MATCH PROMO Bring The Killer Instinct - Showdown [5/25] IV

Eric Havoc

There Is No Order
Oh Jake, I’m not scared, yes, I’m fully aware for the likelihood that The Round Table, hell, I’m aware that there’s a greater chance of Shane Gates getting involved in the match to screw me over and give you the win, despite his hatred for you and Joshua. And your unrequited love to make this match more about Hurricane Hawk is rather intriguing, but besides that, I’m ready for whatever comes my way, if me and you have to deal with the entire locker room having to keep us from killing each other. The Round Table has to protect Drake’s Insurance Policy.

But onto the next point, have you’ve completely forgotten our last war of words that I’m ready to move from this just as much as you, sure, you’re going to play the Spin Doctor Card and say spin everything I spouted is complete bull because that’s how you operate, because that’s what you do. You’re master of the political spin, and you’re really good at, I’m sure that guy in the White House would love to have you be his professional bullshiter, I mean that’s how you believe you’ve maintained your position in the company, and Hawk is unable to stand it, so he goes to the Torture Book, and knows that I annoy to no end. And anyone, whose a threat to you, you’ll undercut them, you’ll cut their legs from underneath them, you’ll stab them in the back, I know that day will inevitably come with you and The Round Table.

But moving on from my premonition of very predictable events to come, you keep forgetting something rather important, I. do. not. care. about winning, or losing. Winning would be a bonus just to see how you take it, because either way This Rebirth I’ve started is only going up, so keep deluding yourself that this is only a phase, this is real, I’m turning our match into the match everyone comes back to watch, I’m stealing the show, and making the canvas red with yours and mine blood. I ain’t afraid of the scars I’ve gained, and I definitely ain’t afraid to gain some more.

And while you bring your cheese grater, I’ll bring a Steel Chair wrapped in barb-wire and dig it into your forehead as you scream in pure agony from the pain, I’m going to make an impact in our Final Encounter, and if everyone wants to get involved, so be it.

So bring The Round Table, bring Shane Gates, bring Terry Chambers, and most importantly, bring the killer instinct Jake Smith!

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