MATCH PROMO BG Wildcard II: The Reich will Rise

Xavier Arnold

The Artist of Suffering | Da Kaiser
Reich will Rise
We see Xavier in a White t-shirt a pitch black Leather jacket with a Eagle plastered on it an Black slightly ripped jeans. In his apartment sitting on his bed, looking confident.

“Solomon hill, you were fascinated by my kaiser nickname, just clearing this up first. REICH IS NOT A MONARCHY. A könig is a King, a Empire isn’t a fucking monarchy, a Kingdom is lazy kings lying on their throne having 20 course meals while their Population suffer. Empires on the other hand fierce noble invading for land taking it punishing rivals, which in this case is you Solomon. You simply cannot believe you can win this Sol, it just impossible. I didn’t take the first jab far from that, I jumped on you locking you in a guillotine making you suffer, that’s why I’m the artist of suffering after all, plus I hate you calling hitler a kaiser he fucking isn’t he was a führer, which means Leader you ignorant Fuck, if you have a fascination with Israel, why didn’t you go over the fucking holocaust, man this guy. Also the first shot isn’t the shot that wins the war, Ha Ha Ha roll the clip” We see Serbian terriost Gavrilo Princip shoot Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The shot that started World War 1 “That right their started WW1 So who was Gavrilo working for Black hand, What is Black hand you say Serbian Terriosts. What side was Serbia on In the First World War? That’s Right THE MOTHER FUCKING ALLIED POWERS. If I had a mic I would drop it. Another thing wrong Austria may be German They may be called Kaisers. BUT THEIR NOT A MOTHER FUCKING REICH YOU TWAT. First Reich Holy Roman Empire, May be a italian City but Otto was its founder and that’s German as fuck. Second Reich German empire. Fucked France to hard In the 1870s would of done it again if it wasn’t for Uncle Sam. Third Reich, Nazis, FUCKED France again, fucked Europe, the Stalin and Ted Fucked us. Then the Fourth Reich Me. How do I not deserve the Kaiser nickname. One I’m the only one fluent in German. Solomon’s eine Fotze. Two I’ve used it through my career through Highs and lows. And three how the fuck do you have the right to say that, Shut the fuck up solomon, you are nothing and always will be Irrelevant. Unlike me who is still fucking Relevant”

“I will admit I am in a bit of a kampf right now, five losses in a row, but let me ask you this who made battleground Relevant. I’ll keep you their for a bit, Amber Keys, Ana Somnia, Johnny Walker, Jack Haze. All wrong ME, First week going back and forward with Eric crane finally choking the bastard out. Then most people will agree I put on a instant Classic with raven Roberts, I was a millisecond away from grabbing the gold. But raven came out on top, The Xavier Arnold Versus Eric Crane 2 and 3 two fights one day, fight number one I nearly put him through a flaming table in the Melbourne streets, but the cops got involved who cares. Then on Battleground I nearly fucking Murdered Eric Crane in a ladder match putting thumb tacks through his ugly ass head, then defeated Kenji Masato and Miles thatcher in a match who cares, then it was the downfall, blah blah blah.”

“Now my turn Solomon but for you I’m keeping it special, I’m keeping my talking for the ring for once, hope you now do the same you Swiss fuck” “LOOOOOOOOOONGG LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVEEEEEEE THEEEEEEEEEE KAAAAAAIIIIISEEEEER”

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