MATCH PROMO Control (Voltage 2)


(We are seen inside Azrael’s room in the warehouse. The monster is chained up against the walls as he tugs hard on those chains. Slight cracks are seen where the chains were inserted into the wall as Azraels has nearly ripped the chains out. He is angry and sweating heavily as it seems that he’s been tugging on that wall for while now. Azrael lets out a huge roar, drops his head, then slowly raises it as he begins to speak.)

Azrael: Control? Is this what makes you believe that you can survive a match against me? The simple fact that you can control your anger? SOSA, you act as if you are at an advantage because of this control that you have, but you fail to realize that I’ve been forced to be controlled by outside forces such as my brother, the prison cells, and the security that watched over me for years and years.. And why is that? It’s because I am that dangerous.. You can control your anger and that may be something that benefits you against other opponents, but me? No, that isn’t going to work against me… You see, once that bell rings, I am set free. I am capable of being as destructive as I could possibly imagine.. The problem for you isn’t a matter of trying to control your own abilities.. But to figure out a way to control me. To tame me. To slow me down.. To prevent me from ripping you apart in the center of that ring.. And to be honest with you, you don’t strike me as the type of person that can handle that type of responsibility.. I mean, let’s look at you.. How you hold yourself up and how you pride yourself by saying that you’ll show me how a real man gets stuff done.. Is that supposed to mean that you won’t use cheap tactics or how you’ll control your anger enough to win this match by talent as opposed to pure rage and aggression? If so, then you have already lost.. You can tell me how you’re built different based off of how you can control yourself, how you don’t need assistance similar to the assistance given to me by my brother, and how you don’t have to strike someone down when their back is turned.. But that doesn’t change anything for me. That doesn’t make me look at you and perceive you to be any more of a man than anyone else. It doesn’t make me believe that you’re greater than the last guy I fought.. It doesn’t make a difference, because to me, you are all the same.. You all bleed the same blood.. Blood that I want to spill from your body.. I don’t care about your morals or what you believe is the right way for a man to do things, because I am more than just a man.. I am a living demon that was placed on this earth to bulldoze and shatter the dreams and aspirations of all of the people that cross my path. You included..

Azrael: When I was beating your face over and over again with those chains wrapped around my fists, do you think I cared that you just got done with a match against Harper Lee? Do you think that I cared that you were tired or how people would view me because of it? I didn’t and I don’t.. I don’t give a damn how these people or you view me.. If you choose to act as if you don’t fear me, then I’ll just give you more of a reason to fear.. I’ll take it up a notch and make your knees tremble and buckle as you feel nothing but the cold feeling of terror slithering down your spine and through your very soul.. Don’t try to make me regret my actions.. I made you bleed right before my eyes and that’s enough for me to feel good about what I did to you.. I’m not a man of honor or morals.. When I’m given the opportunity to hurt someone.. Then I do it. However the hell that I want.. There are no rules for how to inflict pain onto the human body.. None whatsoever, and because of that, you are in great danger tomorrow night on Voltage.. SOSA, I can’t control this rage and lust for blood that I have lived with all of my life.. I can’t calm it down.. I can’t lower the tension.. I can’t hold back.. And that’s why you being my opponent puts you and that title reign of yours in jeopardy..

Azrael: You can call me a clown, but the joke is on you.. I’ve been called far worse and been treated with absolute disrespect my entire life because of what I am capable of doing.. I will snap you like a toothpick.. I will grab your head and grind it down with the palms of my hands.. I will break you Sosa, and there’s nothing funny about that.. At least for you, because I am going to enjoy every second that I get to dissect the EAW Champion in front of everyone. You tell me that you’re like a professional athlete based on the way that people recognize your talents even when you aren’t the hometown hero.. And it only makes me want to hurt you even more.. The simple fact that YOU!! YOU ARE ACCEPTED IN THIS SOCIETY IS WHAT PISSES ME OFF!!! The simple fact that YOU receive praise and admiration from even a few fans is what makes me MAD!!! And why? It’s because I’ve never had that.. I’ve never had people talking about me in a positive way. I’ve always been seen as the freak.. The monster.. The beast.. I’ve always been feared rather than accepted like you have.. These fans may boo you, but they’ve accepted you as the talent that you are.. Me, however? I get hated because I put the lives of these fans’ favorite Elitists in jeopardy each and every week that I step out to the ring.. I shorten their careers and force them to suffer greater than ever before.. I put them through the absolute worst and make them question whether this profession is really for them or if they should pack their bags in order to live another day without having to risk the chance of crossing paths with the devil once more.. You have lived a life filled with deep trenches and high mountains.. You’ve reached success and established your name in this world as an icon.. But for what? All of this.. The championships, the sponsorships, the money, the fame, the status that you have built for yourself.. It’s all for nothing.. Because all of it leads to the inevitable.. And that’s the destruction of you by the hands of the Angel of Death… You’ll simply be a memory Sosa.. No longer a person that is recognizable after I decide the match is done and over with.. And if you choose to continue on and play the hero by stepping into that Extreme Elimination Chamber at Road to Redemption, we will have the same visual that we did last week on Voltage.. I will beat you and everyone down to a bloody pulp until I raise that EAW World Title in the air.. Because that’s what Tyler has told me to do.. You’re set to dance with the devil twice within the next month.. But the question is.. Will you even be able to survive the first encounter???

Azrael: I’ll give you the answer..

Azrael: You will if I allow it..

Azrael: And that’s something you can’t control..

(Azrael bursts out into a horrifying laugh as he flexes hard on the chains that hold him back against the cinderblock walls.. The screen then fades to black.)

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