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Death is not the greatest loss in life. It’s what dies inside you while living. Every defeat, every loss and heartbreak contain its own growth. The weight of it can make your life difficult. However, sometimes a loss can be the best thing for you. I’ve always been the one who has given props when it’s due. If I lose, I lose. Plain and simple, but that doesn’t mean I’ve lost a chance to fight another day. That’s why my response to a loss has always been by what I’m doing right now – coming back harder than ever. A loss never eats me up inside to the point I must ignore it. You cannot ignore things that you have not overcome yet. Because within a certain instant your life could be fooled. I’ve figured out how to handle things before I lose something that I’m most proud of in my career. Confidence. I just find it hard to believe that some people find it normal to talk about taking L’s for matches that weren’t significant. All that match did was prove to me that Consuela and Raven Roberts are worthy enough to compete against Cleopatra. But I stand by my word, and I was never pinned in that match. And with a world full of promise, there’s always an opportunity to fall at times. Queen’s Court understands that bosses take losses at the right time. Because neither of us know how to afford losing when it matters. Such as this case, Ms. Roberts. This match is when it matters. Your match at Road to Redemption is when it matters. Now let’s see if you can pull off a victory this time around, bitch.

I think you missed a couple more reasons why you and Rex McAllister are destined for each-other. Not only you lack substantial attributes compared to myself and the unstoppable Theron Nikolas. You both also share the same brain. I’ve rarely used this since coming back to EAW but how HYPOCRITICAL of you to say I’m always specifying not being pinned in our last tag team match. Then you go off to specify Amber Keys pulling down the tag team championships. I don’t even see the point of bringing up dumb shit to this confrontation. You of all people should know how to watch what you speak. You’re speaking a whole bunch of propaganda but it’s a wonderful feeling to me. Because now I know you have nothing else against me, Raven. The only thing you can bark about is winning the New Breed Championship at a time Cleopatra was enjoying her retirement. Now, I’m out of retirement, quickly disposing the main-events of its garbage times into an actual show. I’m not saying this because I run out of things to say. The proof is out there and it’s evident. Everyone wants to come see Cleopatra, and think about it, next week on Empire, I will have the privilege to beat my old foe’s ass in my home country of Canada. Cameron, I hope you’re watching because after I’m done putting out the Fire and melting the Ice, I’m coming for your ass next. IN the meantime, I have bigger fish to fry. Raven, your own partner, Rex talked about being “too predictable,” and why doesn’t that surprise me that he may be referring to YOU.

Making statements like “This isn’t PFP 6,” “Only you and Cameron were in the division,” The Canadian dream is just a dream,” is probably the most predictable arguments I’ve seen just yet. But you’re right, this isn’t PFP 6. This isn’t 2012, 2013, 2014. Nope… This is the year coming for Cleopatra as I will rise and establish further dominance as TRIPLE champion. At last, EAW has finally spoken. The Vixens Championship will be on the line against Cameron Ella Ava and once I defeat her, this title’s status should be held active. Therefore, I can now defend it against worthless pests like Kassidy Heart who needs to cheat in order to beat me. I can defend it against anyone I want, and I can bet your ass, I will defend it more proudly than Raven Robert does for the New Breed Championship. It’s just simple, I’m BETTER than I once was before when it was just me and Cameron Ella Ava keeping women’s wrestling alive. You add that on along with the addition of Theron Nikolas, it’s like a dream come true. And for people like Fire & Ice, they’re just living in it, day-by-day, refusing to acknowledge what will impact their alliance. They never saw this one coming, and probably felt this tournament would be a breeze for them. It seems as roles have been reversed and I’m that roadblock. But I’m also more than that, as you can see. I’m the Queen of the Nile. Why? Because the Nile River is the largest river in the world. The flow of a river contains a lot of things such as different paths, and different steps. This is the way Cleopatra sees life as it is. There are paths to take and steps to make. I have mastered every single area in my life, including my career inside EAW. I will admit that my absence may have voided my presence of your Top 10 lists. However, opinions don’t matter much to me. Because I’ve heard many things people say when you’re gone. It’s when you’re here that they seem to appreciate you more. As when you’re gone, they try to tear you down then replace you. That’s how evil this business is. It’s the reason why I told Rex that positivism is for fairies. Fast forward, Cleopatra is back and back on top! See how easy that works? All it takes is stepping into the right path and my career has been floating along. Now it’s time to come to pass. My reign and dominance will be considered by Cleopatra’s confidence, wisdom and the fight to never give up! Please, don’t think I forgot about WINNING! Raven, your name suits your face. Your title name suits your personality against a legend like Cleopatra. And soon after Battleground, Fire & Ice will have one more thing to share.


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