Darcy May Morgan ✨ The Leading Lady

Darcy May Morgan

✨⭐The Leading Lady✨⭐
Specialists Champion
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Wrestling Name: Darcy May Morgan (Sometimes shortened to DMM)
Picture Base: Emmalina
Date of Birth: 21st December 1994
Current Nicknames: “The Leading Lady”, "The Spotlight Saviour", “Dropkick Darling” (Thanks to Jake Mercer)
Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: 130lbs

Hometown: London, England (Billed from Kent, United Kingdom)

Disposition/Alignment: Cowardly Heel (24th May 2019 - Present)
Taunts: Entrance: x Match: x

Tendency to Cheat: Always
Gimmick: Darcy May is the leading lady of professional wrestling. She is theatrical, over the top, dramatic, sassy, sarcastic, rich and arrogant to name a few. After winning the Specialists Championship, Darcy May has now proven what she already knew about herself - that she is a star. Her gimmick has evolved since her debut, as Darcy does not need to prove anything to anyone anymore. She believes people should bow down at her feet, and that everyone comes second to her. She even has a professional team around her now, like bodyguards and assistants as she believes people should be there to serve her. She is ready to go into 2020, continuing to show everyone on the roster that she is the main event and that there is not anything anyone else is going to do to change that.


Theme Music: Iggy Azalea - Spotlight Saviour (8th August 2019 - Present)

Entrance Description:

Before the music of Darcy May Morgan plays, a production crew man comes to the entrance ramp with signs in his hand. He holds up the first sign which says "STAND UP", as he shows it to the crowd from left to right. He drops the first card which shows another card saying "APPALUSE", and moves to the side to make way for the leading lady. The music of Darcy May Morgan plays through the PA system as the words "D....M...M" are heard to start of the track in Darcy's own voice. Before Darcy May comes out, two tall bodyguards come and stand to the left and the right, both wearing blacked out sunglasses. Darcy May Morgan comes out to the ramp as she walks in between the two bodyguards, with suglasses on, turns around with her back to the crowd and puts her hands on her hips. She shakes her hip from side to side, then turns her head over her shoulder, takes off her sunglasses and then throws them to the side. She then reveals a fan in her hand which opens up the moment she turns around to face the crowd. As she gets to the middle of the entrance ramp, she tells her bodyguards that she will be fine now as she walks alone down the entrance ramp, with a cockiness and arrogance about her swagger and continuing to fan herself. She gets into the ring, and takes a bow in the middle of the ring and arrogantly laughs as she soaks up the reactions and attention.

Wrestling Attire:

Segment Attire:

Elite Answers Wrestling

EAW Debut: 4th June 2019
Match Record: 18-10-3 (W-L-D)

  • EAW Specialists Champion (22/11/19 - Current) (x)
  • 2019 Specialists Chamber Winner
  • First EAW Specialists Champion to retain the championship in the Specialists Chamber.
  • Featured in FPV event posters (x, x)
  • Featured on all four brands since debut (Empire, Voltage, Dynasty and Showdown)
  • Undefeated in Tag Team Action as Valkyrie (6-0)
  • Came 3rd in the Divide and Conquer Match at Territorial Invasion 2019
  • MVE #188 - Beef of the Week (with Kassidy Heart), Match of the Week (with Kassidy Heart)
  • MVE #195 - Promoer of the Week
  • MVE #200 - Promoer of the Week
  • MVE #205 - Beef of the Week and Match of the Week (with Andrea Valentine), Most Valuable Elitist.
  • MVE #208 - Match of the Week (Darcy May Morgan & TLA vs Drake King and Sierra Bradford)
  • MVE #209 - Beef of the Week (Darcy May Morgan & Kassidy Heart vs Lethal Consequences and Sierra Bradford)
EAW End of Year Awards (2019)
  • Rookie of the Year (Nominated)
  • Next up in 2019 (Nominated)
  • Match of the Year: Female (Nominated with Kassidy Heart)

Wrestling Debut: 2018
Favourite Match Types: Standard Matches
Least Favourite Match Types: Anything that takes the attention away from her or Cage Matches
Favourite Weapon: A pink glitter fan (Also used in her entrance) -

Common Moves:
1. Knee variations
2. Tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown
3. Handspring Elbow
4. Face buster
5. Bulldog Variations
6. Tilt-A-Whirl Bodyscissors Dragon Sleeper
7. Hair pull takedown
8. Tornado DDT
9. Wheelbarrow arm drag
10. Backflip Head Scissors Takedown (x)

11. Suicide Spear (x)
12. Hurricanrana from buckle (
x - Number 10)

Signature Moves:
1. Romero Special and Dragon Sleeper Combos (x)
2. 'TTYN' (Talk to you never) - Left hand knockout punch (x)
3. The IMprettier - Unprettier (x)
4. Sitout Spinebuster - (x)
5. Face Ache - Superkick (x)

Finishing Moves
1. The Curtain Call - Go to Sleep (x)
2. DDD (Dont Diss Darcy) - Bicycle Knee (x)
3. The Encore - Cutter into a dragon sleeper hold (x)
4. The Encore 2.0 - Springboard Top Rope Cutter (x)

Special Move:
5. Leading Left - Power of the Punch with Golden Knuckles (x)


  • Darcy’s character is a mix of Lacey Evans, AJ Lee, Trish Stratus , Zoe Lucas and The Miz.
  • The name Darcy means “dark one”, which is very relevant to her character. She is known for aggression and violence in the ring. Her family say she has a “short fuse” when it comes to her anger.
  • Darcy likes to use poetry and rhymes, which shows the childish side to her character. She uses it to get under the skin of her opponents, but it also stems from her parents love for books and poetry when she was little. Her name comes from their love for the novel character: Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice.
  • Due to her Mother being a therapist, Darcy uses a lot of psychology references in her promos to get into the head of her opponents.
  • The Leading lady character comes from Darcy being very theatrical and dramatic. As a kid she was always the child that never failed to show her confidence. Being the lead in any play, song or game meant that Darcy’s confidence was never knocked. A lot of her taunts and promos refer to her taking the lead and being the star of the show. This is because she wants the attention on herself as much as possible.
  • Although treated like a diva in her career, Darcy is highly trained and skilled in the ring. After her breakdown with her former boyfriend who trained her, her parents money went towards wrestling practice and training around the UK. Her style of wrestling can be explained as “british strong style” like Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate. This can sometimes make the audience confused due to the fact she runs away from a lot of her opponents in matches, and can seem like a coward, but this is mainly so her make up, attire and hair doesn’t get ruined.
  • She is also always known to cheat in matches as winning means more to her than how people view her wrestling.
  • When Darcy is interested in something, she becomes obsessed. Whether it is wrestling, boys or clothes... Darcy has a very addictive personality that gets her in trouble at times. She is known to wear her heart on her sleeve, but would never admit that as this would make her seem “vulnerable”.
  • Although Darcy’s Father is a Cosmetic surgeon, she has not undergone any surgery due to her father not letting her. She only has breast implants after begging for them when she was 18 years old, and to enhance her modelling career.
  • Although a heel, Darcy does have a loveable and kind side to her. However, she has an emotional wall up to block anyone from using it against her. Anyone that manages to break down that wall is generally someone she cares about.
  • Darcy dyes her hair a dusty/dirty blonde. Her natural hair colour is brunette.

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