MATCH PROMO Crack Stories Episode 3, Special Guest "The Plug" (Brodyssey V)

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Crack Stories Episode 3, Special Guest "The Plug" (Brodyssey V)

(A brand new Crack Stories intro pops up on the screen, with some of the worst editing ever, as you see a Windows Movie Maker watermark as the intro plays some of Bronson’s best moves. The screen fades to black as the intro is over as it fades back to Bronson Daniels sitting outside the EAW Performance Center in his red entrance jacket, black jeans and a pair of white Nike AirForce 1, standing beside to him is who he calls “The Plug”, his real name being Julio Nixon)
Bronson Daniels: Hello everyone and welcome to the third edition of the hottest show in the world… CRACK STORIES! I’m still trying to get this on Showdown, but don’t worry it’s coming along soon. :mjgrin: But for now we’re gonna remain here on YouTube as I’m joined by my REAL friend, Julio Nixon! If some of y’all don’t know, Julio Nixon is, and has always been my plug. Now, Julio has seen me compete in EAW and has lately wanted to get into it too, so for now, I gave him a role in Crack Stories. And since this is Crack Stories, guess we need to tell a story, right? So, Julio how about you present yourself to the world?
Julio Nixon: Broooo! Well as Bronson said, my name is a Julio Nixon and I was Bronson’s first and only plug! We had some amazing stories that I can’t wait to tell you all but how about we start off with the basics? The way we met. Well after Bronson’s uncle sadly passed away he started to go out with me and get all kinds of shit from me, from weed, to LSD, to cocaine and whatnot. He bought drugs from me every day it was crazy. But this ain’t about that, this is how we met. So to start off, he was laying around in some park with low quality weed, with a vaporizer, standing on a bench and hitting the fuck outta that.

Bronson Daniels: Bruuhhhhh I remember that like it was yesterday! I remember you came to me and was like “Man what the fuck is that weed, lemme give you some real shit” and then you showed me and let me try a bit, I was so amazed about how good that is and I bought like a kilo of that shit man, we hit so much of that man. We then saw some cops running around the park so we were tryna hide that shit real quick. We got lucky as fuck. Those feds were probably really dumb. You could still see the smoke from that crap and it smelled so much like weed, yet the cops asked us if we saw a yellow bike. We both said no and they left us alone. We got out of that man, still can’t believe that bro. Since then, we’ve always been best friends, as he’s a real friend not some guy who’s the current EAW PURE Champion. But goddamn, how dumb were those cops like seriously????
Julio Nixon: Aye man gimme a second I’ll go get some goods

Bronson Daniels: Well since I’m here alone for now I guess I can connect some dots. You know who those cops remind me of? MITSUBACHI and Dray Fontana, both dumb. MITSUBACHI, instead of wasting your time to make guest appearances maybe you should focus on your match for once. I am the obvious choice to win this match, that’s why pretty much everybody voted for me. Look man, I don’t need you to break down the shit I do, I know my strategies, I know all that shit. Oh my god thanks MITSUBACHI for telling me that I can speak on the mic, really didn’t know. Ayo, hold up. My mouth is what elevated me...? Have you not seen my matches? Have you not took part in them? Your mouth speaks incorrect shit and I don’t fuck with that. I overshadow my good quality? Boyyyy oh boyyy. Look man, just look at you right now. My quality overshadows yours at this point. How come everything that I’ve done is just better than you? How come I lasted more against Minerva? How come I beat you every time? How come my win count overshadows yours? I ain’t tryna ignore my past like Dray Fontana yet always speak about it, I just don’t know a 420s is and who is Jake Smith. It has yet to be explained to me man. Oh my? I do weed? Something COMPLETELY normal?????????? Something prescribed to me even???????????? I’M SO SHOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DID YOU KNOW BRONSON DANIELS IS A POTHEAD?????????? Breaking news everybody… So I’m a big star already which is why I shouldn’t win and is also the reason why you shouldn’t. Therefore since Dray is not good he deserves to shine and get that opportunity… Stop eating shit. Why should that dumbass win? What has he done to win? You clearly don’t give a fuck about winning. You just give a fuck about making Dray a star. Make. No. Sense. I won’t push back, I’ll bring my everything, that opportunity is MINE and ONLY MINE. As much as you guys might try to take it away from me, it won’t happen. MITSUBACHI, you’re far behind at this point. While you’ve been making guest appearances I’ve been training and getting as high as needed for this match. Whatever the hell it is, it’ll be the start of my glory. The second chapter of my career, the moment I reach real stardom. You won’t be able to stop me. I’m on fire, more than I ever was, Odyssey is where this chapter ends. It will end with me standing on top of both of your unconscious bodies as I’m standing tall, excited for the opportunity to present itself to me. I’ve been doing this for a reason. I have a goal in mind and that’s to become the best. This is only the sad MITSUBACHI, and while you’ll crawl around, I’ll be at the top, whether you’ll get on my level or stay down, I’ll still be above you. It’s just how it’s meant to be really. But, with all due respect. Bring your best. Don’t act stupid, don’t show up on some stupid podcasts. I want you to try to ether me, I want you to train. I want you to bring your real best. Your full strength. You have a future but your future won’t be made if you face me since I’m always going to prevail.

Bronson Daniels: Look, I’m in EAW for the future, to prove y’all wrong, to show everybody how damn good I am. Dray, you once again prove to me that you ain’t shit. Why would ANYONE bet with you? Other than the 2 people that predicted you winning in MITSUBACHI’s little contest, of course. What have you done for the past three weeks? Won a few matches that even TNT would win? I congratulate you, bud. Did you bring Xander Payne and Minerva to their limit? No. Did you put on an impressive performance in the Grand Rampage match? No. Did you even win Rising Star of the Week once? N and O. No. Ever wondered why? Why this new guy somehow overshadows you? Why I’m the future of this company and more importantly Showdown’s breakout star this season? I ain’t no liar. I don’t lie, when I say shit, you better fucking know it’s for real. Didn’t you say you’d beat my ass in the Grand Rampage match too? That didn’t go so well now did it? Man stop capping. You ain’t beating nobody’s ass at Odyssey. Hol’ up. :mjlol: So after you beat me in your fantasy I’ll perish and end up being nothing… Sigh. Okay Mr. I beat Ashley Voorhees. You clearly can’t see through all of those trash lies you spit outta damn mouth of yours. I mean… mans really said he’s the future… You’re the future in hot dog selling bro. I really appreciate that you like the artwork I made for you. I really just went on some random site and typed that shit in. I appreciate your recognition though. Man… How the fuck you read my promos? You read captions of them and took them out of context or what? Last time I checked they’re all videos? Look, this week all I spoke was the truth and making your annoying ass shut up but at this point there’s no saving you. All the shit I smoke helps me focus but what would a close minded brit know? You’re exactly like DaBaby, you blow up with a great performance then keep doing the same shit over and over again. Then when you try changing up things you fumble and it sucks. Look man, that new album was so bad I could make a better album than that. Mannnn you’re seriously comparing to Kanye West… Bro. That’s just hilarious… You’re just insulting Kanye at this point. 20+ fucking titles. Man I thought you couldn’t say worse shit. Actually, if we’re talking Kanye you’re like Jesus Is King Kanye while I’m My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Kanye. That’s the difference between you and me. But you wouldn’t get it since you’re still on your shit that you’re the best. I mean shit I’m Kendrick Lamar and you’re French Montana. Heard what that clown French said? More hits than Kenny? :mjlol: Waaait I get it now, Dray F(rench M)ontana. I get it! You’re a French Montana stan! Now that I think about it, it’s embarrassing that you could enjoy his music in the first place. But hey, as you said, this is wrestling not hip-hop so let’s talk some more wrestling.

Bronson Daniels: Bro, can you not change your mind? I think you took the Kanye comparison too seriously since now you’re acting bipolar. I mean, you either don’t care about me, or you do it since it’s funny. Can you decide? Jesus. If you don’t care about people backstage giving me props then why in the fuck did you ask me about that? You only said that Minerva and Xander gave me props. What was I supposed to do, agree? Jesus… What’s this? Some excuses that nobody likes you? Talent is recognized here if you didn’t notice. You didn’t get recognized by the people backstage or the fans for a reason. But why would someone like you realize that? Maybe because you’re C L O S E M I N D E D. Bro, your 365 day thing is still so confusing I think we should bring Einstein back from the dead to figure out what the fuck you just said. You don’t get it, do you? You can come out the winner out of a loss, after all, it’s the fight you put. I mean, I gained more from making Xander reach his limit against me than what you gained when you beat Ashley Voorhees. At this point you’ll never get it so I don’t get why I bother. Keep thinking what the fuck you wanna think. I have a smile on my face even when I lose because I know that I did my best. I ain’t a depressed fuck like you who when you start losing, you keep on losing. There’s always positives, you just can’t, or don’t want to see them. Come on man, try and take advantage of me and MITSUBACHI, just try and see what happens. Spoiler: You’ll get your ass beat. I have eyes in the back of my head, I got a little Spidey-Sense for shit that people like you try to pull off against me. The fact that you think you can tap me out is hilarious. Look man, you’re just the second hand in this match. As I already said, you’ve been put in this match because there weren’t any other spots left for you. FUCK! You didn’t get it again. By the next DEDEDE I meant that you think you’ll win so many titles but you won’t. You just won’t man. You’re swimming in replica gold because that’s the nearest you’re gonna get to a championship in EAW. I feel sorry for you. All these empty threats yet you haven’t proved yourself as a threat to me in any way. You’ll see how you’ll beg for mercy. I’ll be standing tall in the middle of that fucking ring as the people watching at home will all celebrate. Karma is a bitch, and it’s coming fo-
Julio Nixon: My man Bronson I’m back with the goods!

Bronson Daniels: What took you so long?!?!?!?
(Video fades to black)
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