Constance Blevins

Constance Blevins

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Baltimore, MA

Wrestling Name: Constance Blevins
Picture Base: Paige (2013-2016 version)
***Updated*** 12/13/2020 Nicknames: The Lioness, 'The Absolved' 'The Revival Of' 'The Forgotten'
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120lbs
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

***Updated*** 2/14/2021
Disposition/Alignment: Choose from these options:
Pure Babyface | Face | Anti-Hero - Straight up/no nonsense asskicker | Tweener | Cowardly Heel | Ruthless Heel | Monster Heel

***Updated 12/13/2020***
Gimmick: Constance Blevins, the calm, down to earth, wholesome, good natured one of Heavenly Hell, is an intelligent young woman that methodically takes what she wants within the limits of her own code of conduct without much regard for whom it may affect (w/Minerva being the exception to this). She doesn't believe in betrayal or lying. Whether you agree with her ways or not, she will always tell you the truth. With that said, she cares about tradition, loyalty, and order.

Having made her return at Road To Redemption after her tag partner Minerva's huge victory over Sienna Jade, the woman who destroyed not just her career but changed her life maybe forever, the woman who tried to remold herself as 'The Revival Of' Constance Blevins surprisingly has a much better perspective about things and is ready to face everything she'd avoided for months while she allowed her body and mind to mend.

After rushing back too soon late last season following an ankle injury she had sustained during Heavenly Hell's unsuccessful tag team title defense back at Under Siege which ended their record setting reign, Constance claimed she was back to be the Revival of the women's division. But the truth is, the Women's division had never been stronger with women holding great standing within their own ranks just as much as they were amongst the men's. In actuality Constance had become bitter that she was forgotten about on the sidelines, and with that wanted nothing more than to make people remember her in some form or fashion. So she came up with the failed 'Revival' run that came to a head after her TaiPei Deathmatch at this season's Bloodsport, where she got humiliated by Sienna Jade. Adding insult to injury, Sienna became noted as the 'Eye Collector', all at Constance's expense.

Now with taking a weakened Sienna Jade out at Road To Redemption after Minerva finally put her down with The Black Wedding, this brings back Heavenly Hell the longest reigning tag team champions in the company's history, and perhaps there is more to come from here now with Constance back in the picture. But 'The Revival'? That is but a distant memory as far as Constance is concerned. Many will probably bring it up to use against her going forward, but going forward Constance is set on proving once and for all that she has the ability to be a major player in the company without all the endorsements, exposure, fanfare, and overall popularity that many others in the company have received. She's no longer bitter as she was previous, but she knows she has a long way to go before she can truly earn any respect back that she may have lost during the last nine months. Forgotten. Moved on from. Completely written off. That's who she is now, and she accepts it. What's the difference at this point? She didn't get into this business because she wanted to be on all the merchandise and posters. She did it originally to make her mother who was befallen by cancer and all her true supporters proud, so why stop there? At this point she's got nothing to lose.

***Updated*** 2/14/2021

Five months removed from her last match, Constance Blevins returned to the ring after new year fully set on getting her career back on track. However, immediately upon her return Constance was targeted by EAW Specialist Champion, Kasey Kaos. In a series of back and forth, tit for tat, Constance and Kasey had several physical confrontations including one in particular where Kasey throw a fireball to the face after Constance had challenged Kasey the week before to a match at King of Elite with the Specialist Championship on the line, then accepted Kasey's match stipulation for a special Hardcore match in what was dubbed Kasey's House of Horrors. Kasey bullied and humiliated Constance for weeks leading into their match at King of Elite, but Constance never backed down. Instead she kept getting back up, she kept standing her ground. At last after nearly three years of battling, Constance had finally secured her first singles title by defeating Kasey Kaos in the House of Horrors and becoming the brand new Specialist Champion.

***Updated*** Out of the ring,​
Out of the ring, she's started to shed her once good natured ways toward the World, and has only reserved that side of her to those that she knows that she can trust. Her outward appearance has shown she does have a taste for darker ensembles after all.

She still tends to look out for her own if you've gained her trust, as was shown when she cut ties with her faith in favor of ensuring that she honored her true roots by siding with the 'Gypsy Moth', Minerva, to do battle against the injustices brought upon by those who wish to keep them from realizing their true aspirations.

She still gives painstaking amounts of attention to detail, and always thinks things through thoroughly before going through with them.

***Updated*** 05/17/2020 On screen, (Personality)... smart, tough and strong. Constance will now show a stronger more independent streak and cannot be turned away from a task that she’s set her mind to, and she absolutely refuses to be bullied, and won’t let anyone – no matter how powerful – push her around. She'll show that she has the wits and grit to survive even the most troubling situations, displaying supreme confidence (with a darker side to her character being exhibited) in most circumstances and scenarios. She's become far more vocal about what she has a disdain for, no longer does she hold her tongue when she feels that she or those that she cares about have been wronged.

***Updated*** In the ring, having already shown moments of being more intense, Constance has decided after cutting ties with her faith to take things up a few notches. She will start most matches with a more controlled and methodical pace, but with an added element of viciousness that she keeps reserved until she sees her moment to attack. She will now be far more aggressive in the ring, no longer showing the remorse for her opponents as she once did. She's clever and deceptively fast from a vertical base.

She stays true to her roots by
constantly being on the hunt, ready to strike at will, attacking with great execution and precision once the opportunity presents itself in the ring. Known to have a high pain threshold, so she can take her fair share of licks against anyone without backing off. She stays calm under most circumstances and keeps her focus on the task at hand. Her great instincts allow her to make quick adjustments when in precarious predicaments whether at a vertical base or grounded, which makes her that much more dangerous as she will go the extra mile to brutalize her opponents if necessary to achieve victory. It could be against one or them all, and it won't matter because she will fight to the end no matter the challenge.*

***Updated 12/13/2020** RINGSIDE INFORMATION
Theme Music: 'Forgotten' by Avril Lavigne
Special Entrance [Optional]: Constance Blevins arrives on the stage in her Black leather jacket and matching gear on underneath. Now sporting an eye patch over right eye, with her one good eye, Constance stares straight ahead with extreme focus before making her way to the ring. She enters the ring and doesn't waste precious moments posing.

***Updated*** MOTIVATIONS
What are your character’s motivations for competing? Her passion for the sport, and fighting to earn everything (as her mother had done), to overcome everyone who tries to cast a shadow over her dreams and ambitions. She's not motivated by power, but the idea is to change public perception and stereotypes placed on her.
She's motivated to fight for herself and prove her independence, and that she's not going to simply fade away.

Tendency to Cheat: Choose from these options: Always | Often | Sometimes | Rarely | Never | If Needed

Favorite Match Types [Optional]: Anything one on one
Favorite Weapon: Her black Cestus Gloves w/metal spikes
In-Ring Achievements [Optional]: Unified Tag Team Champion (w/Minerva)

Common Moves: Minimum ten (10)
1. DDT
2. Sling Blade
3. Running Springboard Arm drag
4. Running High Knee
5. Inverted headlock backbreaker
6. Running lariat
7. Springboard bulldog
8. Rope-hung DDT
9. Missle dropkick
10. Ground Knee Strikes
11. Dragon sleeper
12. Corner clothesline
13. Steel Post-assisted Tiger Feint Kick

Signature Moves: Minimum of two (2), maximum of five (5)
1. Shining Light (Shining wizard to a cornered opponent)
2. Bye! Bye! Die! (running penalty kick from the corner - ala Randy Orton circa 2009)
3. Multiple Knee lift & strikes (Opponent draped on second rope/Paige Knee Strikes)
4. Last Rites (delayed brainbuster on the ring apron) - can be used in certain situations to send a message to an opponent; in some instances can be used as a finisher against a lesser opponent

Finishing Moves: Maximum three (3) and one (1) optional ultra-finisher (UF)
1. THE FINAL EXPIRATION (Fireman's carry dropped into a knee lift)
2. THE ABOLISHMENT (Running knee strike to an opponent's head)

3. CTO (Constance Tap Out(Gogoplata, and all variations))
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