CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Constance & Layla Collaboration: Remaining Together...A Bond Strengthened


Location: Undisclosed (For security purposes)
Date: November 4th
Time: 9:37 A.M.

The scene picks up outside in the parking lot that’s already full. The early morning breeze was good. It was enough to plan a nice day around. But this wasn’t a day out, this was a time pay a visit to a friend in need. The camera shot soon shoots throughout the parking lot until we get to the entrance of a three story hospital, a fairly modern looking building painred white and blue, nestled on a quiet clearing away from the main roads; it looked like a respectable place to heal up but like with all hospitals there was a rather grim, moody atmosphere that hung around the place where people came to mend awful injuries.

A car door is seen opening. The camera shot catches the topside of the car as the person occupying it begins to step out and rise up from the seat of the car. It was Constance Blevins. She wearing a white beanie hat with a black sweater on and blue jeans. She looks out and about at her surroundings with a bit of intrigue. She reaches in the car she had rented out and pulls out a gift basket. It was filled with the typical items you would see such as a stuffed animal, a couple of balloons, a few edible items, and a envelope with a card in it. She slowly shuts the drivers side door and begin to head toward the courtyard that leads into the entrance of the hospital. The camera then shot now appears from inside the hospital. The automatic doors soon open as Constance is shown entering into the hospital behind a few others

The sounds of announcements throughout the hospital audio/speakers that echos in the room can be heard. The next shot is shown of Constance walking out of an elevator on the second floor. Then another shot of Constance walking up to a desk where the nurses are sitting. Once she approaches the desk. The nurse at the desk acknowledges her arrival.

“Good afternoon, ma’am! Welcome!” The nurse says as she politely greets Constance.

“Hi! Thank you! Constance acknowledges right back politely as the nurse pulls out the clipboard.

“Now, if you could sign in and I’ll get you this temporary visitor’s pass."

“Sure.” Constance says as she nods and grabs the pen and clipboard and begins filling out her name, the room she’ll be visiting and the time she checked in, to which she pulls out her cell phone to glance at the time for. Soon is shown placing the pen in a open slot of the item on the clipboard and then handing it back to the nurse.

“Thank you, honey! And here you go!” The nurse says as she hand Constance the temporary 3 hour visiting pass sticker.

“Thanks.” She states as she immediately peels it off and applies it to the right just below shoulder. The nurse smiles to Constance who grins back.

“The room is just down this hall, make a left and it will be the third door on the right. Enjoy your stay, honey!” Constance gives a slight nod still slightly grinning at the nurse.

“Thank you.” Constance then proceeds forward in the direction the nurse had instructed with the get well gift basket in hand and soon she was at the third door on the hall to the left.

As Constance approached the door another nurse emerged from Layla’s room looking rather harassed. “Oh thank goodness, are you here to see Mrs Lockhart? Please say yes, she won’t listen to me, maybe she’ll listen to you.”

“Is this one giving you trouble?” Constance asks playfully with a smile and a small chuckle as she approaches the foot end of the hospital room bed. The nurse looks on somewhat irritated, but appears to be keeping her composure overall no less.

“Well, I think I can take it from here.” Constance says with a grin as she looks toward her Pride sister while moving to the left side of the bed where there was a table stand and a couple of chairs. She places the items on the table and immediately bends to embrace Layla who embraces back as the nurse warns to not make Layla feel helpless and that she insists on fending for herself, and then tells Constance to enjoy her stay. The nurse leaves in a bit of a huff, but nothing serious.

“Hey, sweetie. Alight, so out with it. Tell me all about it.” Constance says, keeping the nurse’s advice in mind as she sits in the seat at her friend’s side. .

Layla’s hair was unkempt and scruffy in the bed, athletic tape criss crossed over her shoulders. Even while she returned the hug there was a definite pout and sulk about Layla. “They keep telling me to stay out of the gym and they keep telling me to keep the brace on.” Layla moaned into Constance’s shoulder. “So, did you come to break me out? Pleeeeease?”

Layla’s room held several telltale signs of her efforts to defy the nurses, a pillow had been hung by string from an IV drip stand and judging by the state of it Layla had been using the pillow as a punching bag whenever she was unsupervised. The usual hospital gowns were piled up in a corner messily and Layla instead was wearing grey lycra shorts and a sports bra in bed; between her clothes and scruffy hair it seemed the irritated nurse had once again caught Layla working out before Constance had arrived.

“What?” Layla asked with her best innocent expression as Constance shook her head and tutted at her.

“Lay...look. Remi and I, we want you to make a nice recovery from this. We want you to come back in tip top form….better than ever! But rushing back? I understand what this means to you, to be able to say that Raven couldn’t break you. I felt that way when my Mother passed just over two years ago. I was too determined to not let this World, that sometimes can be filled with so much skulduggery and ugliness, to fill my life. But I had to take it a step at a time. It’s okay, Layla. These events will change us, but it’s our choice if we wish for it to be for the better. And we’re here for you, whatever you need.” Constance says sincerely as she runs her hand slightly over the head of her somewhat frustrated and irritable friend.

Layla sighed and pouted even more. “Do you have to be like that? Like, do you need to be wonderful all the time, I wanted to sulk.” She said, giving Constance a playful shove. “Stop ruining my sulkage!” Constance smiles and has a slight chuckle as she reaches over to the stand into the get well basket. She grabs out the peach colored Teddy Bear that had a stringed read heart hanging from it that read “We Love You! Get better soon!”.

“Yes. Yes, I do. And this is your punishment right here. Constance states playfully as she tucks the bear under the resting arm of ‘The Warrior Princess’. “Besides, I think all this sulking is going to do is make these nurses and doctors want to keep you here a little longer. You’ll be fine, though. I’ve had some time to think about and process all of this, spending some time with Remi and sorting out these demons that have tried to run around in my mind regarding these events. But I’ve had to tell myself, I’ve allowed myself to look on the positive side….you’re still here. Your career wasn’t taken away, Layla. You have a chance to get back, and we can’t wait to welcome you back.” Constance insists.

Layla looks down at the bear under her arm and looks into Constance’s eyes, the Warrior Princess’ eyes looking rather like she’s holding back tears. “Stop being awesome, you’re gonna make the bear cry.” She reprimanded Constance lightly, leaning back against her pillows and staring at the ceiling. “Alright… alright, I’ll be good. Promise.” She reached an arm out, using Constance’s shoulder to pull herself into a full sitting position before she seung her legs out of bed.

“Gimme a hand up? Let’s get out of this jail cell and go the hospital garden?” She half-suggested, half-begged. “I’ll even use my crutches if you don’t make me put that awful gown on.”

“I doubt they’ll mind much. Come on.” Constance says as she grabs the crutches Layla has been given to use with one hand and helps Layla out of the bed by wrapping her arm around the back and under the arm of Layla’s opposite side to where they are both standing side by side. Constance leans the crutches against the wall slightly so she could use her other arm to grab ahold of the arm that Layla had draped over her shoulders to guide her around the bed to the other side about some ten paces or so from the door that lead out of the room.

Layla threw the crutches a very dirty look when it was time to take them but it only took one glance from Constance to make her pick them up and get herself settled, walking away from Constance’s guiding arm to walk out the door on her own. The nurse Constance had seen coming from her room before looked up from her computer, she and another nurse on duty seemed to be shocked to see Layla actually using her crutches.

“Heh… I thought their jaws were gonna hit the floor first time I tried to go to the gym without any help.” Layla giggled under her breath as she and Constance made slow progress to the elevator. “You reckon they’d be mad if I sneak in some push ups in the garden?” Layla deflated under Constance’s glare. “Kidding, kidding…”

Layla stubbornly insisted on pushing the buttons herself for the elevator, leaning against the wall once they were inside. “How’re things going? You make so much fuss over me and here I am being Miss Sulks-A-Lot and not even asking you.” Layla said, averting her gaze for a moment, seemingly out of guilt.

“Training. Lots of training. That, and just giving everything to Him. It’s been a new step since being welcomed into The Pride. This is where He needs me to be. I’m not worried of what may happen in the ring, because that will take care of itself. I told Remi the other day where my focus was, and that’s to make sure that ‘A’ nothing else happens to anyone else when it comes between us, and Raven Roberts. ‘B’ To make sure that I continue to stay on the path he’s put me on. Today, that led me to you. And for good reason. I know you’re not helpless. But we’re in this fight together. We need you, believe that, Layla. Remi or myself, we’re always just one ring away. Okay?” Constance ensured as they come to the bottom floor.

Layla ducked her head down to hide the blush on her face, thankfully she was saved from having to explain herself by the elevator doors opening into the reception area. “Well… I’m not so sure but if that was how it went and why you’re here, guess I owe Him a big one.” Layla smiled at Constance as she limped from the elevator to the sliding glass doors that led to the hospital garden.

The garden was fairly small but the staff had obviously put a lot of effort into the small place, the grass was lush green and perfectly maintained while the edges of the circular garden bloomed with flowers of all colours, in the center was a nicely sized koi pond with two benches on either side, each bearing a plaque for a major contributor to the hospital.

“This is better.” Layla sighed, standing in front of the pond and taking a long breath of fresh air. “Makes me think of home… well, the orphanage anyways. Whenever Malice had annoyed the staff too much or the psychiatrist wanted to split us up we’d take a tent she kept under her bed and hide out in the woods until they promised not to do anything to her… we always stayed on the edge of this river and you could hear it flowing while you slept… you know, I still think I miss those days sometimes.”

Layla looked around at Constance, turning around fully since she couldn’t look over her shoulder. “But I suppose the present isn’t so bad either. I lost a sister and got someone even better…” she looked Constance in the eyes before going pink and turning away again to stare into the pond. Constance pulls Layla’s head to her shoulder as they both stared out at the tranquil scenery. Constance turns to Layla with a hint of a grin.

“Thank you. I’m glad...glad that something I’m doing is impacting to you and others, and that’s what I’ll try to continue to do for you, for Mali...Remi, and perhaps others as well to the best of my abilities. I know that when I was growing up in Baltimore and traveling, carpooling to get the next show. I was around people that shared my passion for wrestling, and we knew that we were doing it all for reason. We may not still be together on the road engaging with each other in close quarters, we may have grown and moved on from that, but we’ll always have those memories on the road. It’s good to keep memories with you. It’s obviously shaped the resilient and strong woman I see before me now.” Constance states with certainty and confidence. Constance bends over and reaches down to the ground where a few small rocks sat. She grabs a couple up and hands one to Layla, and then freely slings one into the pond and watches it skip a few times. She smiles as she looks to Layla.

“I’ve always wanted to do that.” Constance slightly laughs at the thought. “Come on! Give it a try!”

“I think the fish might not be as enthusiastic.” Layla giggled but picked up a stone anyway and skipped it across the pond, getting four skips out of the pebble she had picked up before it sank. “Do you need to go? Can’t you just like, hide under my bed or something until they let me out?” Layla asked wearily as she tossed another stone. Constance finished watching as another of the rocks she’d watched skip through the water finally sank. She then turns to Layla, and a grin comes upon her as she looks at the solemn sad puppy dog facial expression she was making.

“Don’t worry, Lay...we need to get you back up on your feet. How about this. Every week after the show, we make arrangements to meet up? I’ll talk to some of the nurses before I leave today, find out exactly what your restrictions are for physical activities, and we can go from there? I think you just being here, relatively moderate spirits about everything says that you are willing to go along with the process. I want to be here for you as much as possible during your recovery, so what do you say?” Constance asked raising her eyebrows curiously.

Layla looked down and gave a small smile before she looked Constance in the eyes again. “I think this time you can pay for the milkshakes.” She grinned, giving Constance a playful poke in the shoulder. The Warrior Princess rolled her shoulders delicately and realised, for the first time, that she was still wearing a particular necklace… she had dug it out her first night here for reasons even she couldn’t fully explain…

“Say, Constance?” Layla asked quietly. “Could you do one thing for me? While you’re still out on tour and everything?” She continued, reaching around her neck to untie the string.

Constance looks to her friend and Pride sister with a grin, but somewhat intrigued by her question. “Yeah, of course.”

Layla untied the string and pulled the necklace from under her sports bra, holding it up to Constance; the string holding it on was a basic thread, nothing decorative about it and at the end was a small crucifix that looked like it had been hand-carved from wood; while normal in shape there were a series of miniscule little carvings in it, including what looked to be a tiny signature.

“I… I know it’s not exactly a glamorous thing but, would you, would you mind if I give this to you? You don’t have to wear it if you don’t like.” She added quickly. “It’s just… this used to belong to someone really important and when they gave it to me, I knew that even though they never showed it that I mattered to them.” Layla offered it out to Constance. “I want you to know the same. I want you to always know how much you mean to me, even when I can’t be there with you.”

Constance looked down in the palm of her and grips it tightly and tears escape her eyelids ever so slightly as she makes eye contact with Layla. She runs a soft and gentle hand over the head and down the side of the face of the ‘Warrior Princess’. Constance sniffles a bit as she whispers out…”this is sweet...but…” Constance then reaches through the turtleneck collar of her black sweater and reaches behind her neck to unclip the silver cross necklace she had around her. She then begins put up the back of Layla’s hair a bit to reach around and clip the necklace from behind and then she lets it sit on Layla’s chest. More tears escape the eyes of the Lioness.

“Silly…..we both need one.” Constance says as a smile now comes upon her. “You still need protection too." Constance looks down and wipes her tears and continues as she looks back up at Layla. “Transition….balance, faith, unity….representation of not just a sisterhood, but our closeness as a family. That’s what this represents. This was given to me by my Godmother, Julianne, shortly after my Mother had passed, and I want you to have it. You don’t always have to wear it if you don’t want to, but always keep it near, okay?" Layla nods her head as tears start to escape down the side outlines on both sides of her cheeks as Constance pulls Layla in with an embrace and both hug each other tight as if it were the last time they were seeing each other, but what this happened to be was beginning of a relationship that Constance would vow to herself to always cherish as she did with many in all her years and experiences from different outlets in wrestling, and life.

The scene shifts back inside to the hospital room where Layla was situated. It was empty for the moment before the door soon opens as both Layla and Constance make their entrance into the room. Layla makes her way toward her unfixed bed as she left it as Constance grabbed her crutches and laid them off to the side against the wall.

“Now remember what we talked about just now on the way up. Cut these wonderful people that work around the clock for your care some slack. They’re here to help, so try to let them.” Constance says anxious for a response for that confirmation. Layla looks to Constance before they both lean in and embrace each other once more.

“You win this round, Miss Lioness. However, just know that I’ll be ready for round two next week.” They both share a kind hearted chuckle as the shot begins to pan out as the scene slowly begins to fade.
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