you heard me talk about how WE while in this business negotiate to WIN, how WE negotiate to get what WE WANT. At what point when you heard that did you not seem to understand that someone like Fire and Ice is ALWAYS going for the win. Yes, for me as with anyone who seeks to go all out or nothing at all, the ultimate goal is to win. But I don't dwell or reflect too long on any single win or loss. In fact, either which way I use it as fuel to continue pushing me forward. Which because you mistimed your step and didn't listen closely enough in how I laid everything out it pretty much kills a lot of your narrative. I can't be blamed for that. I gave it to you straight and simple, and you still managed to miss the mark. Did I talk about consistency? Yes I did. Was it meant for you? Not necessarily. You could argue that it was if it makes you feel more secure, but really when I talk about consistency it's more geared toward those that are of less experience, and not more. But since you obviously believe otherwise, let's talk about it a bit shall we? You come back here, back to Empire almost two years from the time you left last and you formally declared that you're taking over and that in order to take control of being top dog you have to go through Cleopatra, right? And I will reference the Heart Break Gal and Cameron Ella Ava along with Kendra declaring themselves the OG Vixens just two years ago, and they ruled Empire with the Heart Break Gal running the show just like The Court is doing now. And you are an EAW golddigger. I never said you were leeching off any individual person, Cleo, but the company as a whole. The management may recognize you as a talent and feature you more often than not, but they're soft when you think about it. You didn't have to work for the tag titles. Empire's tag division is not a stablized one that gives you many options to go on. That's why they went through the trouble of adding an extra randomized team in there at Bloodletter. If you and Amber had worked your way through the ranks - if Empire put their foot down, then you likely wouldn't be holding any gold right now. But hey, it's gold right? Gold is gold in your mind so long as you have some to show off. You get featured every Thursday as the main attraction, but how long does that last when all the competition you keep trying to look down on lately keeps handing your ass to you? In the end, Raven is right. If we're going to talk about consistency, let your barometer be Pain For Pride before you try and make any bold proclamations. Raven's ascent was done on her own. Little miss Maddie Kaline can't say the same, and if push came to shove, Raven has aleady shown she can hang with Maddie and beat her on more than one occasion. She's a model of consistency on Empire. Without Raven, there are many on that brand that would have never been placed in that singular bright spotlight, and as shown already to you and others she can meet any challenge head on and you know what they say when you play with fire, don't you? Poverty mentality? Gee, what was your first clue, Cleo? I came from Sea Isle fucking New Jersey, a summer time touristic attraction for out-of-towners more so than a place for molding professional wrestlers. Enough said. I can tell you're trying to figure out this elitist, but here let me help you out with these theories of yours. First off, there is nothing wrong with being a positive person despite your perspective on it. Being positive means you're willing to get back up when you've been knocked down after reality shows you how harsh it can be, but that's only part of it. What you fail to realize is that along with being such you also need to have that belief that everything is going to work out in the end, or else that next door right in front of you to walk through, it vanishes and you end up falling into that familiar pit of obscurity. You bring up the Heart Break Boy, and a certain level of intensity that was brought to the table against an all time great. But here's the thing, I'd been bringing that same level of intensity all season. Constant preparation it took to be ready for that moment, and when it came around, well, all that practice paid off in ways nobody else but this elitist would ever come to understand. Why? Because I bring the same intensity to every matchup. The thing about the Heart Break Boy was that he saw someone who he believed was easy pickings. He thought he could just waltz right into Voltage and take the reigns, and that this elitist was simply not worthy of holding the gold he holds. Now he's moved on, and so have I. Instead of all this conjecture, maybe you should be a little more honest with yourself and admit that without all that consistency in having not been here over these last couple of years you don't know nearly as much as you would love for me to believe. I've been here for over three years constantly rising to greater heights, so yeah I will continue to say my piece this week and you will fall in line just like the rest and listen. The Heart Break Boy learned it, and I told him before I put him down that the list would continue to grow. And, well, after putting LC and POP on deep freeze this past Sunday, I certainly don't mind putting 'The Queen of The Nile' on ice when it's all said and done. You talk to me about preaching when clearly you must've been sifting through the Rex McAllister playbook of inspirational pep talks when you bring up falling and getting back up, all the trials and tribulations. Been there, done that, Cleo. Survived.....still alive. The EAW Universe already knows this to be when it comes to this Elitist well before you put in the diligent amount of time that you did in putting together that massive waste of words.

But keep guessing like this and soon your chances of finding the answers you need will run completely dry.

Speaking of wasting chances. I never knew you could jumble so many words that hold no meaning in a match like this as you have, Theron. In fact nothing of what you've managed to put together has anything to do with this match, only in what I predicted before you ever even spoke: yourself. Rehashing everything I've said in it's summarized form comes off as both dull and half-assed. It makes you look pretty lazy there all mighty king. I can't see where that exactly guarantees you of anything. This isn't the past, Theron. This is the now. You talk about clutching at the smallest of straws, hell, you're still stuck on old ass narratives going on about people that are no longer in this company, just as I predicted you would do. Wake up hypocrite. Bringing up the past in the present, you should know better than most that that guarantees nothing. Absolutely nothing is a given, and the more you summarize what I say and act like that's providing any source of substance in these proceedings the easier it's gonna be when the time comes to humble you in ways you've forgotten about. You avoided my line of questioning because you know I'm right in the end, and this last video you've put on display for the World shows them who the REAL Theron Nikolas is through and through. Thanks for that buddy! Glad someone like Cleo is actually on board with this ass whooping you're about to take this coming Monday at the hands of someone whose beaten you as many times as an Ares, Tiberius, or Lannister, men that are no longer here to stain this company with their selfishness and greed. It was passed on to you, of course. I guess I can't blame you at this point, Theron. Like I said the last time, you have a formula. It's a predictable one, but it's a formula I guess that most of the modern day talent can't seem to see through. So with that you'll live on to be king for a while longer until a new king is crowned. You'll still be the Answers World Champion even longer than that, but realize now, that if real was talking to real than you would admit that there is nothing feasible in this for you but to say you won more gold, that you fulfilled another conquest. I've continued to rise with or without titles in this company, without having to abandon my beliefs and my values as a person. I may been gullible for a short spell last year when it came to the events involving John Doe, I'll own that, because I've already repented for those sins and found my way back to where I ultimately wanted to be. But I never let this company break me, not as it has with you. Someone who's real doesn't hide and slither like a snake in the grass. Someone who's real doesn't beat around the bush with how they feel about everything as they know it to be. With someone like you, Theron, someone who pretends to be real. Someone who only gives another what they want so he can look the part of someone who looks out for them and cares. There then comes a point after a while that the manipulated party gets used to this, so in turn they let ole manipulator Theron get comfy with his surroundings to the point that he knows them inside and out better than they do. A manipulator like Theron is a master chess player. His every move is calculated, one where he toys with people's minds, toys with their lives leaving them confused and thrown for a loop. When he lies through his teeth, he'll do anything to protect that lie and continuously pawn it off as the truth. But that's just you being real, right? You'll never admit the real truth, because the longer you can live the lie the more control you can seize. Not everyone is like you, Theron, and what you do and what you've done, it's built you a nice Castle. It's a castle that's guarded well, and the King that resides inside of it has played it smart. No doubt about it. Good for you! But let it be that a day will come for you, rest assured. One where those that hated to see you celebrate during your coronation, they too will be the same ones that applaud and celebrate the day the king is finally beheaded.

After all, people do love a show, do they not?

But this week? Fire and Ice, we want nothing more than to send your asses back to the brands from which you came as we rightfully move on to bigger and better things that are meant for those who are more willing to put out the effort necessary to have gained the opportunity in the first place....the way it should be.

See you soon.
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