MATCH PROMO BG Wildcard I: Shotguns

Xavier Arnold

The Artist of Suffering | Da Kaiser
THURSDAY 12/6/18
We see a empty Prudential center with Xavier and Michael inside sitting in the front row, Xavier Wearing pitch black Tracksuit with a glowing Silver Eagle on it with Kaiser written in Blood red underneath it, Michael Wearing a Navy suit with a rose gold and Silver tie. Xavier is looking Angry Fierce with Some sadness coming through he is on a mission now he has lost too much for his liking he has lost his mojo and Needs it back, His opponent for the wildcard is Solomon Hill. with ten points he needs it to be thirteen at the Wildcard.

''Well For Fuck Sake Richard Kennedy is a mother Fucking asshole, Xavier was not fucking ready the bloody cunt. this is why we need Friends here because whoever the fuck Xaviers partner is they fucking are either too scared to fucking wrestle or soulless bastards, Like Eric Crane like Shane Gates and now Rich Kennedy. this is why Xavier partnered up with Sazae. but its not enough, That is why we are bringing two of European wrestling's best Tag teams, The Northern European Shotgunz, the 'Dutch Driller' Tommi Meyers and the 'Ultra King' Kenny Richards. At the latest February they will be here. And the fourth Reich will be complete. Xavier, Niklas, and N.E.S.''

''Now to Solomon Hill. this guy who defeated Eric crane and Jason ryan last week, Well fucking done. isn't like everyone and their Nan has defeated those two, Not at all, Plus Kaiva did most the fucking work, you did get the pinfall though. you only won because of her, how do I know this, BECAUSE YOU LOST THE WEEK BEFORE. she bloody carried you Solomon, no doubting it at all. so when Xavier takes the W. The 'only Solution' for you is too get the Fuck out of here. Because when Xavier Fucking Arnold Embarrasses you in front of the crowd turning you into a pretzel, you will leave crying after this ass kicking, it will be the worst thing to happen to Israel since ancient Egypt and the Jewish slaves. you won't win, you can't win, But you can leave, the Minister of Mayhem will, Just be a Member of Mayhem'' Michael bursts out a demonic laugh ''Solomon Hill'' ''Will Fall to the might of the Reich''

''Oh solly you will have your time in the limelight on Monday in this arena, But you will never leave victorious against me, A man like me losing to a guy who moved to Israel for the Palestine Israel situation, Don't move to The place permantely, just stay there for like 5 months in a hotel near Gaza or the west bank to research it. your fucking Dumb, that is why you have No Fucking Soul. I will fucking Murder you in the ring on Monday you soulless Fuck, Once I get you in the squared circle Solomon, you will have no where to run, no where to hide, and you will regret leaving your Israeli House, To join this company. Deny all you want Solomon you will be less effective fighting than the costa rican army, Which doesn't exist, That is how useless you will be after I, the Kaiser Humiliate you, Ha Ha HAHAHAHAAHAHA, LONG LIVE THE KAISER.''

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