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EAW Hall of Famer
I’m just still puzzled that you still use HBG jokes or any jokes at all. I would be the first one to call out the fact that my baby mama loves the skeet skeet on her face. But hey, it’s America. Look around the world, all these women are for everybody. They don’t hold any loyalty, only royalty because long as the checks keep coming, they’re bound to hook themselves onto you like butter. Now, I have nothing against HBG and her decisions but if it’s her life to live. I say, live it your best, so if you want to hoe around and jump ship every four years, then go for it! Obviously, I’m stuck with having her in my life until death but at least she’s not the type of baby mama that blows up your phone, smashes out your car window and falsely accuses you of being a deadbeat father or mistreated. I’ll say that I’m blessed. Don’t get it wrong, I admire your abilities, Mr. Elite. Therefore, I chose to become a partner with you once upon a time. You’re also blessed because you’re stepping inside the ring with a Ring God. Also, the simple fact that you’ve fought hard for years to become this noticeable. All I’m saying is, this your time now. Don’t become comfortable just because you’re finally getting what you have worked long and hard for. I’m sure the Chris Elite four years ago would be flooding with words on the mic and motivated enough to retain his exposure as the top face of this company. You must treat your success like you’re always on the hot seat. The spotlight is always on you and it’s your responsibility to make sure that light shines so bright that it covers the entire atmosphere. You must shine it on others to make this company stand out.

Thus far, I’ve seen you and sensed that you have become too comfortable from within. You’re just hanging along to keep your name somewhat in the picture when it’s slowly fading away as I speak. I would have expected much better from a guy that I knew would become a breakout star. It seems to me that I’m looking in the mirror of myself from 2013-2015. An unmotivated HBB, tired of pleasing the fans, quickly bored of the spotlight because I’m so used to it and could care less about showing up. It was becoming clear to everyone that the Heart Break Boy was becoming a David Ruffin. I have all the ability in the world to be a top dog. People knew that this industry would never be the same without me because of the huge impact and the type of fun that I have brought out. And it had been years since 2007 since I officially took my VERY first break in 2014. So, it was something missing but like I’ve said, not one man is bigger than this company. However, there are certain characters that are missing who could affect this company’s bright star from shining and I was one of them. I’ll take it as a deep compliment to even compare my career to what could happen with you, Mr. Elite. Unfortunately, you’re not on my level far as talent goes but you could very well be, only if you work hard as you did to get where you’re at now. You know what I truly see? I don’t see any fight in the dog anymore. The “Elite” name is quietly becoming a distant memory. While people can still memorize everything about my career. Hell, every Malcolm Jones promo was like a biopic of the Heart Break Boy. I can’t even mention any memorable moments from Chris Elite. Maybe it’s because of the Golden Boy’s on and off “returns.” It’s possible. Then I look up and oh shucks! The Heart Break Boy has been back for a year or at least over a year. And since being back, I have yet to feel impressed by anybody other than myself because I’m still better than 99.9% of these new generation of stars.

I mean, I’ve kicked Diamond Cage’s ass on Showdown, which has been overlooked for quite some time. I have DOMINATED the mid-card division on Showdown, and gave Malcolm a freebee because honestly, I have bigger and BETTER things to do. I’ve even beaten Rex McAllister a couple times before and look at us now. I’m finally going to beat him when it matters this time. Because this time, I’m going into Wicked Games with my head held high and coming out with my fists in the air as that strap lays across my waist. It’s time to boil over the fact that the Heart Break Boy must return repeatedly to finally accomplish the common goal in mind. It’s time to accept the fact that the Heart Break Boy has been out of his comfort zone for a while now. Usually we’ll sign up for another HBB disappearance. But this time, we’re witnessing up close and personally, another era from HBB that no one saw coming – not even the rejects. How about you, Mr. Elite? I’m sure you’re wondering what could cross your mind in this little vendetta between you and I. You have tried the jokes and they have fell on flat ground. You have tried to make a point about how you have some valuable moments, but you have yet to make a point about winning this match. It’s clear to me that your star is falling out of the sky while newer ones or the older ones are being brightened. You’re going from main-eventing Pain for Pride, to now jobbing to the Heart Break Boy before I personally give Rex McAllister, his first true fight for that EAW World Championship. The only question to ask, now is where does Chris Elite go from here? It’ll be a smart thing to recognize your fate and avoid being dealt with someone at a level such as me. But any tough competitor would be up for the challenge. I just don’t think Mr. Elite is ready. I know that I am and on Showdown, I’m going to turn this little “dream” match into a nightmare. Then later score another title that no one saw coming as the “Bane of HBB,” has officially surrounded the areas of EAW once again. King Mapago is about to take his throne.

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