MATCH PROMO Cartoon. (Dynasty 001)

Ronan Malosi

Cape Town Crippler
Ronan is sitting on a crate backstage drinking water, dejected and angry

Malosi: In case, you were all focused on that ‘chaotic’ finish to Dynasty. I was bested in the fatal 4 way. Of course, I wasn’t pinned that honor goes to Christopher Cool. The weakest link in the match did exactly what he was there for and lost. Which is why I’ve said numerous times I hate multi-man matches. Now, I have to move on because I’ve been informed I have a match this week. I’m expected to team with the same people I battered in that ring. SKA and Nathan von Liebert, I gotta be honest I hate rookies but I hate losing more. Which is why I am going to try and put our differences aside for the little time we spend in that ring next Friday. All I gotta tell you two is to stay outta my way. Just because we’re partners doesn’t mean I like you. SKA, I didn’t forget your comment about Sylas and for the time I had in that fatal 4 way to beat your ass it wasn’t good enough. NVL, you called me a gatekeeper and in doing so disrespected the work I’ve done for months to find a foothold here on Dynasty. More importantly, I take umbrage to the fact that I’m working with the men who are here to take my spot on Dynasty. These are the guys who I’m supposed to be WORKING with? Management, sure does have a funny way of showing appreciation. I have been battling these guys for months and trying to get them out of Dynasty, all to save Dynasty from becoming a circus. Ya see, I was a rookie at one point this year, I was open to new people on Dynasty just to get the opportunity to fight more people. But, I stayed around long enough to watch a lot of the new talent come and go and sometimes pass me by. I didn’t have a love of seeing other new guys come in anymore, I had an itch to see them all fail. Their all the same, they come in with a lot of hype and they turn out to be a bust. I was in the ring with most of the rookies that have came and left Dynasty and I can sincerely say I wasn’t impressed. I was just in the ring with SKA, NVL, and Christopher Cool and I can once again sincerely say I wasn’t impressed. SKA, got a lucky win last night, a fluke, a blip on the radar. You don’t get respect for a fluke, you may get some respect from these people but not from me. Your all a waste of time, whether me beating you all down in that ring shows it, or just natural selection runs its course the people will soon see. Nathan, SKA, I don’t see you guys as partners I see you as leeches. Your leeching onto me, so when I win this match for myself you guys get momentum aswell. That’s something I hate the thought of but I know I have to do it. Next Friday, we’re partners but once that bell rings and the dust settles I’ll be ready to beat you guys down just like that. Remember that. Moving on, it’s time to focus on my scheduled opponents.

Malosi: I’ll start off with Christopher Cool. A man who I once again have the burden of sharing the with again. More importantly, a man who I know I can beat. Why you may ask? While I didn’t win the fatal 4 way match, if you replay the footage you’ll notice I hit Christopher Cool with a Code Red and dropped his ass right on his head. The ref was a millisecond away from counting 3 after that but Nathan pulled me off the pin unfortunately. Although, this means I have shown I can beat you. To top it all off, SKA pinned you to win the 4 way proving that he can beat you aswell. I almost feel bad for Windgate and Manson as they have to cart around a 211 pound sack of dead weight. It’s people like you Chris that I sincerely hate, it’s people like you who pollute Dynasty. Your talentless, you’ve proven that last Friday and your gonna prove it again this Friday. Although, I’m not gonna give you another chance to prove just how talentless you are again after next week. Because, this raging lunatic is gonna put you out of commission on Friday. I’m gonna beat you so bad, you won’t know your way back to Dynasty. I’m gonna send you where you deserve to be and that’s at home with your children and wife. I’m gonna end your Dynasty tenure with no remorse next Friday. You stuck your nose where it shouldn’t been, in that ring. Now, your paying for it in the form of me. Management should be thanking me right now. I’m doin what no one else has the gall to do. I’m dismantling the future, to leave room for the past. I may not be the hero you all want but I’m the hero your all gonna get. StarrStan, I recommend you change the locks on the doors because once I’m finished with him it’ll be for his own good he doesn’t return. What I do to Christopher Cool is gonna serve as an example to what happens to new faces here on Dynasty.

Ronan hops off the crate and throws the water bottle to the side

Malosi: Archimedes J. Manson, that name brings a sick feeling to my stomach. I realize that I’m in the the presence of another joke. I thought I ridded not just myself but Dynasty from you and your antics. I gave you an easy out Manson, last time we were in that ring I beat you and I opened the door for you. Yet, you didn’t exit instead you returned to Dynasty on a zipline, and you miraculously got a New Breed Championship match. Something I feel like you didn’t deserve? I mean I was the one who beat you before and I didn’t get a title match. This shows you exactly how Dynasty management views me. The fact that Archimedes is pushed over me shows some definite priority issues. I am twice the star that Archimedes will everrr be. Ya know, it’s my fault, it’s my fault that I didn’t end his career when I had the chance. This time I will not hesitate, now Manson you may have lucked out. You have 2 others to watch your back this time around. If I don’t end your career this time I will next time we cross paths and believe me we will. I am gonna make you regret coming back and I am going to leave you grounded like volcanic ash in the middle of the ring. Once a joke always a joke. You pose no threat to me and if you wanna I recommend you get serious. Last time, not getting serious screwed you over big time. Now, I’m two times the threat I was before with a new set of eyes. Manson, Friday, you pay the ultimate price when you feel my rage.

Malosi stares a hole into the camera

Malosi: I saved the best for last. Justin Windgate, that name has lived in infamy in my mind since November 8th. As I’m sure everyone knows you defeated me to become the number one contender to Jenny Cien‘s New Breed Championship. It was one of the most crushing moments in my life, and career. As I lied on the ground in defeat I wondered if that was really all I worked for. You defeating me didn’t slow me down it only speeded me up though. I have been in the gym training even harder than I was before and I have been training every faucet of my game so I don’t fall short against you again. Justin, I am confident that I can beat you in that ring 1...2...3. I just need one, one opportunity with you in the ring and I can beat you. Ronan Malosi will show the world that your win was a mere fluke. I have watched the footage to our match 1000 times and I know just what to do. Now, I don’t just have muscle I have vision.

Sylas emerges into frame and whispers something into Ronan’s ear

Sylas: Mr. Windgate I have heard quite the things about you. I must say you are a talented individual and quite the high flyer. I have been studying the footage to all of your matches and I know what Ronan has to watch out for, and how he can do so. Your a high flyer, you live to excite these fans, and you feed off of them. Ronan, isn’t here to do any of that crap. Ronan, is here to beat you which he will do. I have you know I had my fair share of tag matches back in the day and I am teaching Ronan the insides and outs of the match. If Ronan has my knowledge he will have no problem succeeding in your defeat. Justin, you are a mere representation of the old man Ronan used to be. He has wised up now and he is more of a threat. Don’t take him lightly like before Windgate because he will surprise you.

Malosi: Windgate, your as good as dead come Friday. I am seeing through your teammates and looking dead at you. I have nothing to prove against them anymore but to you I have everything to prove. Justin, your gonna remember my name for more than just the guy you beat. Your gonna remember it as the name of the guy who left a permanent scar across your face. It’s time to rage.

Ronan pushes the camera aside and walks off with Sylas

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