MATCH PROMO "Benefit of the Doubt." -- Showdown I

Consuela Rose Ava

The Perfectionist.
The King of Elite tournament wasn’t what I envisioned the next plan of my career to take, but I’m not angry about it. I understand the significance of this tournament. Being able to win ONE of the big three matches is a wonderful thing to add to your resume. For me, it would be one of the things that stick out in my resume other than the record three-time Specialists Champion or the second longest-reigning Interwire Champion in EAW history. Winning King of Elite could answer all the questions on whether Consuela Rose Ava would ever make that step to the main event scene and possibly pursue a World Champion. Now, I was content in the spot that I am, but being part of this tournament, makes people hold these unrealistic goals on whether they can win the tournament and become World Champion. As for me, I am doing everything in my power not to fall underneath that category. I am doing everything I cannot have my hopes set on advancing to the semi-finals and being the Showdown representative at King of Elite, but nonetheless, this opportunity is amazing and I am forever fortunate to take part in this tournament. These tournaments aren’t normally the best thing for me. I’ve always been the name to get eliminated around the first and second round of these things and with being in the ring with someone as talented as my opponent, it wouldn’t be shocking if this is where my run in this tournament ends. The final four in this tournament — minus Ronan Malosi — are talented women who want to make history. I said it two weeks ago, if there is ANY year for a woman to win King of Elite, it’s this year. Kassidy Heart, Dr. Bethany Blue, and I have a wonderful opportunity to make history and we’re all on the right track of doing that, but it’s going to be one of us that represents this brand and tries to bring that crown home. Despite not trying to bring my hopes up, I am still going into this match to put on a fantastic match and give Dr. Bethany Blue the opponent that she rightfully deserves to be facing. The goal with me is always to win. Winning is important to me because it assures me that I am on the right track to staying afloat since losing my Interwire Championship. After this tournament? It seems like everything falls on how I perform in this tournament. It sucks not having a clue of what my future looks like, but all I can do is take everything in a stride and be prepared for what gets thrown at me. Coming from a lengthy title reign, it would be so easy for me to just relax and enjoy the ride, but I’m still motivated and hungry to add more accomplishments to my resume.

I’m an Ava at the end of the day. We’re constantly hungry for gold and accomplishments to add to our name. It’s the same energy for me, but Dr. Bethany Blue would add to love another accomplishment next to her Interwire Championship reign. From making a clear observation, it seems like post-Interwire Championship reign had managed to get themselves on a horrible path after their reign. Despite me playing a role in making sure that Camille’s reign ended at Grand Rampage, I am not oblivious to how much her career regressed after losing the title. She faced her series of losses and heartbreak. She really did what she could to make sure that she stayed afloat, but it seemed like it really got the best of her and for someone as strong-willed as Camille, you can tell that she was starting to get upset about her fall from grace. Not only with Camille, but I saw it with you, Bethany. You had a couple of title matches that did not go your way. You went off about how your Specialists Championship match against Darcy May Morgan at Grand Rampage was the worst performance of your career. If there is someone who is as much of a perfectionist as me, it’s you and it’s something that I admire and relate to so much. Now, it may seem like your run on Showdown hasn’t been the best for you. When going onto Showdown at the beginning of the season, you thought that you were going to have a wonderful alliance with Ryan Wilson, someone who admired everything that you did as a doctor. Someone who admired you as the woman who was able to balance it all and it completely sucks that the alliance didn’t pan out well. That was the same man that you poured your time and energy to make sure that he kept his job and he shat on your kindness. It almost like he didn’t give a damn about anything that you did for him. Instead, he teams with Ronan Malosi, like we’re supposed to forget that those two were at each other’s throats for the first half of this season? That will still be baffling for me, but I’ve always been the one to give people the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps, Ryan Wilson is the same way despite how much of a piece of garbage Ronan Malosi is. Their alliance is something that I will never fully understand. Yours and Alexis’ partnership is something that I will never understand myself, but I’m not going to judge it. The world around the two of you doesn’t really need to ‘get’ the two of you. As long as the two of you are happy, that’s all that should matter. I’ve had issues with Alexis in the past and after Reasonable Doubt, it seems like we’re on a good path to rekindling and being good friends. As for you, Bethany, despite everything that you did to Camille last year, I am more than willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

When it comes to me and my sisters, I will always be there for them whenever they needed anything at all. I’ll always be the one to stick out my neck for them, but I’ll always be the one to call them out on their bullshit. I’m not going to lie and say that I condoned anything that Camille did to you, Bethany. I don’t. At the same time, I don’t condone anything that you did to her either. I told Camille that she didn’t need to compete at King of Elite. I advised her to just stay back and relax until she was medically cleared. Doctor’s orders are doctor’s orders and I never tend to argue about that kind of stuff. Bethany, I am not going to question your legitimacy on being a doctor, but I’m also not going to say that you were on the right with everything that you did. I don’t think it was necessary to strip Camille naked and lock her in a freezer, where she would get hyperthermia. :lupe: The beef between the two of you was quite ugly to see as someone in the back and there is always a part of me that’s glad that it’s over, but I am in no mood for you to give me the same energy. If the worst scenario comes and I lose on Showdown, that’s it for me. You won’t be having me taking this personally. You won’t need to strip me naked and lock me in the freezer. I’ll more than happy to move forward and increase my curiosity on if/how I’ll get into that King of Elite card. I don’t expect you to pull any of the ‘bull sugar’ that you did with Camille last year. Didn’t you need to target her head and potentially get her a concussion to defeat her? Also, with you being a doctor and telling her that she’s not “medically cleared” to compete, you didn’t consider that it may have triggered her to take things personally and look for any opportunity to ruin your life? I’m not trying to start any argument, but I’m trying to observe the situation. I would like to think that you had her best interest at heart and we're looking out for her well-being, but she just saw you as another doctor who was telling her “no” and that’s her least favorite word to hear from a doctor. I understand how Camille is and she’s never the easiest person to deal with, but she is my sister and she loves this business more than she loves herself sometimes. I’m convinced that she will die in that ring one day and that is something that we all have to accept one day. No, I don’t support anything that Camille did. I also don’t support some of the things that you did with her, but I also don’t want to be holding anything you, Bethany. At this point, you must be sick of all of these Avas and it’s a common thing around this scene, but it’s not something that I am taking to heart.

You come into this tournament to right the wrongs from last year. You believed that you had King of Elite taken from you thanks to Camille. You believe that you should have been the Voltage representative and that history would have been made a year earlier thanks to you. Honestly, ANYONE would have been better than Charlie Marr being a disappointment and representing Voltage, but I hope that Camille is able to get further than she did last year. At this same time, if you end up being the one to represent Showdown, I don’t think that my sanity will be able to cope with the two of you bickering back-and-forth. Maybe, winning this match would be doing the world a favor by not having the two of you be at each other’s throats until King of Elite is over. Maybe, in that way, I need to defeat you, Bethany. Yeah, the crown and the possibility to decide the date of your World Championship match would be nice, but maybe, it would be best for you, Bethany. I mean, I don’t need you to stress out even more than you are at the moment. With the whole situation with Chained Fury and knowing what those two are capable of, do you think that you’re going to be safe from whatever those two have cooked up for you? Those two are still going to be lingering in the background, looking forward to destroying any chances you have of representing Showdown. There is a part of me that doesn’t want to win that match that way. I don’t want for Chained Fury to hand me a victory. I don’t want for Chained Fury to be the reason that I advance to the semi-finals. Now, I’m not sure how I would process if that were to happen, but you want a clean and competitive match, Bethany? I want the same thing and I hope that we’re able to get that. We deserve a match to show that we’re just two of the best females on Showdown. If your focus is on anything other than this match, I am going to need you to change it. I am going to need you to redirect your focus onto me and this match or I am going to take advantage and I am going to defeat you. There shouldn’t be any worries about how I will handle myself as Queen. I get that Territorial Invasion wasn’t the best showing off what I could be as a leader, but I fought. I did everything I could to represent Showdown to the standard that this brand deserved. I believe that Showdown deserved the best from me and it sucks that I didn’t make it as far as I would have wanted to. It sucked that I had to watch people with less talent and skill that I get farther into the match, but it was a unique experience for me and it showed me I have a ton that I need to work on if I ever want to be considered a leader in some sort of way.

If it means anything, I carried myself like a queen. I kept my head up. Despite the defeat, I picked myself up, dust myself off, got Minerva’s mist off my eyes, and continued forward. In that way, I do show the qualities of being a queen. As a leader? It’s something that I’m constantly working on. Territorial Invasion was the first opportunity for me to display any sort of leadership. I was stunned that I even got the opportunity and I did what I could with what I was given. Could I have done things differently? Of course, but it’s nothing that I am going to look back on because those events have already happened. If I defeat you, defeat Kassidy or Ronan and win at King of Elite, it would be another opportunity to show everyone that I’m not in anyone’s shadow nor do I want to be a queen, who plans to rule in the shadows, but in the public eye where everyone can see her. Counting me out as someone who wouldn’t be able to handle the responsibilities that come with being queen is quite ridiculous, Bethany. If anything, I have proven that I can be level-headed. I bothered to hear you out loud. I bothered to converse with you and I do believe that people deserve a queen that does that. People deserve a queen that is more than willing to listen to people like you, who have gotten on the wrong foot with some people in my family. Yeah, I won’t be the type of queen that looks to beat the living hell out of every person that looks at her the wrong way. That doesn’t seem to be what I am capable of, but what will you do that is so different, Bethany? Answer me that question. What will you do to carry yourself like a queen? What will make you think that you would do a better job than me? I am here to have a conversation with an adult. Isn’t this what you wanted? Isn’t this what you’ve been wanting from some Ava sister? Well, here you have it. I don’t want to spread negativity or hate towards you. I admire everything that you’ve done as a doctor and the few times that Cameron went to her appointments and you were somehow there. I bet that she appreciates the advice and feedback that you’ve given her with her pregnancy, but I’m not Cameron, but I like to think that motherhood has changed her for the better. Other than that, you got Terry on that diet finally, but I don’t think that he appreciates anyone calling him “Fat Terry.” That seems to be a common thing to call him backstage, but I think that we should get ✨Big Strong Terry✨ catching on backstage, but that’s probably never going to happen. By the way, I need some new healthy recipes to make for family dinner night, but we’ll talk about that later. :lupe:

As a wrestler, I haven’t crossed paths with you. I mean, we’re technically family and it’s such a shame that we haven’t gotten to know each other yet. That all changes this week. I knew that this was going to be a match that we weren’t going to avoid and I would hope that you’re not looking for ways to duck me or have me be medically cleared by Saturday night. If you can point on any sort of history of injuries and whatnot with me, that would be amazing because I don’t think that I have any, to begin with. I’ve taken well care of myself. I eat healthily, exercise regularly — yeah, I don’t have a twelve-pack like you do, but you seem to pull it off quite well and you should be proud of yourself. Now, it would be great for you to advance and redeem yourself from failing to reach the finals last year, but as your opponent, I can’t let you do that. I don’t have an issue with you, Bethany. I don’t have any animosity towards you as Camille or Terry would have, but I am still going into this match with the intention of winning. Now, it would be glorious for me to advance and prove that I will not flounder just because I’m no longer champion. No, as I said earlier, I stay hungry and motivated for success and Showdown will be no different from me. I don’t consider you as a cannon fodder or someone placed in my way to make me look good. I don’t think that you should consider yourself that because you can be something great and the sky is the limit with you. After this match is through, we can go on that double date, hang out and talk about life, but let’s just hope that this match doesn’t bring the ugly out of us. :lupe:

Unfortunately, this “god damn Ava” is going to advance to the next round and goes to the semi=finals. Then, I am going to become Queen of Elite.

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