Crosby Carter

Crosby Carter

The White Trash Carters

Wrestling Name: Crosby Carter
Picture Base: Joey Janela [I have over 600 pics of Joey. If you need any for gfx etc just ask :)]
Current Nicknames: Explosive, The Man of 1,000 Sunglasses, The Best Hair in the Business, One Half of the Dynamite Couple
Age: 23
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 199 lbs.
Hometown: Woodbridge, New Jersey

Disposition/Alignment: Face
Gimmick: This is Crosby's dream. He is a poor kid from New Jersey who wants to make it and he will do anything to be able to realize that dream. Crosby is cocky in his ability (even though he has no technical training) and feels that his style inside the ring is unique enough to get him wins and get him known. He is willing to put himself and his body through anything for the sport.

Theme Music: "All I Do Is Win" by DJ Khaled ft. Ludacris, Rick Ross, T-Pain & Snoop Dogg
Special Entrance [Optional]: Will add soon.

In-Ring Attire: Option 001 | Option 002 | Option 003 | Option 004 | Option 005
Option 4 and 5 will be worn for hardcore/street fight style matches

Entrance Attire: Crosby always wears a leather jacket to the ring with each look. Sometimes he will also wear a 'Drive' style jacket with the scorpion on the back. His hair will usually be pulled back into a messy man bun which will come loose while he's wrestling.

What are your character’s motivations for competing?: Passion. Crosby simply wants to live his dream. There is noting he loves more than wrestling and deathmatches, except maybe Carsyn
Tendency to Cheat: Often. He comes from the hardcore scene so to him breaking the rules comes naturally. Also, Carsyn interferes in basically every single match to ensure Crosyb's victory.

Wrestling Debut: 2011
Favorite Match Types: Extreme, Hardcore, Deathmatch
Least Favorite Match Types: Submission
Favorite Weapon:
Panes of Glass
  • He will set them up in the corner of the ring to send his opponents through via dropkick or a good ole' fashion shove
  • Crosby will also prop a pane up over two chairs to either suplex/DVD his opponent through or lay them underneath the glass and then go up top for one one of his aerial maneuvers
Steel Chairs
  • Crosby likes to chuck chairs directly in his opponents faces. This sometimes results in him asking for an onslaught of chairs from the audience to perform repeatedly
  • Laying over an opponent's chest when he is going for an aerial move
  • Sitting his opponent in the chair before he goes up top (This last one tends to backfire as they roll out of the way and he eats nothing but chair. But he doesn't learn).
  • He will also set them up as a bed of sorts, either arranging four chairs together, seats facing each other, in front of the turnbuckle OR he will arrange them backs facing each other to send his opponent either through the chair or spine-first into the rigid backs of the chair
In-Ring Achievements:
- Still being alive

Common Moves:
Spinning back elbow
Bicycle kick
DDT Variations
Dropkick Variations
Snap Suplex
Gamengiri Kicks
Double Knee Facebreaker
Running Arched Big Boot
Handstand Assisted Superick

Basement Dropkick
Multiple Kicks to back of seated opponent
Soccer Kick to the back
Running/Jumping Kneedrop
Grounded Sleeper (Almost always countered immediately)
Figure Four Leglock
Running Senton
Sliding Forearm Smash to opponent's head

Hurricanrana Variations - Standard OR Diving
Suicide Dive - through middle and top rope
Diving Crossbody
Diving Neckbreaker

Signature Moves: Minimum of two (2), maximum of five (5)
- "Jersey Driver" Death Valley Driver
- "#C4" The Janelope Device
- 'FloBro Slam' - High Angle Olympic Slam
- 'Your Uber Has Arrived' - Double Foot Stomp Variations (Opponent on mat, tree of woe, Diving etc.)
- 'This Looks Gnarly!' - Shiranui (In corner, or standing)
- 'Smoke Break' - Spinning Fireman's Carry Cutter

Finishing Moves: Maximum three (3) and one (1) optional ultra-finisher (UF)
- "Bro-Out" Spinning Package Piledriver
- "CSN (Crosby, Spills and (g)Nash)" Swanton Bomb
- 'Jersey Driver Of Death!' - Super Death Valley Driver [UF]


Name: Carsyn Carter
Picture Base: Penelope Ford [I also have tons of Penelope pics if needed]
Age: 22
Relationship: Carsyn is the love of Crosby's life. She is a former gymnast and cheerleader who is determined to help her husband see his dreams. Over the years Carsyn has also developed a close relationship with Crosby's best friend ,Thadd. They are all the best of friends. Not only does she handle most of the behind the scenes business for the FloBros but she also makes sure they get the win every single week. In the world of trashy Jersey wrestling, cheating has never been out of the norm. So Carsyn will get involved whenever possible. She is completely fearless in the ring and will put her body through ANYTHING to help Crosby and Thadd win. Working with Crosby for so many years, she has picked up a few moves (listed below) and isn't afraid to use them. The gorgeous blonde also has no problem flaunting her goodies if it leads to the right distraction.

Common Moves:
Razzle Dazzle
Inverted Hurricanranna
Top rope splash
Suicide Dive
Springboard cutter
Standing Moonsault
Assisted Moonsault
Top Rope Somersault Senton

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