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Real Name: Rachel Celeste Dumont
Wrestling Name: Celes Dumont
Picture Base: Heidi Lovelace/Ruby Riott
Current Nicknames: "Lady Gojira", "The Twisted Sister of the Dominion", "Sekai de mottomo warui seikaku o motsu jose" (Japanese for "The woman with the worst personality in the world"),
Height: 5'7
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hometown: Boston, MA

Disposition/Alignment: Anti-Hero

Gimmick: To say that Celes has "gone to a dark place" is putting it lightly as she has become a much more demented figure as of late, reaching deep inside of her to once more take on a more brutal nature that is as natural to her as breathing and has started to full embrace her darker side as well.

Theme Music: "Malevolence" by New Years Day

(The lights in the arena fade to black as blue spotlights start searching the stage area as "Malevolence" by New Years Day starts to play as the hard bass and drum lines that continue to build at which point Celes strides onto the stage wearing a black, sleeveless hoodie with the hood covering her face and stands there with her head down as the instrumentals build to a crescendo when a woman's voice starts to speak)

Ash Costello:
So soft, so gentle this rose is kind and still
With changes comes hatred now time to kill

(At the word "kill", Celes throws her head back to reveal her painted face before she looks around madly for a moment before she starts to make her way down to the ring at a slow and steady pace, her dark eyes staying focused as she goes, eventually making it to the ring where she slides under the bottom rope like a snake before quickly moving quickly moving to her corner and shedding her ring jacket, tossing it to one side and waiting patiently for the match to begin)

What are your character’s motivations for competing?
Passion mixed with a desire to prove herself and continuing the family legacy with just a twist of Gold for flavor.

Tendency to Cheat: When needed

Wrestling Debut: March 8th, 2017 for the Universal Wrestling Corporation (Wednesday Night Warfare-Celes Dumont vs. "Sweet" Saya Song)

Entrance Gear:
Example A

In-Ring Attires:
View One
View 2
View 3
View Four

Wrestling Style:
Celes' style is based primarily in Japanese Puroresu but with a more technical bent to it, favoring very stiff shots mixed with suplexes, very rarely does she take to doing top rope moves but when she does its usually with devastating effect as while she is one of the shorter members of the Empire roster, she is one of strongest due to a very demanding and physical workout system that she adheres to like a religion.

Also much like her more infamous cousin, she thrives in a hardcore/death match environment due to both her creative nature and an ability to ignore any pain inflicted on her to the point of laughing like a madwoman, something that she gained from her time spent in previous promotions.

Common Moves:
1. Forearm strikes
2. Headbutt
3. Multiple kick variations
-3a: Axe
-3b: Pushing big boot to the opponent's chest
-3c: Rolling wheel
-4d: Shoot
-3e: Roundhouse
-3f: “Penalty Kick” (Soccer kick to the chest of a seated opponent)

4. Samoan drop

5. Multiple suplex variations
-5a. German
-5b: Tiger
-4c: X
-5d: Snap
-5e: Fisherman
-5e: Saito
-5f: Deadlift German
-5g: Bridging Northern Lights

6. Knife-edged chops
7. Brainbuster
8. Spear
9. Machine gun chops
10. Spinning back fist
11. Standing seated senton, as a counter to a sunset flip
12. Meteora
13. Shotei palm strikes
14. Ura-nage, sometimes as a counter to corner attacks
15. Hard slaps to the opponent's face
16. Diving elbow drop to the back of an opponent's head
17. Sling Blade
18. MMA-style elbow and knee strikes
19. Palm and knee strikes combos
20. Running European Uppercut to a cornered opponent

1. Dragon sleeper, sometimes with a body scissors
2. Victory roll floated over into a cross armbar
3. STF
4. Figure four leg lock around the ring post
5. Rear naked choke
6. Sleeper hold
7. Tequila Sunrise
8. Single leg boston crab
9. Modified figure-four head-scissors
10. Rolling guillotine choke
11. Triangle Choke
12. Knee bar

"Named" Common moves:
1. "Spiral Arrow" (Pumphandle flipping release half-nelson suplex)
2. "Burst Time" (Backbreaker rack dropped into a gutbuster)
3. "Angel's Touch" (Twist of Fate)
4. “Twisted Sister” (Rolling snapmare into a shoot kick)
5. The "Upside Down" (Hanging figure-four leglock)

Signature Moves: Minimum of two (2), maximum of five (5)
1. The "Multiplex" (Celes hits a german suplex on an opponent but keeps her grip locked in before hitting a second followed by a third and then a fourth german before hitting a fifth one which is a high impact released German suplex at the end)

2. "Fear Effect" (Overhead gutwrench backbreaker rack dropped into a reverse swinging side slam facebuster AKA the "Ura-Shouten")-#5

3. "Devil Trigger” (High impact roundhouse kick)-sometimes used to set up for “Greetings from Junon”

4. "Irish Death” (Moonsault double foot stomp)-

5. “Ebony Maw” (Hybrid Ankle/Achilles Tendon Lock submission hold with Celes using her left leg to push them away from any ropes while using her right foot to viciously kick her opponent in the back of the head/neck while wrenching the ankle/Achilles Tendon)

6. “Black Number One”/”BNO” (Celes hits a vertical suplex on an opponent but keeps the hold cinched in as she lifts the opponent up before hitting a twisting vertical suplex but once more keeps the hold cinched in while lifting up the opponent one more time but this time she hits a Revolution/Twisting Brainbuster on the opponent, dropping them squarely on top of their heads)-Innovated

Finishing Moves: Maximum three (3) and one (1) optional ultra-finisher (UF)
1. "Greetings from Junon" (F-5/Red Wedding)

2. "Silver Banshee" (Over-the-shoulder single leg Boston crab / Calf slicer combination)-Here

3. “Glasgow Smile” (Running knee strike to an opponent's head/Bomaye style)-Here

Note: has been known to sometimes use the "Razed in Black" (Wrist-lock transitioned into a short-arm lariat) as an alternate.

UF. "Coma White" (One-handed electric chair driver from the top rope and held for a pin)

Celes is a member of a wrestling family as her older brother is former professional wrestler Paul "Angelus" Dumont, her sister-in-law Jessica Dumont, and the extended Dumont/Slayton family and shows that respect down to adopting the "Multiplex" move from her cousin Marcus as well as the "ACT Special" and "Orochi" from her cousin and trainer Yeh Shen Li.

Celes has only recently completed her training at the Slayton Wrestling Academy in Riverside California with EAW being only her second promotion within the last year and a half where she was trained by her cousins Chris and Yeh Shen Li.

The "Scarecrow":
A walking mystery that has been occasionally following Celes or appearing in her promos as of late, the "Scarecrow" (as Celes has been calling him) is a towering (6'4/240 lbs) figure who has yet to appear on the Empire brand...or has he?

Ricky Nova:
Ricky is a semi-retired wrestler who is enjoying being more of a manager/color commentator/backstage figure rather than nearly breaking his neck on a nightly to weekly bases. A former multi-time heavyweight and tag team champion, Ricky has seen and done a lot in his almost two decades in the sport but this Yonkers native is now more than content with being the "voice of ill reason" for one of his favorite charges.
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Hello and welcome to EAW! You will be placed on our developmental show, Battleground and you'll be part of the new card that will be posted soon. If you have any questions feel free to contact your writer, myself. Feel free to join our discord and enjoy your stay!


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Thank you all for the welcomings, I'm looking forward to writing here.


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I cleaned up Celes' bio a little bit, added entrance, attire, and motivation notes, found a smaller picture for Bane so that it's not using up so much space between sections of text as well as adding information about her debut that I forgot to do when I initially put in the contract.

Update 2: Made changes to reflect changes to her look and what not following na upcoming pair of promos and her being moved to Empire.
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Did some more cleaning up of it, added suggested changes to reflect her continuing descent.
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