SOSA Henderson

Well-known member
EAW World Champion

Ring Name: “BULLETPROOF" SOSA Henderson
Picture Base: Shane Strickland
Height: 6'2
Weight: 191

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania​

Alignment: Merciless Heel






The Philly King is back again! After finding his true self at the end of Season 13. SOSA is moving back to love and protect his only family. Even though SOSA maintains celebrity status and his Hollywood investments, there’s still no longer ”HOLLYWOOD” SOSA in Season 14. ONLY BITCHES LOVE ”BULLETPROOF” SOSA HENDERSON!

Robbing, cheating & lying will become a priority like never before.

Theme Song: “Faneto” by Chief Keef

Entrance Attire: Bulletproof jacket(sometimes), black sunglasses, black leather jacket and gloves and a sosa chain with plenty of tattoos.

Segment Attire: A variety of flashy outfits with icy jewelry (Watch, Chains and Diamond Necklaces)

Motivations: Become the face of the EAW

Tendencies to Cheat: Hell yeah


Wrestling Trainer: Trained with his old man(father), Michael Rush.

Favorite Match Type: Street Fights, Steel Cage, Ladders, Tables and Chairs.

Favorite Weapon: Car Jack

Strengths: High-flying and technical with some strong boxing experience.

Weaknesses: None for right now although you might get in his head if you bring up his recent jail charges. Then again, it might make him go at you even harder.

Common Moves: Apron Kick, Back Suplex, Apron Stomp, Slingshot Headscissoeprs, Poisoned Frankensteiner, Headstand Headscissors Dropkick Combo, Slingshot Double Foot Stomp, Roundhouse Kick, Diving Crossbody, Springboard Dropkick, Jumping Foot Stomp, Corner Single Leg Dropkick, Gamengiri, Back Suplex Backbreaker, Feigned Kick Combo, Over The Top Rope Moonsault Plancha, Tornado Kick, Slingshot Flatliner, Rolling Thunder Meteor, Spanish Fly, Lumbar Check, Top Rope Brainbuster, Delayed Vertical Suplex, Tiger Feint Kick, Snapmare and Single Leg Dropkick, Apron Desth Valley Driver, Superkick, Jumping DDT, Bicycle Knee, Rolling Thunder into a cutter, 450 Splash, JML Driver.

Finisher(s): Paid in Full (Double Curb Stomp)(Swerve Stomp)

DEADSHOT (Jumping Superkick followed by a Jumping DDT)

STOLE YO BITCH (RKO outta nowhere)


Sharpshooter, Crossface, Spear, SOSA BOMB (Swanton Bomb)

Special Finisher: GARNISHMENT(Endless Curb Stomps with a chair sitting on top of the opponent's face)


Sosa Henderson grew up in the streets of Philadelphia, PA in a very large household. He has five brothers and three sisters. Sosa, being the youngest, was very mistreated among his family. This caused Sosa to become very distant from his siblings by locking himself in his room and only devoting his attention to watching every single EAW episode weekly or writing poems. As a year or two go by, the landlord has requested for his family to vacate the house due to unpaid mortgages. Thus the family separates with Sosa and two of his close brothers sticking together and moving in with their mother's grandmother. Sosa's grandmother lived in a bad neighborhood, making life difficult for Sosa as he witnessed violent crimes every single day, including homicide, stealing, and gang beef. Drugs were also heavy around the area, of course. Sosa, being the youngest was still picked on by two of his brothers.

One day, walking home from their middle school, Sosa and his brothers haven't ate anything but noodles in two days. So, Sosa's older brother decides a plan to steal candy out of a liquor store. Hesitant to the idea, Sosa had no choice but to follow suit. Sosa's two older brothers named Antonio and David planned to be distractions by telling the store owner about a leak coming from the back of his store. This gives Sosa time to run in and take many items as he can get. The planned worked. The planned worked numerous of times after except their last attempt. Liquor owners in the city caught attention of these three and since Sosa was the youngest brother, his two older brothers made him take all of the damage. Being immature to the extent of punishment, Sosa's brothers didn't know causing him to take the charge would land him six months in a juvenile detention center.

In the center, Sosa became exposed to the gang life as he unknowingly helped a black gang member of "Ace Trey's" in a gang brawl. Sosa loved the attention that was received in the detention center. It was the first time he felt respected since his brothers treated him poorly his whole life. It got even worse as six months passed away. Sosa was released but not a single family member was there to pick him up. Therefore, Sosa started walking along the roads by himself. He literally slept in abandoned houses for weeks and used some of thievery skills to take food out of the neighborhood. A month later, Sosa spots a red truck rolling up on him while he's walking the streets. Frightened, Sosa quickly runs as the red truck chases after him. Sosa takes every shortcut he knows, but the red truck finally catches it with him. The windows of the red truck finally rolls down and Sosa is reunited with the gang member that he befriended in juvenile. The gang member invites Sosa to live with him. Sosa agrees and becomes a big part of the "Ace Trey's" gang of Philly.

Sosa's main objective within the gang was stealing, shooter and selling nickel bags of cocaine. They gave him the gang nickname "Bulletproof." Quickly, the confidence grew of Sosa at the age of 15. He lost his virginity to a older woman in her late 20's, gifted by a gang leader for his loyalty. Another year goes by, Sosa has concentrated on rapping but wants to improve his writing skills. Sosa goes to the gang leaders to ask for enrollment in school but the leaders refuse his request because it could hurt their business. Sosa begins to grow distant from the gang as he sees more to life than slanging drugs, going in and out of county jail centers and breaking in houses. Sosa starts going to a gym training facility every single day at the age of 17, this is where he meets one of his best friends named Michael Rush. Mr. Rush becomes one of Sosa's advisors because he saw potential in Sosa Henderson.

Ace Trey's gang leaders notices Sosa's appearing less and begins to address it to the friend that Sosa helped out in juvenile. It was either deal with it or become dealt with for Sosa's friend. He approaches Sosa to explain the consequences of leaving the gang, but it leads into an argument. Sosa tries to avoid hurting his friend so he walks away. This is the start of a more aggressive Sosa, as he trains hard to get rid of the pain of his childhood. A week later, Mr. Rush encourages Sosa to complete his GED and try out for the wrestling team. Sosa refuses because he rather focus on becoming a famous rapper. However, soon Sosa leaves, he experiences very distraughtful moment by seeing his mother walking the streets of Philly, hung out on cocaine.

Sosa immediately calls 9-1-1, giving his mother the attention that she needs. Stuck in the hospital with his unconscious mother, Mr. Rush rushes to be there for him and his family. After a while of talking with Mr. Rush, Sosa's mother finally regains a level of consciousness. She starts to preaching an inspirational speech to her son, Sosa, encouraging Sosa to enroll in high school, wrestle and rap. She also asks Mr. Rush to become Sosa's legal guardian. Mr. Rush agrees as Sosa Henderson's motivation to leave his old life behind him rises. But it isn't that easy. Ace Trey's gang leaders find out that Sosa wants to leave their society, therefore they send his gang member friend to finish him off. Sosa was many steps ahead of them, though. He manipulates Ace Trey's rival gang members to go battle them. This leads to the killing of many Ace Trey members including Sosa's old gang member friend and leaders that wanted him dead. Accepting God's grace, Sosa attends church to finally change over a new life. His childhood still catches back up with him at times, as he sees it now, he did what he had to do. He will never forget where he came from but will steady look forward. Sosa began training all over the country and overseas in Japan, even gained experience in Lucha Underground wrestling. He gained success in every promotion he's performed, even in boxing exhibition matches.

Finally, at the age of 24, Sosa eyes his opportunity to perform in Elite Answers Wrestling where his main objective is to buy his mother a house, and show his siblings, his doubters, all the haters that he defines excellence.


New Breed Champion (1 time)
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