MATCH PROMO Colder Than You Realize [Battleground 12-10 #2]

Raven Roberts

The Bird of Prey
Staff member
Las Vegas, NV

Raven Roberts is seen walking backstage after a house show in Rochester, Minnesota, still in her ring gear and with her New Breed Championship over her shoulder. She’s sweating from her match and grabs a bottle of water out of a cooler. She cracks it open and takes a few sips as she walks. She takes a seat in her dressing room and sets the title off to the side before pouring some of the water over her head and running it through her hair to cool off. As she settles, she looks directly into the camera and a knowing grin crawls across her face.

“Looks like I got under your skin there, Cleo. You’re all worked up and don’t even realize what you’ve done to yourself. It’s adorable to watch you talk in circles to try and justify yourself but in doing so you did nothing more than prove yourself wrong even further. But I’m sure you’re too busy with that ‘wonderful feeling’ of me supposedly having nothing else to throw at you to realize what I mean. So let’s review a little backstory.”

“All the way back at Terminus, I fooled Remi Skyfire into changing her entire personal match strategy just by pretending to have a secret that I had entirely made up. She even both brought in and removed her ex wife as her ringside manager within the span of a few days. Back at Territorial Invasion I had all those idiotic men eating out of the palm of my hand by making them worry about me as a woman to the degree that they forgot to prepare for me as a fighter. And just a couple of months ago I had Madison Kaline, your bestest boo in the whole wide fuck-all, go into an entire rant about the way she walked out of the company to the point that she forgot about an entire match she was in just by planting a few key words here and there. And these are just a few of the people I’ve had fun playing with.”

Raven shakes her head and leans forward with her elbows on her knees.

“In case you’re still a little slow on the uptake, I get a kick out of playing head games. And you’ve been no different, honey. You see, when you went on your whole discussion about making sure to specify how I pinned Madison and not you, yet how proud you are to have won that tag title, I knew that if I presented the counter perspective of that same hypocrisy that you would dive on that shit. By simply talking about you still being the one to lose on Empire because you were on the losing team, and also mentioning that it was Amber who won that match by pulling the titles down, not you, I hit all the right buttons. You accused me of wild and outlandish hypocrisy. And you simultaneously forgot the very fact that you had committed the same crime. By propping yourself up about your tag team championship that you won due to the effort of your partner, yet forcing the narrative that you weren’t pinned so you can’t be accused of a proper loss, you fall into the very hypocrisy you try to blame me for. In fact, I got you so worked up that you doubled down on the hypocrisy. In one breath you stated that Consuela and I were proven as worthy to compete with you, but in the next breath you wanted to go on about me and Rex not having the skills to hang. Does that sound like the mindset of a woman coming from a point of strength? Nope. That sounds to me like a woman desperate to prove herself when she finally realized the shit hole she had backed herself into. You were so desperate that you mocked me for saying that the Canadian Dream is just a dream because apparently that type of wordplay is beneath you... you know... despite the fact that you were making Fire and Ice puns every other sentence the first go around. In your every defense you did nothing but dig yourself even deeper.”

A small chuckle escapes Raven as she continues.

“And this whole... Queen of the Nile thing... you gave a nice little explanation of why you call yourself that while having likely never visited the Nile. But let’s really be honest, sweetie. The closest any of that is to the truth is the fact that you call yourself Cleopatra. Because you don’t even realize how close you are to being just like the other Cleopatra. She was engaged to Mark Anthony similar to how you’ve teamed with Theron. She was involved in things that were far above her head, and in the end she had backed herself into a scenario where Mark Anthony was killed by her actions and Cleopatra had to commit suicide to escape a more violent death. But there’s gonna be one key difference, I won’t give you the chance to off yourself before I come in and get my hands on you.”

Raven’s eyes beam with fire and confidence.

“Trust me, honey. I’m far from done. Same for Rex. That’s the biggest problem I see for you and Theron. Especially when he brings up names of people that I don’t even see here, some whom I’ve never even met in my time here. There’s a focus on the past and believing it somehow determines the future. That’s what Fire and Ice are. Driven by the future. You can cling to your past accomplishments. But they in no regard prove that others won’t go on to surpass them. So how exactly do they validate dominance in the present? They don’t. What drives the present and the future is the passion to grow and develop and mold what this company will become by hard work and dedication. That’s why Rex is World Heavyweight Champion. That’s why I’m the first ever woman to win the New Breed Championship and why I’m walking out of Road To Redemption as the Unified Women’s World Champion. And that’s why, after Road to Redemption, Rex and I will be the new number one contenders to the Unified Tag Team Titles. Not due to some past where we once were the driving force like you, Cleo, or because we look down on the competition as if we have surpassed it like you seem to see yourself, Theron. It’s because we both know how far we’ve come since sinking to the bottom of the totem pole in the past and we recognize that there will be others to come who can work the same way we do and surpass us. That’s why we work like we do. That’s why we are driven. Because the moment you stop growing, the moment you stop fighting to become the best, the moment you actually believe you’ve become the best and no one can touch you, that’s when the blade goes into your back and you get passed up because you became complacent. Not us. We will continue to fight and go for the jugular of this entire industry as we climb. Driven by an ice cold mentality of focus and a deep, burning fire from the desire to win, Fire and Ice will take the gold and mold the future of this industry in our hands.”

Raven pauses briefly to look into the camera and wink.

“Hope that wasn’t too predictable.”


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