Big Damn Heroes


The Mountain that Flies
Team Name:
Big Damn Heroes (or BDH)
Team Members: Remi McQueen & Endeavor
Picture Base of Each Member: Shayna Bazler | Keith Lee
Combined Weight: 435 lbs.

Team Disposition/Alignment:

Team Gimmick: Brought together by ill luck and happenstance, Remi and Endeavor nonetheless developed into a quick friendship tied to their strong sense of morals. Moving forward, they're ready for the Grand Prix and what lies beyond.

Theme Music:
'Ready to Die' by Andrew W.K.

Entrance: 'Ready to Die' by Andrew W.K. hits the PA as Remi McQueen and Endeavor burst out from the back. Remi stands at the top of the ramp, looking intense, as Endeavor hops from one side of the stage to the other, hyping up the crowd. Endeavor stops beside Remi and the two nod at each other before bumping fists and proceeding down the ramp; Endeavor enthusiastically slapping hands with the fans and singing along to the lyrics of the song, while Remi is a little more focused. When they get to the ring, Endeavor cups his hands while kneeling by the apron. Remi steps onto his hands and gets easily vaulted over the ropes, landing on one knee. Endeavor rolls into the ring and the two pose by the ropes.

Tendency to Cheat: Rarely


Signature Moves:
- 'Bombs Away'Popup Cannonball Senton - Remi runs at Endeavor who tosses her up as if he were going for a pop up powerbomb, but she tucks herself into a cannonball to fall on an opponent .

- 'Head Games' Remi and Endeavor bounce an opponent between them with headbutts, culminating in a big double headbutt that knocks the opponent down.

- 'Recoil Starring Jackie Chan'Remi hits the opponent with a stunner followed by a running pump kick from Endeavor

Finishing Moves:
- 'Leaf on the Wind'Elevated GTS; Endeavor tosses the opponent into the air, either through a pop-up or a military press and Remi catches them on the way down with a knee to the skull

- 'Terminal Velocity' Endeavor lifts the opponent up for a dominator-style slam; Remi hits a running cutter as he does (MCMG's Thunder Express)

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