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Ms Extreme: “Call me a queen, but I prefer God.”


Darcy May Morgan has left the chat.

Darcy May Morgan has entered the chat.

I’m sorry but WHAT? GOD!? :russ:HAHAHAHAHA. You know that God spelt backwards is dog right? Oh…. okay... it makes sense now! And PLU-EASEEEEEEE don’t flatter yourself to think that you are the one that is responsible for striking a cord with me. That nerve/cord or whatever got struck a few weeks ago after losing the grand prix tournament and has nothing to do with you and your life.. Miss “God”. You are so clueless aren’t you? You literally believe that you are the best thing since sliced bread. You are sitting here telling me that you are having the same season that I was meant to have when.. If I am honest… I wouldn’t want what you have had so far. Your head is getting bigger and bigger, Ms Extreme, and I really can’t understand why. Sure, you have wins. But wins only mean something if it is against someone decent! You are bragging about having a good season and racking up those wins but anyone would have won those matches! If I was in the same boat as you at the beginning of this season, I would have won those matches too! In fact, I did! Against Adam Lucas and Kasey Kaos! Which is why your logic is so fucked up. I set the bar for when I won this briefcase by beating you. I set everyone's expectations high. You lost and everyone had low expectations of you, which is why you went to the bottom half of the card. I’ve been at the top half. If you were standing here with wins over main eventers, wins over relevant talent and titles coming out of your ears then I would have stood here and stook your hand. I would have congratulated you for your efforts! But what effort did you actually put yourself in facing off against talent that were new to this business? You dropped down to the bottom of the barrel and climbed you way back up to MY level now. So in my eyes, both of our seasons are incomparable. Let me just shout that from the rooftops..


So keep going on about the momentum you have earned so far. I am glad you have managed to get your confidence back. It’s like the bully in school going after the weak small geeky ones and turning around to the class and bragging about it. OF COURSE YOU WOULD HAVE RACKED UP THOSE WINS! They are all shit. And Kasey Kaos you couldn’t even finish the job off against. The bully isn’t the toughest in the whole school if he doesn’t beat the biggest and the strongest? THAT is when he means something. THAT is when he is a someone. You picked on the weak and now believe you are ready to be a world champion? Now you believe you are prepared to beat me? Word of advice, Camille. Don’t look for more confidence in the place you lost it. Against.. ME! Because I will be the first person to give you a swift reminder.

Anyhoo...can we move on please? I am so bored of talking about you. I want to talk about me! And how I am going to change my life, my career and my story around this weekend. The reason why I have been spending all my time looking for this big win in this business is because I don’t feel ready yet. I didn’t feel ready to cash in my briefcase. I didn’t feel ready to be a World Champion just yet. I had more to prove. I had more to do before that. The thing is, Camille, when you have that opportunity in front of you like the briefcase where you can do whatever you want with it, you want to choose a time that is right. That time hasn’t come yet and when it does, I want to make sure I have nothing in my way. But of course, it’s not like you can relate to that. Look at when your sister cashed in? It was when her own sister was facing off against her rival and it was perfect timing! She killed two birds with one stone and walked away with exactly what she intended too. I wasn’t in denial in believing that, fresh off my win against you at Pain for Pride, I could go in and take that Universal Women’s Championship. I said it before and I will say it again.. When I become World Champion, I want to create my legacy. Not have a piss poor reign, hold that title for a few weeks, and then pass it onto the next bitch. Nah-uh. I want it to mean something. I want it to stand out. So don’t judge me for not cashing in yet because something is holding me back. At least I am aware that something IS holding me back. I am self aware enough. I know the timing isn’t right. But before you go off on a tangent, this doesn’t mean that I don’t believe I deserve it. No. This doesn’t mean that I don’t think I have what it takes and don’t have the talent to prove it. No. I just know in my heart that the timing is off. I know that I have more to learn. And look? Me holding back. Me going through all this shit has set me up for something BIG! If I had cashed in before, I wouldn’t have tagged with Drake. I wouldn’t have turned my back on him. I wouldn’t be potentially facing off against him in the ring together. All I ever wanted last season was to beat Drake King and get back at him for EVERYTHING that he did to me. Now? The universe has given that opportunity. Drake was always a question mark against my career. Someone that I always had a rivalry with and never had a clean win over. And part of me believes that is what has been holding me back from cashing in this briefcase and becoming a world champion. Part of me believes that ticking off Drake King from my list and beating him, is what I need to do to prove to the world that my World Championship reign is going to be spectacular. I know that’s a lot of thinking for you, Camille, so I wouldn’t expect you to understand. But this whole journey means so much more than being labeled as a “shit start to the season”. This has all set me up to tick off my list and prepare me to be a World Champion. While your season so far has proved.. What? That you are average and you can beat below average competitors. Woooooo!:mjlol:

So, hopefully that answered your question of where I am planning on going. Like I said to you before, I don’t know when I am going to cash in. That hasn’t been my main focus at the moment due to the fact that I have been dealing with the likes of Drake King and Malcolm Jones. All those problems I feel were the perfect sign to me that now wasn’t the right time to cash in and it was time for me to keep distracted and busy by the War Games fallout. You are right, I am an optimist. I always look at things in a positive light. I always have because what the fuck else have we got, Camille? This business is both of our lives. We both don’t want to go back to being the people we were before wrestling came into the mix. That is why we both so intensely care about this stupid ring and what happens in and out of it. I have to keep positive because this is where I am meant to be. I have to keep positive because nothing is going to make me believe that I don’t deserve to be here anymore. So I believe that everything that is in front of me is setting me up for the rewards of never giving up on my dreams. Sounds corny, but it’s true. This has never been about proving something to you, Camille. This has never been about proving it to the naysayers or anyone else. It is about proving to myself that I can do this and I can do this well. Getting this big win or whatever proves that I can get through whatever the fuck this business has to throw at me. It proves that having this briefcase was meant to happen. It was meant to work out this way and it’s the first stage in a long, successful Hall of Fame career for Darcy May Morgan. Serena can be at ringside. Anyone can be there to watch. Because whoever it was I was facing this week, It wouldn’t have mattered. This is the start of things turning around for me and unfortunately, you were just the golden ticket holder to be the one that stands there and takes it from me in the ring this week. You got yourself a Universal Women’s Championship shot and that is fucking great for you, Camille. Honestly, well fucking done! But whatever happens between you and Serena.. It doesn’t matter. I’ve said it before but either one of you can be the person that I cash in on. But I have shit to do before that and I am not going to stand here and continue to explain to you everything I am going to do to be successful when you haven’t once pointed the finger at yourself. What happens to you if you don’t beat Serena at Road to Redemption, Camille? Have you thought about that? It took you since Pain for Pride to pick yourself back up again so how long is it going to take you when you fail to capture the Universal Women’s Championship? Seriously.. We are here coming up with imaginary scenarios about my life, my career and my story.. But what about YOU! HUH!? What are you going to do if this doesn’t happen for you, Camille? Will you be laughing on your throne when you watch me cash in my briefcase on Serena and you are not even in the equation? Let’s be serious, you haven’t mixed in the same circles as me and Serena this season. You haven’t been facing off against top tier talent this season. So why are you so confident you can do this? Oh okay.. I get it. You must be an optimist. Ehhh… Try again.

You are just not getting it, Camille, and that is what is pissing me off. You keep telling me how my career was supposed to go and what I was supposed to do. But who is to say it was meant to be this way? Who is to say it was MEANT to happen? What if everything is gearing me up to turn into a truly unstoppable competitor. What if all the obstacles were put in my way so I finally let go? It’s very single minded to believe that YOU are the one that should be telling me how things should have gone and that there couldn’t be a million and one other reasons as to why I have been through this so far this season? Don’t you think? You believe you are invincfuckingable but isn't that just a mask? Isn’t that just an illusion? What is it that Malcolm Jones said to me..? Isn’t it just an idea, a hopeful.. A prospect? You are selling people the dream by making them believe you are ready now to be a World Champion. People think that because you have won a few matches, you are on top of the world! But it’s quality, not quantity sweetheart. This whole invincible feeling is a lie. It’s an illusion that you want people to believe to start believing in Ms Extreme again. But you haven’t been challenged. You haven’t been pushed. You haven’t sat back and actually thought about this. Serena Bennett is a tough fucking bitch and she isn’t going to go down without a fight. And I want a bloodbath after everything I have been through! You think you have it all figured out and NOW you are ready to be a champion? Fuck me, Camille. You have NO idea. You have your head in the sand. Maybe that is why the universe brought us back together, Camille. Your illusion needs to be shattered to pieces so you finally start realising that you have a lot more shit to do before becoming Universal Women’s Champion and that maybe.. JUST MAYBE.. You should have stayed down at the bottom of the card where you belong and left the big girls to do their business.

I had no control over being a part of the match last week with Drake. I had no control over that stipulation where Drake and TLA were the only ones that could qualify. And you can come up with conspiracy theories all you want about the reason I was put in that position.. But it doesn’t matter. Who knows? Maybe CC wanted me to have the opportunity to take something away from Drake? Maybe he wanted to push me and get me angry so I could beat the living shit out of Drake like I did? No one knows and that has to come from CC’s mouth himself, not mine. But what is frustrating about all your claims is that it is all based on assumptions..right? Tagging with Drake didn’t mean getting nothing for my contributions. The reason for tagging with him was to win the Grand Prix and War Games.. Two TAG TEAM battles.. And getting everything in return for that. Tagging with Drake last week and being a part of a match where I got nothing in return? Well.. I don’t see it that way, Camille. I believe I got a lot in return. I finally had my moment to take away an opportunity that Drake King wanted. I finally had the opportunity to expose him to the world for the creep he really is. So in my eyes, I took that “no opportunity” match and walked away with a lot more than I walked in with. I told you already the reason why me and Drake tagged together and it was for Grand Prix. Last week was a one off. Before that, we were together for War Games. But going by your logic, that is in the past right.. Camille? So it doesn’t matter. You sit and gloat that you have had a great season but the heat has been turned up now, Camille. Can you handle the heat? Who knows. You want me to take my eyes away from Pain for Pride but I don’t want too. And for starters, I don’t even want you to take your eyes off my poor season so far! I don’t care what you do. I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE FFS! I want you to look at my season and see that each and every loss is evolving me into the person that I am right now. I want you to look at my season and see how I have picked myself up and got on with shit each and every time! I want you to believe and make the assumption that the Leading Lady is cancelled. I want everyone to believe that just so when I do turn things around, it is a story for the AGES! It is a story worthy of being the comeback story of 2020! So you are confusing me, Camille. Because even after our history, you still don’t understand shit. That’s what I think your problem is. You listen to what you want to hear and ignore everything else coming your way. You don’t look in your blind spots. So don’t complain when you crash and burn this weekend in the ring with me in front of Serena Bennett.

Not cashing in at Bloodsport or Territorial Invasion or even on Voltage was MY decision. And to be honest, I don’t think it was the wrong decision at all. But again, I don’t intend on continuing to explain every single decision that I have ever made to you. What do you know next.. Camille? What I had for breakfast this morning? But on the flip side.. Sure I won this briefcase and have an opportunity to cash in for a World Championship shot whenever I want, but what is your excuse, Miss Extreme? C’mon now, open up! Tell the world. You only just recently called out Serena Bennett. You only just recently plucked up the courage to get yourself a World Championship opportunity. A lot of the people in our match at Pain for Pride despite losing against me, went and did that pretty quickly after. Why didn’t you? Why didn’t you call out Minerva like Serena did at the EAW Draft? What was holding you back? Were you not finished sulking? Were you not finished moaning and complaining? Were you not finished going through the jobbers in this business? It’s so funny, Camille, because you continue to stand here and paint a picture of me as being the cowardly little cunt out of the two of us but I actually did something different between us both. After Pain for Pride, I went out and took risks to try and get to the top of this business. To be the face of the company! You tell me you want to the be the face of this company? PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH!:mjlol:If you wanted to be the face of this company and believed you could do it.. Wouldn’t you have gone after Minerva straight away? You are not making any sense at all. You tell me that your aim is to be the face of this company but you have been chilling at the bottom of the card, not taking any fucking risks, since the start of this season? At least I went out and actually went after what I wanted. At least I made decisions to push my career in the right direction and didn’t go for the easy option. You judge me, but who is the real coward here? Instead of cashing in, I went after the Grand Prix tournament, I went after War Games… I went after facing one of Voltage’s top talents in one of the most dangerous matches that this business has ever seen! What did you do? Fuck all. To build yourself up, why not go for the Grand Prix? I am sure one of your slutty sisters would have tagged with you! What about winning War Games again? No. You stood back and took a step back. You avoided all the big challenges in this business because you knew you couldn’t do it. So look at yourself in the mirror before you come for me, bitch.

Here is a question for you, Camille? Why now? Why did you make the decision to go for the Universal Women’s Championship now? I can’t answer that question for you because I still have my briefcase. I still believe I have shit to do. But you? You believe you are there even after not being at the top of the card most of this season. What changed for you? What isn’t holding you back right now that was before?

Look at it this way, Ms Extreme. My ways of working have always been strategic. At Pain for Pride, I didn’t jump off ladders and go through barbed wired tables to win the briefcase. I stuck to my guns and focused on the task at hand. I focused on unhooking the briefcase and nothing else. Maybe people don’t believe my reign as Miss CITV is the right way to do things, but I am not just going to jump into an opportunity without thinking first. And that is what takes me from being a CITV winner that fails to cash in … to a CITV winner that has a successful cash in. Good job you didn’t win really seeing as you probs would have failed with your mindset and reckless behaviour! So you can understand why your advice of GET THOSE OPPORTUNITIES. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD, doesn’t sit well with me when it is coming out of your potty mouth. Don’t get me wrong, you have a point. I could have cashed in this briefcase. I could have gone after the opportunity and held that Universal Women’s Championship right now. But I did what I thought was right at the moment in time and I have no regrets for doing it. I didn’t believe the timing was right and my gut always told me not too. I have my own reasons for that and of course, you won’t believe them. Why? Because you’re Ms Extreme! You’re perfect! But you are incredibly stupid if you believe not cashing in the briefcase meant that I wasn’t going for opportunities. Because I was? Instead of going after the opportunity of cashing in at Bloodsport… I faced off against Terry Chambers and had the opportunity to show the world that I could take part in a match as extreme as that one! At Territorial Invasion, I had my first FPV main event in the War Games match! What a fucking opportunity that I slayed in. And at Wicked Games, I had the opportunity to prove to the world that I wasn’t the weakest link from Team Voltage, which I did. I went for my opportunities. I went for every single opportunity that came in front of me while still having one in my hands for a World Championship. It was up to me when and where I wanted to cash in that briefcase and it isn’t up to any else. So save it. This isn’t the same shit that it was with you before Pain for Pride. That situation with you wasn’t down to the fact that you went for one opportunity instead of another like I have this season. That was due to the fact that you were going around complaining about not being a World Champion but sat back as your sister cashed in on you, as other people overstepped you and didn’t go for ANY opportunities until the No Way Out Match because you lost all your confidence. BUT BUT BUT… Of course. You only want to talk about our past when it is mine and not yours!

As for me focusing on me… did you not see me turn on Drake King last week on Voltage? Your prep talk is a few weeks too late, Camille!:noah:

Forgive me, but I don't see you as the real person you keep making yourself out to be. I see you as the person that judges every other motherfucker in this business, puts herself up on a pedestal and uses the fact that the fans have a soft spot for her as a crutch in this business. You’re lying to yourself all the fucking time. You believe that the decisions you have made were the right decisions but seem to have a magnifying glass over the decisions I have made this season. I am not fake. I never have been. I’ve always been real from the beginning. I’ve told you what you wanted to hear and that was… this season hasn’t been what I wanted it to be. But I can turn it around. And if you don’t believe that then… let’s rewind the tapes when you didn’t believe I had what it took to be Miss CITV! I am not going to apologise for not cashing in my briefcase because I wanted to tick shit off before I did that. I’m not going to apologise for not working towards your timescales. I do what I want and when I believe it is the right time. And I am not fucking sorry for that. As for your claim about being better than me.. Whatever you say, Camille! It’s funny that you make that claim but have never actually beaten me in the ring. While, I have with you! What does that not count at Pain for Pride because you were in a shit part of your career? Jheeezzze. You base it down to the fact that you can bounce back successfully? But have you done that so far? I haven’t seen you have your happy ending? I haven’t seen you hold up your World Championship that you have dreamed of yet? So it depends really on what you believe a “successful” bounce back is? If it is based on the fact that you have picked yourself up and got on with shit.. Then wow… I’ve done that too! I’m doing it right now! And I am not even CLOSE to giving up yet! Maybe you are great at bouncing back, Camille, but let me remind you.. I bounced back once at Pain for Pride. The exact same feelings as I was having before Pain for Pride were the feelings I was having right now. And if I can do that, then trust me when I tell you.. I can beat you for a second time as well. I can do it all over again. I can shock the world and do it for a second time. As for you.. bounce back, Camille. Bounce back stronger than you ever have. Honestly, please do it. I welcome you to do it. Come back as the biggest, baddest and most intimidating Ms Extreme that we have EVER seen before and I will knock you right back down the ladder again.
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