The Grave Worm

Real Name: Unknown
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
Residing: New Orleans, Louisiana
Birthday: No one knows for sure, rumored to be around the age of 30.

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 234 lbs (He realized he weighed more than Xander Payne at 243, so he recently lost around ten pounds via the Keto/Jenny Craig diet combo.)
Nicknames: "The Grave Worm"; "The Hardcore King"
Picture Base: ECW/WCW/WWE Raven (No Dreadlocks, Darkane wouldn't be caught dead wearing them)
Favorite Match Type: The more weapons, the merrier.
Least Favorite Type: Tag matches, as he is not a people person.
Disposition/Alignment: Tweener
Gimmick: A beer-guzzling, coffin nail smoking wino-turned-wrestler who has lost himself in every aspect of his life except for wrestling. Darkane is simply a man who sees life in black and white, no more, no less. He's generally hostile towards anyone or anything that tries to approach him and to get in his inner circle would be considered a miracle at this point. He thrives in a violent environment; he doesn't care what lows be it physical or mental he will have to stoop to in order to inflict punishment unto others and on top of that he doesn't stop until he sees fit, which might be a while depending on the amount of booze that he slings down his throat and the alcohol-fueled rage that ensues afterward. In EAW he has gained a reputation as a truly barbaric competitor with a vicious mean streak. That being said, he has earned everything he has gotten thus far such as The Hardcore Championship and the Answers World Championship.
Tendency to Cheat: Sometimes

Entrance Music: "Wizard in Black" by Electric Wizard

Entrance Description: The lights burn out and a tattered man's voice can be overheard while "Wizard in Black" by Electric Wizard begins to play.
"You're all the same, the lot of you, with your long hair and
faggot clothes. Drugs, sex, every sort of filth. And you hate the police,
don't you? You make it easy."
Suddenly a groovy yet monstrous riff blows the fan's eyeballs into the back of their heads. And there he stood, Darkane as still as a gargoyle overseeing the arena at the top of the steps, his dark brown hair hung over his face like an old proud flag. Donned head to toe in a black leather jacket and matching black jean shorts, he spreads his arms out in a crucifix pose as the hands of the fans try to envelop him. He trots down the steps and eventually hops over the barricade. He slides under the bottom rope and comes to a halt in his corner, slipping off his leather jacket and never taking his eyes off his opponent(s). The music fades out and the lights glisten once again.

Favorite Match Types: Hardcore matches are in his wheelhouse.
Least Favorite Match Types: Tag matches, he's not a people person.
Favorite Weapon: Grave shovel.
In-Ring Achievements:
Answers World Champion - 6/21/18 - 10/20/18
Hardcore Champion x1 9/23/17- 3/3/18
2017 Rookie of the Year
2018 Answers World Champion of the Year
2018 Gold Rush Tournament Winner
Rising Star of the Week x2
Beef of the Week x3 (Stark, Maddox Ayres, Mark Michaels)
Promoer the Week x2 8/10/17 & 9/5/18
Match of the Week x2 (Diamond Cage. Rex McAllister.)
Champion of the Week x1 #155
Most Valuable Elitist x2 #111 9/28/17 & #149 8/29/18

Common Moves:
Snap Jabs
Discus Forearm
Short Arm Clothesline
Cactus Clothesline (Usually taking both him and his opponent outside the ring)
Knife Edge Chops
Eye Rake/Back Rake
Lou Thesz Press
Running knee to the abdomen usually sending his opponent in a summersault
Knee Lift
Yakuza Kick
Bionic Elbow
Shining Wizard
Running Lariat
Suicide Dive
Stinger Splash
Exploder Suplex Into Turnbuckle
T-Bone Suplex
Back Suplex Lift Neckbreaker Slam [X]
Gutwrench Suplex
Sitout Gourdbuster
Belly to Back Gutbuster
Side Russian Leg Sweep
Bulldog (Sometimes one-handed)
Pumphandle Neckbreaker [X]
Corkscrew Neckbreaker [X]
Flapjack (Sometimes onto the ropes)
Double-A Spinebuster (Usually to counter an opponent rushing towards him)
Signature Moves:
"Calling In The Coroner" - A modified version of Jeff Jarrett's Stroke maneuver often used onto a chair or any weapon Darkane sees fit
"Enter The Grave" - Evenflow DDT
"...And Then You'll Beg" - Haas of Pain
"Casket Closer" - Tombstone Piledriver
Finishing Moves:
1. "Devil May Cry" - Spear to the SPINE
2. "Six Feet Under" - Barry White Driver/Gory Special Piledriver [X]
3. ****Ultra Finisher**** (Applies in specific situations when weapons are allowed or when he can get away with it)
"Open Face Surgery" - He partially sticks his grave shovel into the mouth of his opponent in between their teeth and stomps down as hard as he can on the back of their head.
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The Grave Worm
- Added a new nickname.
- Added a few pounds due to a combination of Pain for Pride stress-related booze intake and hitting the gym more often.
- Updated his motivations.

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