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You see, this is where you’re wrong, Drake. Let me school you for a second on how to stay relevant. Because it seems as you’ll need it before your career has sunk before it even sails. I’m sure you’ve saw what I did to Noah throughout recent weeks leading to our match. Before I had the chance to go toe-to-toe with him then ultimately lose because of some bitch that couldn’t stay in her place. I was just like you. I was in opening filler matches and could barely make it onto the card. But we all know it was short-lived because of the desire inside of me to step out of my comfortable zone. So, I did what I had to do, regardless if I failed or not. Noah was able to accomplish his mission by seizing his case back and more. On the other hand, I was able to use his name to build my own platform into a bigger spotlight. Perhaps that is why I was able to get my own free time on television in front of my home crowd. The EAW sees SOSA Henderson as the newest and GREATEST acquisition to grace this company. Therefore, even in defeat, I was also able to accomplish MY mission and I’m sure Noah thought about the consequences if he kept holding onto the briefcase after our match. Smart man… He chose the correct path, now there’s no reason for me to go after him anymore until the time is right. People are fooled because they look right through me because I’ma thug and I always tend to socialize about my past. But there’s lessons behind every story that’s been presented. I’m showing these new breeds of Elitist what it takes to become a star. I’m the primary example and I shall continue to move forward and cause my light to shine even brighter.

What have you’ve accomplished since coming here, Drake? You claim that I couldn’t take advantage when clearly, you’ve been proved wrong. Yet, you didn’t take advantage of retiring the legendary Heart Break Boy. You didn’t take advantage of being surrounded by veterans in your Road to Redemption chamber match. Because I haven’t seen your experience transition into any of your bigger matches moving forward. Don’t think I haven’t caught eye of your match at King of Elite when you were defeated. That moment should have been yours, but you couldn’t handle the pressure of proving you’re the best newcomer in that match.

To be honest, I’ll admit that you’re one of them for right now despite your failure. However, I’m just ONE. I’m standing on a lone island as the ONE on top of them all. In fact, the guy that you’ve compared me to – Chris Elite, was put down by my very own hands. So is it a fact that Chris Elite is the one that’s portraying me instead because it’s obvious that I’m the better man. And I prove the same thing to you, Drake. It’s fair to say that this competition could have very well just been between you and I. This is a start of a written story that will later transition into a one-sided dominant display. “Mr. OK” Drake King versus “Bulletproof” SOSA Henderson could become a headline someday. As of now, I’m not even worried about you too much. I’m sprinting passed you faster than you think. And you’re just playing catch up again just like you’re playing with your buddies Xander Payne and Myles. Do you think you’ll stand a chance against someone like Malcolm Jones? He’s completely dominated since coming into this company and has yet to meet his match. His bullets have pierced through skins, knocked out a couple legends and annihilated his opposition. What can you offer that could beat that man? Because from my standpoint, I have the better chance at defeating him. Why? It’s simple. I’m BULLETPROOF, nigga! The kill streaks that Malcolm has endured will come to a complete stop. My time has come NOW! This nigga has the crown anyway… He doesn’t need the Interwire Championship and I can bet, he could care less about it now since becoming the King of Elite. That belt deserves a better holder, and someone that can carry it with honor. I would be a little skeptical with having either you or Damon hold onto that belt because you might end up losing it to a Voltage member. I know how to take what I want, and nothing will ever slip from my grasp ever again. I had Noah where I wanted him, but he took a lesson out from my own book. Can’t you believe it, Drake? Our very own EAW World Heavyweight Champion… The man that defeated the great Y2Impact after his legendary 8th reign… He used my own tactics against me. As I said earlier… smart move but I do believe in karma. These kinds of actions aren’t built for someone like Noah and he will pay someday. It doesn’t have to be now or tomorrow, next week or even next year. But one day… He will have to speak up for himself after SOSA Henderson smacks his ass all over the ring once again. Anyway, back to you, Drake… I’m hoping to get a clearer answer about your future within this business. You should embrace your audience as this the only thing that may prolong your career. However, how long will you think these fans will continue to chant “OK?” Just like beauty, all good things never last. Soon these fans will seek something much newer and when that time comes about, do you have an answer for it? OK chants won’t save you from an ass whooping inside that ring and it won’t keep you relevant among the masses. You know what you must do, Drake. You must come to terms with reality. Your stardom will hit a deep pause after this match because the world will witness the true coming of a new leader in this generation.

On the contrary, there isn’t a problem, Drake… Just curiosity. You retired the Heart Break Boy from ever competing again. Someone like you? Yes, you! Out of all the people in this company… How can someone that has little experience become capable of retiring an EAW Hall of Famer? I want to test you. My skill-set is almost similar as the Heart Break Boy, but that old nigga was too slow and balding from head-to-toe. Imagine facing the Heart Break Boy in his prime years? Drake, you’re looking at him! Unfortunately for HBB, I’ll probably become a bigger star than he’ll ever be. Because he’s helped create the monster within me. The hood, the streets and the pain I’ve suffered gave it a jump-start and now I can’t be attained. My goal in this business was to feed my family and make a name for myself. It’s still that same goal but some things tend to change. I want to become a champion. Not just any ordinary champion. I want to be the greatest champion this world has ever seen. And no, I’m not going to go around calling myself “GOAT Champion.” I don’t need to speak on matters that everyone already will know. And just like this match on Showdown... They’ll further recognize this after I’ve turned Drake into a Queen and cause Damon’s fuel to exhaust. If you’ve already heard, then let me tell you again. This is my year and these bitches will forever scream “WE WANT SOSA!”
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