MATCH PROMO Checking in

Jax Walker

Steigenberger Wiltcher's - Hotel, Brussels, Belgium

Yeah, ‘Low, I just got into the room….it’s called the Steigenberger Wiltcher’s...yeah, it has a gym and restaurant. Nah, I’ll make Empire. I have a gym day Thursday, and media Friday afternoon, so I can make it...sure, send the film study over and I’ll take a look. Alright, ‘Low, take care. I’ll see ya soon.

Jax hangs up his phone and drops it into the pocket of his canvas coat. He drops the bag he’s carrying to the floor as he takes a look around the hotel. The third story room has a small sitting area with a wall mounted flat screen and couch, this is the room Jax currently stands in. A short hallway, with a door to the bathroom, and wood floor, connects to the bedroom which consists of a comfortable looking double bed, another wall mounted flat screen, and a dresser with desk phone and coffee maker.

Jax walks through the room and, noticing the French doors to the balcony, opens them, stepping out into the cool morning air. A puff of his breath escapes his nose as Jax looks down on the busy street below. Most the patrons of the hotel were not EAW Elitists, but rather tourists, and traveling businessmen. Jax had guessed, accurately, that the EAW universe would be swarming the more mainstream hotels that most the roster would stay in. He had wanted a place he could stay that had a gym, and the peace he needed to study his opponents. They had been right in their assessment that most them had more experience than he had, and he would need to work extra hard to make up for it.

Retreating back into the room, closing the balcony doors behind him, Jax walks back into the sitting area and picks up his luggage, consisting of a duffel bag and two suitcases, and taking it into the bedroom. Sitting the suitcases in the small closet, Jax drops the duffle on the bed and reaches into a side pouch, pulling out a small memory card. Harlow, thinking ahead, had made a tape study for him to go over that consisted of big matches from his opponents.

Sighing, he pushes the card into the slot on the wall mounted tv before pulling a notebook and pencil out of the duffle and pulling the sitting on the edge of the bed as the tv powers on and MJ v. Chris Elite at Pain for Pride starts to play.


So, lemme get this the way, MJ I’ll get to you in a minute, you’re a man, I respect you, and I’m going to talk to you like one, but first I want to address Solomon and Jake. Sol, buddy, you’re great with the visuals...I love it! But you’ve got this deal where you use five dollar words to make a fifty cent point. I do appreciate the kind words, however, and I guess I appreciate the words or warning. You remember, when you told me to ignore Harlow and focus on the match? You seem to think I lack the capacity to have a job and girlfriend, which just isn’t true brother. Ms. Reichert is part of why I have the chance I do in this match, fighting for her gives me strength, way more than I had when i was fighting for myself. Now, like you pointed out, I’m not unbeatable, not by long shot. I still have a lot to learn in the ring, but dammit man if I’m not a quick study!

The Jax Walker of today is nothing like the Jax Walker that was in Battleground. I’ve grown leaps and bounds since then, so if that’s who you’re gameplanning for the you’re in for a bad day brother. Being in the ring with Chris Elite and Drake King has shown me that I belong here, I made the right choice in my career path. Now, don’t think for a second that I’m not taking this match serious or walking into it with a chip on my shoulder, cos if you do I’ll run over you like a train. You don’t need to worry about if my priorities are in order, the former Mr. Hill, I’m more than willing to show you what they are once the bell rings.

Now, Jake, it seems to me like you saw Solomon and his interesting visuals and decided that you were going to do the Dollar Store version, and hey man, nothing wrong with knowing your audience, but you missed the mark more than a few times with your assessment of who I am and what I’m about. Course, I had to go back and watch your video a couple times cause, brother, I’m not convinced you don’t think I’m Justicar Eric. You also seem to think I’m going to drag you for how long you’ve been around? Nah man, I ain’t it. You also right that there isn’t a law saying you gotta respect someone, if you don’t respect me, hey, that’s fine, I can beat that nto you.

Now, to the Main Event...Malcolm Jones. Brother you’re it in this match, you got the gold, and you got the momentum and recognition that comes with it. Cheap shots about my name aside, I do respect you. By no means do I take for granted this match. As far as who I am, and how I went from being a gentleman to being a War Dog...well, brother, it’s all about finding yourself. It’s a process, no one starts great, at least no one I know. Finding myself, though, helped me find the inner strength to beat a former World champion. It helped me prove I was worthy of competing for that title that sits around your waist this very moment.

As far as you not caring about my service? Apart from agreeing with you that the world is a completely screwed up place, I’m not here to try to change your mind about servicemen and women. Don’t get things twisted, I’m proud of where I come from, but this match isn’t about the medals on my chest, it’s about the gold around your waist. Sure, big man, I beat Chris, then struggled against Drake, everyone has a down day, right? You have to let me have that, otherwise how else do you explain you falling to Chris at Pain for Pride?

Look, I don’t wanna dwell on the past...when talking to any of you, it’s disrespectful to the champion, and pointless with the rest of my opponents. I don’t have history with any of you, and the best most of you can come up with is putting words in my mouth and coming off jealous I’m with Harlow and you have to wander through a room full of mannequins for company. You guys can take shots at my service, my love life, and my lack of experience, makes no difference to me. At the end of the day I’m taking a shot at that ten pounds of gold around the waist of you, Malcolm. This week is going to be a testament to my potential. One I believe culminates with me wearing the Interwire title.

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