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In today's update, EAW has signed Bashar Jackson. Little is known of this man except he's gritty, he's got an apparent thuggish background and understands the necessity of the "fight or flight" psyche, he knows that it is necessary to attack or be attacked. That's why I am dedicating this video package to the newest member of whatever roster is fortunate enough to sign him.

- - - - - - - -

Good evening, it's Erik also known as "SKA" and I'd like to make an appeal to the better nature of those who constantly watch me and my progress and yet continue to doubt my future. It is not your Will that dictates what I do next, professional wrestling divinity has my life in its hands and as a result, I am indebted to making the sport a better place, to maintaining its credibility and becoming a trailblazer, becoming the one of breaking this monopoly imposed by those who think they're entitled to the last word because they've been here since day one.

Why do you continue to try undermining me?

I'm not asking for a handout or an opportunity, just acknowledgement.

My daily fact for you to digest is that since joining EAW, I have a peculiar record of being unbeaten on Showdown episodes. I have never lost a match on Saturday night episodes. But they want to change this, they are pitting me off against one of the best the brand has to offer in Xavier Williams but I embrace this. These are the sort of names that I wish to share similarities with, if not for what they've brought to the company then at least for the history they've made.

It's true that once upon a time, Xavier Williams' aura was superlative, he was at the peak of the competition in EAW but now that's just hyperbole. He's just very good and tonight, very good isn't going to be enough.

When are you all going to wake up and smell the coffee? I am not deranged, in fact I'm one of the sanest minds in EAW. I don't have any delusions of grandeur, any unrealistic projections about my first five years in the company, I know my place. It's just- Well, here's the thing. I'm Generational.

You won't come across ANYBODY on the roster with the same qualities that I yield. The fresh perspective, the array of wrestling styles, the marriage between a mentality of fighting to make history in EAW and honoring the foundations already set by the predecessors. I am here to stay.

The niggling doubts are waning, they KNOW the inevitable is upon us. The future of professional wrestling is going to be realized once the floodgates open and the world of the Ryan Adams and Y2Impacts' is turned upside down. I don't want to dub myself as a 'Legend Killa', that moniker belongs to somebody already and that body of work shall remain untouched. But the time to open a new chapter is justifiable, there is necessity in extending the fight against elitism and that oldhead machismo that is toxic to the locker room culture, it's poisoning the minds of tomorrow's pioneers. And I can't abide that. Everything I speak of, I speak because I want what's best for this Sanctum, I want to maintain its beauty... but that means killing the pests from inside.

That's where Bashar Jackson comes in, Donovan Duke, Ben Roth, whoever is next to put pen to paper. I want them to step into the ring and understand that their best IS good enough, but there needs to be more. They must give their lives to this pilgrimage otherwise they will never truly understand beyond what I'm saying. For the Grace and Glory of my Sanctum, I will bring nothing but my utmost tonight as I step into the ring with Xavier Williams and begin to embark on that quest. The quest of empowering my colleagues awaiting some sort of 'permission' before they use their initiative and begin thinking for themselves.

There are so many of you with potential, but you choose not to use it for some reason. There's a leader within ALL OF US. But you choose to remain seated.

It's true, Ronan Malosi is one of the most bizarre breakthroughs of 2020 but he does something that others do not. He makes a nuisance of himself, he doesn't wait for permission. He does this thing and gets all of the publicity for it. This one goes to all the brothers and sisters who may have lost number-one contender matches and as a result, never really been 'given' a chance to shine. I'm afraid that's on nobody else but you. Malosi never needed to jump through hoops to get into a main event with Consuela Rose Ava for an Interwire Championship shot, so why should you?

All you need to do is trust in the process and hide nothing and Sanctum's Grace will be benevolent to you.

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