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It's been a refreshing week for me thus far! After coming off three defeats in three consecutive weeks, I'm still feeling better than ever! I feel faster! I feel hungrier! And I feel like kicking some ass!

Oh wait! Let me shut up...

I should start watching what I ask for because I just might get it. This is how I lost the Vixens Championship last week. So, I guess this week, I'm going to get what I ask for as well, hopefully. Myself and the legendary Amber Keys have to defend our titles against some freshly talented young blood. Ain't this exciting? And what does the world want to see? They want to see Cleopatra, Amber Keys and Madison Kaline crumble underneath, gasping for air, and shuttered down. They want to see the Queen's Court ultimately fail and fall apart for their own expense. So what do they do? Try to play the mental games. "Amber and Cleo is better than you." "Amber's better than you." "Cleo's better than you." "Madison's better than you." It all sounds so fun to listen to all the time, it's almost like they don't realize we're still a team regardless of who's better than who. It's almost like they don't realize saying one of us is better than the other should raise the level of tidal volume in their bodies. Because all three of us are simply great... Now you're saying that one of us can be potentially greater? We still lose no sleep. We'll accept your pity mental games if that's what makes you feel like your chances of winning will differ. However, I HIGHLY doubt so. I highly doubt that any duo on this roster are better than Amber Keys and Cleopatra. Again, that's just my opinion after defeating the Jaded Hearts and top competitors Astraea Jordan with Daisy Thrash. Then again, maybe this wasn't enough to scare off the mighty fierce teams that have formed together to take us on! Oh no! After all, this is only Amber and I's first title defense, and second time teaming side-by-side together. Therefore we must do something about it and come out victorious this week.

So, on the other side we have Karina-Asswipe and Celes Dumb-cunt sprinting their way in our face. They're confidently babbling about our age, the way we perform and the "hype" they call it every single week. Oh and they want to talk about looks, which I should speak upon first. Now, for girls like the Queen's Court, we define excellence. And our excellence revolves around the way we talk, with the way we walk, and the way we look. I've trained so hard not only to gain strength and enhance my abilities inside that ring. I've also trained to look like actual competition. This face would oh so dull without proper dieting or proper exercise. This face wouldn't even matter if my skill set didn't match it. I've never been the first to bark about how we look inside that ring because beauty doesn't accumulate to winning it all. But beauty is one of God's gifts that have benefited me and my career. I bet the mouths of EAW's management dropped after seeing someone that is beautiful as Amber Keys, myself and Madison Kaline but with superior talent behind it?! No way, dude!! No fucking way!! How is this even possible?! Three girls, extremely beautiful and can still kick your fucking ass?! Man, this is truly surreal! Honestly, nah. Karina and Celes must understand, you don't have to be ugly in order to have talent. And from the looks of the last three months, just because someone has more experience than you doesn't mean we're "slowing down." Hell, if we're slowing down, I guess no one else stands a chance against us judging by the damage we've caused from the last few months. And if we're 45... 50... And STILL look better than you two will ever be, I think "plastic," might be the saving point to keep your dead faces alive. Of course, that's not true. We're in our mid 30's and Celes looks like she could be older than us already.

But you know what.. Let's see whose face looks better after the outcome of this match when I stomp my foot on the very chinny chin chin of these rat faced ass divas. As much we'll like to feel intimidated by reiterating "retirement homes," and being "conjoined together," the only things you girls should worry about is the fact that you see us as legends or even bigger, pioneers. Has-beens? Perhaps.. Considering we have been champions before. We have been named in the EAW Hall of Fame before. We have pretty much accomplished everything you both dream about. Which brings me to both of you... What have you exactly accomplished in order to speak so lowly of our careers? Maybe I should be the one calling you the names like, "Never-will-be," "Never-was," or how about I innovate another trend. How about I start stating facts how your talent-level and your experience level is probably about the same size as your chances of winning this match, which would be zero. I could be wrong, but I'll like for you girls to prove it. Prove it besides being predictable by talking about our level of experiences and the dominance that has been displayed before you. Because F-Y-I.. No one helped Amber Keys and Cleopatra to become the Empire Tag Champs. And as I see it now, we'll need no help to defeat the likes of you either. I understand you're new to this game and hungry to improve. I can see the zeal and the focus you both possess. I love it so much and I can see you'll be a good deal in the future. It's just too bad that we live in the present as of now. And as of present, the Queen's Court is miles ahead and the race is only getting longer for the both of you. I suggest that you do some research, sleep on it then maybe you'll wake up the next day and realize how you want to do this. It can either be the easy way or the old fashion way of things. You can either choose to respect us now or we'll just have no other choice but beat it into the dead part of your brains. Until then... I'll wait.

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