MATCH PROMO Brunching with the Animals (Showdown #2)

Mechanical Animals

Straight outta What Culture
(The camera starts up and we find the Mechanical Animals...once more in a pub. This time they are the Fado Irish Pub, enjoying a nice brunch as David is enjoying a traditional Irish Pub favorite of Corned Beef and Cabbage while his partner Sabin is enjoying a rack of grilled lamb and both men seem to be in good, yet annoyed spirits as Sabin sets down his fork and looks at the camera)

"You know, my partner and I thought that since neither of our opponents seemed to care about having anything really to say about our match that we'd track down some Irish food because amusingly enough while our manager seems to think that we need to have this air of..."cultured superiority"...about us, that we should only be seen eating the finest things in life but when you get right down to it, we're actually just a couple of working guys and we enjoy good and proper food like this." Sabin says before indicating the rack of grilled lamb before him. "This lovely bit of meat has been grilled to utter perfection with the right combination of lamb jus and mint chimichurri with the best combination of scalloped potatoes, sautéed green beans with marinated tomatoes and almonds...simply perfection in my personal opinion."

"Our opponents for this week on the other hand...not so much."

Sabin gently pushes his food away as his gaze is focused solely on the camera. "Shaker and Io, where are the two of you? The moment that we found out that the two of you were going to be our opponents for this week's edition of Showdown, we jumped right into the thick of it because , despite my partner's feelings on Io, we were looking forward to giving the faithful of the Mechanical Animals yet another showcase of epic technical wrestling. We wanted a fucking war of words with the both of you...but instead as we waited patiently, calmly, for either one of the two of you to say a word about our match this weekend, we get a whole lot of nothing."

"Yes, not one little unique quip from you Shaker that makes one laugh at how foolish his opponents can look, and most certainly not one pointless little diatribe from Io that shows one just how unworthy she is to be apart of professional wrestling when she should be just be working at the maid cafe HonyHoney Akihabara in Tokyo." states David as he leans back in his chair, shaking his head.

"Exactly...with David's comment about Io aside, we've heard nothing from the two of you and that makes us curious...are you two mocking us or do you the two of you just think that you’re too good to cut a promo or two?” Sabin muses, crossing his arms over his chest with a bemused look on his face. “I mean of the two of you, only Shaker has any kind of right to do that because he’s a proven veteran of this sport ...while you, Io Ishimori, are most certainly *NOT*! And I’m not saying this to be mean or anything...David would…”

“And constantly will.” the Hawaiian native growls.

“But you see, Io, you’re are about as useful in the ring as this rack of grilled lamb. You might look good, you might have the right combination of spices and the ilk...but when it comes right now to it, you’re a pricey bit of after dinner conversation.” Sabin says with a faint smile on his face. “I mean you are too wrapped up in yourself that you’ll probably be arguing with your stuffed animal to help out Shaker when the time comes during our match, I’m just saying.”

“And you can’t confuse that with us trying to sow the seeds of discontent between the two of you, Io and Shaker, because in this case it’s a proven fact that Io will stop doing whatever she’s doing to have a meeting with her plush toy… prove us wrong, Io...I fucking dare you because then you won’t have anything more to hide behind now will you?” David challenges in an angry tone.

“So, here we are. The Mechanical Animals, waiting patiently for whatever may come from the camps of Shaker Jones and Io Ishimori. Come on, stop being quiet and hit us with your best shots...we promise not to bite ...too hard.” Sabin says with a wink before going back to his brunch.

(The camera cuts out)

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