MATCH PROMO cold dark city (Showdown Promo 2)

Shane Gates

Submission Psychopath

Showdown Promo 2
Cold Dark City

Bravo Bravo Bravo. That was actually interesting Daryl. You just don't give up do you? I guess I have to break you on Showdown then. But don't worry Daryl it wont be that bad. Just a preview on what will happen to you at Territorial Invasion. I promise you that. You just think this will be a simple walk in the park? It wont, Yes you got the better of me on a few oscassions but seriously Daryl. Not taking me or Damon Seriously. Wow I Guess your greedy ego got the best of you. But keep on with that act of yours Daryl just see where it gets you on Showdown.

You see Daryl I don't know why you consider me below you just because you won the national elite championship? Yeah congratulations on that. But really Daryl come Showdown I will bring you back down to earth with the rest of us. Don't think that will happen? We'll see on Saturday Daryl. Just keep on thinking you wont loose and you and your boyfriend Charlie Marr will win. But it wont. Keep undermining us and then watch us shock the whole fucking world because its going to happen sooner or later. You just wont see it coming.

Wow wow wow Charlie thanks for the compliments. I think I might of blew a gasket in you because you went off. Wow I didn't expect you to be that angry. To say we aren't on your level is just plain stupid. But keep on saying that Charlie, and to say that I am scared of you. Nice job with that Charlie. I just focused on Daryl because I have history with him. I don't know who the hell you are and what the hell you do for a living. I just found out about you when I read the match card for Showdown. Really Charlie keep on with that attitude with yours. I don't respect you as a competitor Charlie. Your just a guy who talks shit and got lucky because he rode of his friends cotails.

Charlie maybe you should re-evaluate your life choices because the road your going down will get you into a lot of trouble buddy. Just wait until I get my hands on you on Saturday. Your going to regret everything you said about me and bet your ass that it will happen. Your just another brash and reckless guy who needs respect beaten into him and me and Damon will be glad to do it. I have been wrestling all over the world for quite some time now and to how this generation of wrestling is going to. What in the blue hell did I walk into. People like you Charlie don't respect the ones who came before you. I was headlining the Fucking Tokyo Dome back then while you didn't do shit back then. You consider me a lesser being compared to you? I guess I need to change you opinion on things and I don't care if you don't want it to happen. It will happen and it will be oh so sweet.

Never in my 16 years of wrestling have I met two disrespectful punks like Marrkade.

I guess me and Damon will have to beat you two badly to consider us as equals compared to you.


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