MATCH PROMO Coup de grâce (Fighting Spirit #4)

Charlie Marr

Marlon Bando
The end of Jack Ripley as we know it.
The Jack Ripley that leaves this match will not be the same one that enters the match.
He will be a broken man, a shadow of his former self.
A career-defining match awaits us, one that will put on display to the world the failures of Jack Ripley.
A serial choke artist.
This is the hardship tale of Jack Ripley, a man with so much potential who could never quite live up to it.

The final time I will ever be forced to speak about this man, this feels like a weight off my shoulders. I can finally rid myself of the cancer that is Jack Ripley and move on with my career. It feels like Christmas morning. Despite all of my success, having him around the past year has acted as an annoyance and has acted as a dark cloud over my career. He has been like a fly, just buzzing around me. I may have hit the fly a few times but never enough to fully send it away. That changes at Fighting Spirit. This will be the final blow to Jack Ripley. This will be the one that pushes him over the edge. This will be the heartbreaking loss that finally makes him admit that he is nowhere near my level. This will be the killer blow that makes him walk away again. For the sake of the EAW fans, let’s hope he stays away and doesn’t come crawling back in a few months time. Nobody gives a fuck about Jack Ripley, I can guarantee that no tears will be shed when he finally departs. You’re just another loser that Charlie Marr has exposed, you’re not special. Not to me and not to anyone else. That might be a tough pill to swallow but it’s the stone-cold truth. You’re a nobody that has had his career kept alive due to the Charlie Marr juice. Something as little as my acknowledgement of you as an elitist has kept you in this company. If it wasn’t for this rivalry, you would be wrestling in bingo halls again. I am not sure if you are aware of that or you are so fucking deluded you pretend you ignore it. Let’s not pretend you’re some special elitist that EAW needs, Jack. You’re just another dude stuck in upper card to main event purgatory, you’ve never been able to take that next step and you never will. You’ve not got the ability, you’ve not got the determination and you’ve not got the fucking bottle. You choke on the big stage every fucking time, Fighting Spirit isn’t going to be any different. You talk a huge game now but you’ll crumble the minute we step into the ring. You’ll fold like a chair the minute you look across the ring and see the fucking monster that is Charlie Marr. The pressure has gotten to you your entire career and Fighting Spirit will just display that to the world. Whenever a huge opportunity arises, you can never fucking take it. That is just one of the copious reasons why you will never win the big one. All bark and no bite, we know that defines Jack Ripley. Keep chatting that bullshit though, it’s somewhat entertaining. I enjoy listening to all these big claims just knowing that they will all be forgotten about the second the bell rings. I’ll immediately be at your fucking neck and you will be squirming like the rat you are. You’ll be begging for mercy but Charlie Marr never shows mercy, everyone knows that. I could end your fucking career right here. Jordie has begged me not too but if it happens then it happens. This is an unsanctioned match, I cannot be held responsible for what I do to Jack Ripley. It is quite fitting an Unsactioned Match might be your last match in the company as you have failed to have accountability for your entire career. How poetic.

Your jokes and laid back attitude aren’t what you need right now, Jack. I am not sure if you are just completely oblivious to the magnitude of this match or you are just attempting to hide the fact you know. This isn’t a huge match for me, it’s just another chance to build momentum before my big showdown at Pain for Pride. You, on the other hand, this match means everything. You’ve made a huge fucking mistake and shown your hand, I know how much this match means to you. I know how long you have been waiting for this. I know exactly what your next move is. This is the moment you have been waiting almost a year for, you can finally get your hands on the man that has made your life hell. You can finally get revenge on Charlie Marr for tormenting you, for taking your sister away from you, for being a better version of you. This is your moment, Jack. Will you rise to the occasion or will you choke like normal? That’s the question the whole world is asking. This is the biggest match of your career, no pressure. A loss here is a killer. How the hell will you ever bounce back from that? I don’t think you will to be honest with you. I think yet another heartbreaking loss would spell the end of Jack Ripley, he is a fucking quitter after all. Something you need to remember, Jack, is that this match isn’t the final chapter in the Charlie Marr story. It’s the final chapter in the Jack Ripley story. This match doesn’t define me, win or loss. A win is a great momentum builder as I move towards Pain for Pride, a loss is a signal that I need to improve before my big match. A win here is everything to you. A win here is almost like winning a world championship for you. A win here is like winning the lottery. This match represents the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, world series on the line for you. This match is like spring training for me. The magnitude of this match will overwhelm a mentally weak pussy like you. I haven’t been begging for this match for months on end, you have. The last year of my career hasn’t revolved around another man, yours has. I am not bitter than my sister found love with another man, you are. I am not obsessed with you, regardless of what you think. I have hired actors for promos against Korey Gaines, you’re not fucking special. I am committed to entertainment, I am not just a wrestler. My commitment to a bit doesn’t prove anything other than my willingness to entertain. These jokes aren’t childish, you’re just jealous that you didn’t think of them first. Bits like that are the reasons people actually enjoy watching a Charlie Marr promo. Nobody has ever said “Gee, I am sure looking forward to hearing what Jack Ripley has to say!”. You’ve done the same shtick your entire career, get some new material you fucking loser. No wonder nobody gives a fuck about you. You’re a cheap imitation of Charlie Marr and a god awful one at that. Do better, Jack. You started this war and I am going to finish it. This is your story, Jack. The pressure is all on you, are you sure you can handle it? There is zero pressure on me. Even if there was, I am the iceman and I wouldn’t feel it. I know that you feel pressure, we have seen you crack so many fucking times. Jack Ripley and crumbling on the big stage, name a better duo. Everyone expects it now. How the fuck are you going to handle a loss here?

It’s fucking pathetic that you’re just happy to take whatever this company gives you. That just shows the world what you are, a company man that would do anything for a bit of praise from Mr DEDEDE. We’ve all seen you simping on TV, Jack. You have a loser’s mentality, this is displayed by the fact that you will just take whatever is given to you. Haven’t you learned anything? If you want anything in this company then you need to go and fucking take it, you will never get anywhere just sitting on your hands and accepting what is given to you. If you were to somehow beat me, would you really be happy with a throwaway match at Pain for Pride? You would go from the biggest victory of your career to the bottom again. If that happens then it would just show the world how you are nothing without Charlie Marr. It would prove my claims correct, it would show everyone that you need me to be relevant. I already know that but I am not sure everyone else seems too. The fact you don’t think you deserve better just speaks volumes about you. You know you fucking suck and don’t deserve to be competing for world championships. You’re a stat padder, Jack. You’re the Matt Stafford of EAW, you have high volume stats but they never actually mean anything. Who gives a fuck if you have 4 tag team title reigns when you haven’t been able to win a world championship? Your title reigns are irrelevant until you win one that means something. I know what you’re doing, Jack. You know you’re not at that level where you can actually win a world championship. You are instead choosing to rack up smaller title victories to make it look like you have had a successful career. It’s all hollow and meaningless, Jack. Don’t tell me this bullshit that you don’t need other people’s approval to know you mean something. If that is true, what the fuck was the point of the 1% about? You cry out for the approval of others, Jack. You are desperate to be seen as better than me. You’re a fucking loser.

This is the end. I will put you down like a horse with a limp. This won’t be a mercy killing though, I will not put you out of your misery in a humane way. This is going to be bloody, it’s going to be painful and it won’t be for the faint of heart.

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