"Black Mamba" James Ranger

Black Mamba

Thoughtful Reflection
Wrestling Name: James Ranger
Picture Base: D’Angleo Dinero
Current Nicknames: “Black Mamba”
Height: 6’1"
Weight:243 pounds
Hometown: London, England

NPC Information:
Joyanne (Joy) Rose Ranger: Wife of James Ranger of 8 years, she is seen accompanying him in the ring, occasionally taking wrestling lessons to be at his level. Met back in his indie days and click in and out of the business. She is the wall that refuses to let him look back. His Ringside Manager in EAW. Poser Character: Eva Mendes

Jacob Archer: Old friend of James in the wrestling business, if Joyanne is the rock that keeps him steady, he is the voice of chaos that knows James should do more than settle for second best at any cost. Always test James whenever he begins to see good in others in the business that is wrestling.
Poser Character: Jared Leto

Disposition/Alignment: Conniving Heel

Gimmick: James Ranger has always drawn in motivations on the simpler things. What he wants..he will eventually get. The Turtle will win the race against the Rabbit. Doesn’t necessarily mean that he will stick to the tried and true approach every time, but he knows that victory will come his way. He honest and kind to a fault, but knows that in the business, you have to dirty your hands at some point to reach the next level of success. He has no problems helping someone in trouble or sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong, it is where it leads...where the finish line leads him to victory and satisfaction.

Entrance Theme: Track 11 : 狂気の蛇眼 (Snake Eyes Of Madness)

Ringside Attire: Oil green short vest striped in black, with black flames seemingly rising up at the bottom of the vest all the way around. Inverse combination for the ring shorts.

Ring Entrance(If Not First) : Walks with an air of disgust mixed with a tinge of madness that grows with each passing week, eyes those to the left and right as he approaches the ring, taking in his opponent with measure slowly, as one would prepare their meal.

Ring Entrance(If First) : Walks with an air of disgust mixed with a tinge of madness that grows with each passing week, eyes those to the left and right as he approaches the ring, taking it in, gazing at the ring as he walks around it, slowly smiling as he takes the steps into the ring.


What are your character’s motivations for competing?
Looking to simply relearn the art of wrestling, the thrill of beating his opponent and holding the gold around his waist. When he enters the arena, he only desires to see his opponent defeated. He likes the thrill of facing them again, as to him, it's like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle, eventually you will see the whole picture. He knows there is always someone better than him, and he strives to beat that next person.

Tendency to Cheat: Sometimes


Wrestling Debut [Optional]: 2009, with World Wrestling Xistence as a ringside manager for another wrestler.

Favorite Match Types [Optional]: Last Man Standing Match

Least Favorite Match Types [Optional]: “Insert Object Here” On A Flagpole Match

Favorite Weapon: Steel Baseball Bat

In-Ring Achievements [Optional]:

World Wrestling Xistence (2009 - 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017)
4x WWX Television Champion
3x WWX Triple A Champion
1x WWX International Champion
1x WWX Global Heavyweight Champion
1x WWX World Wrestling Champion
2x Ravage Brand General Manager
3x Fury Brand General Manager
Former Chairman, Owner of WWX (2011 - 2012)
WWX Archive Librarian (Yahoo Groups Page)

Valor Championship Wrestling (2014 - 2015)
Successfully merged fed into Wrestle United Toughness Alliance as development territory
WWA territory member

Extreme Wrestling Alliance (Defunct/Closed) (2011 - 2013):
3x EWA Internet Champion

High Octane Wrestling (2010, 2013):
1x Million Dollar Case Winner

Common Moves: Minimum ten (10)
1. Cross Chop
2. DDT
3. Reverse Russian Legsweep
4. Jawbreaker
5. European Uppercut
6. Snap Suplex
7. Sidestep High Kick
8. German Suplex
9. Corkscrew Tackle
10. Shin Kick
11. Running Enziguri
12. Leaping Gamenknee
13. Northern Lights Suplex
14. Jumping Spinning Sole Kick
15. Double underhook backbreaker
16. Vertical suplex piledriver

Signature Moves: Minimum of two (2), maximum of five (5)

1. Deathstrike- SuperKick; Sets up from any direction, behind, beside, or in front of opponent, kick to the opponent's face. (Heel version aims for the back of the head as well.)

2. Sunrise Triple - Grabbing the opponent, Mamba does three Knee shots to either the face or the chest, following it up with the Sunset Finish, Final Horizon, or Final Execution.

3. Sunset Finish - Northern Lights Bomb

4.Snake Eyes(Stalling Double Underhook Facebuster)- Mule Kick, setting them up for a double underhook pump handle, lifts them up, and sets them up into a stalling facebuster. Slams them back down into the ring, while still holding them.

Finishing Moves: Maximum three (3) and one (1) optional ultra-finisher (UF)

Finishing Moves

1. Advent Dawn - Shooting star double foot stomp

James usually perform this finisher after a Final Execution if the pinfall is not ensured. James smirks with a wild look in his eye, taking to the top rope of a turnbuckle, eyeing either the facedown/face up prone opponent, executing a shooting star press and continue the rotation to land with both feet on an opponent's back or stomach for effect.

Extra-Heelish Version: Attempting to land both feet upon a targeted area, i.e the legs in attempt to revert to his submission finisher. If sanctioned, targets the opponents neck or face.

2. Final Execution- Axe Kick - Kicking the person with a mule kick, James hits the ropes, bouncing back with greater speed,then connecting with scissors kick to the neck area.

3. Fangs of Destiny - Inverted Figure Four Ankle Lock - This submission hold involves a combination of the Figure-Four Leglock and the Ankle lock. However, instead of locking the opponents legs in a "4" shape, the attacking wrestler crosses one of the opponent's legs over to the other and applies pressure on the opponent's crossed leg with one of his own and at the same time uses a key ankle lock submission grapevine on the other leg.

Optional Ultra-Finishing Move

1. Coiled Embrace -

manji-gatame (inverted swastika hold)/Octopus Hold - James stands behind the opponent and hooks a leg over the opponent's opposite leg. The wrestler then forces the opponent to one side, traps one of the opponent's arms with their own arm, and drapes their free leg over the neck of the opponent, forcing it downward. This elevates the wrestler and places all the weight of the wrestler on the opponent.
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Black Mamba

Thoughtful Reflection
Seasonal Update To Moveset, Theme, Entrance and Added NPCs for story reference
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